Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Barbeque or Mildew.......NFL Picks

NYJ at Buf

UH-OHHHH!!!!! T.O's back. Owens has had almost 400 yards in the last 3 games combined. Many thought he had lost it but he has shown that if he's a focal point of your offense, he still can be dangerous. It's Mildew for both squads because neither have enough pieces to the puzzle to make a playoff run. Sanchez will keep the Jets from winning by throwing picks while T.O has found a neww BFF in Bills QB Fitzpatrick. Bills win

Philly at ATL

Vicks going back to the ATL. To his adoring fans and to an owner who stood up for him. Vick has tried to make up for his misgivings up to this point, just too bad he won't really return as the QB of the Eagles. It's Mildew for the Falcons because Matt Ryan hasn't shown that he can carry the team. Without Turner playing at a 100% they don't have a chance. Philly will be barbequeing in the playoffs but they really need to get a run and make big plays without Jackson to show that they are really Superbowl contenders. Philly wins

TB at Carolina

It's Mildew for both of these bad teams. Neither will make the playoffs and Jake Delhomme may be getting his head coach fired in the process. If only they could've made a trade for Vick...... TB is just bad. Good luck in the draft. Panthers win


The Bears are Mildew, they've been drug into the cellar by Jay Cutler. He leagues the league in picks. Yes, he's worse than Delhomme. Who would've ever thought.....they'll still beat a terrible STL team. Bears win.

Det at Cincy

Detroit of course is Mildew..Cincy is barbequeing all they way to a bye, if the playoffs began right now. Cincy will dominate with a big time rushing attack and a very consistent passing game. Probably the most complete playoff style team right now. Cincy wins

Ten at Ind

Something has to give. One winning streak ends. How can you bet against Payton Manning at this moment. Both teams look to be barbequeing into the playoffs but, the 5-6 team has more momentum. Tenn don't think they can lose right now. The Colts have had to sneak out of 2 possible losses. Vince Young is on a mission and has proven with last weeks performance that he does have an arm. The Colts won't be able to handle the dual threat of Vince young arm and legs and the best RB in the NFL Chris Johnson. Tenn wins

Hou at Jac

Both teams are Mildew. They seem to be right at the door but can't knock it down. They are pretty much equal teams. Houston wins.

Den at KC

Denver is Mildew but they win. Wo are they playing again. Matt Cassell....put the money in the bag.

NE at Mia

NE will be barbequeing in the playoffs. Miami is Mildew. NE has to recover from the whuppin they took on monday night. What better way to get over it than by beaten a divisional foe. NE wins.

Oak at Pitt

Pitt wins but I think is Mildew. Oh yeah.....they're playing Oakland.

NO at Wash

There's no way the Skins can win this game. NO averages over 400 yards per game and the Skins find a way to lose every game. But wait, there's more....the Skins will finally put together what the fans had hoped for from the begining of the season. No more undefeated teams after this week. Skins win.

SD at Cle

SD will be barbequeing again because of a weak division. Ofcourse they'll beat the Browns.

Dal at NYG

It's no longer December but the Cowboys are playing well and the NYG's continue too struggle.They are begining to start talking about having a fast start in games.....UH-OOHH it'l be a long 4th quarter to the Giants season. Cowboys win.

SF at Sea

Both teams are Mildew. Sea needs some players and SF needs a QB. Sea wins.

Min at Ari

Both teams will barbeque. Minn will win because Kurt won't play and yep Linehart still aint ready to be a starter. Minn wins.

Bal at GB

Bal is Mildew while GB will be barbequeing in the playoffs. GB is a very complete ball club that is primed to make a deep playoff run. GB wins.

The Real BCS Championship Game.......College Picks


Heisman hopefuls Tim Tebow and Mark Ingram will receive the award based on the winner of this game. The clash of the titans, and maybe the most highly anticipated game in 10 years. Defending National Champs Florida maybe better on defense and more balanced on offense than they were last year. Bama is definitely better on defense but have truly underperformed on offense this year.For the people that think Ingram will run wild on Florida are delusional. Who has done it. They are the #1 defense in the country 2 years in a row because they know how to stop the run. Bama had the edge the 1st 7 games of the season because of their lights out style of play. But they became human in the Tenn game. A game in which they were dominated in every phase of the game except special teams. That's when Florida caught their stride and began to dominate and beat down opponents.They blew out Georgia and haven't looked back sense. The key to this game is Julio Jones. Bama is undefeated because of his 7catches against Tenn and his 9 catches last week. Jones will need to make 3 huge plays in order for Bama to win. But, Florida has the #1 passing d in the country. Sorry Bama fans if u aint a Gator ur Gator Bait!!! 34-23 Gators

Oregon St at Oregon

This game will be an offensive battle with Masoli and James of Oregon versus the Rodger brothers of Oregon St.Both schools have almost an identical schedule with almost the same record. The Beavers beat Stanford while the Duck's lost to them. The Duck's destroyed USC as the Beavers lost a heart breaker to them. Both teams have good QB's and even better RB's. In their toughest battles the teams defenses have struggled. This "Back yard Battle" will come down to the offense that has the ball last. Because they are at home, with the best QB , the Duck's will win. 37-31 Oregon

GTECH vs Clemson

Paul Johnson's offense sputtered last week against their rival Georgia. They were held to a season low 205 yards rushing. GTECH's defense was beaten down by a Bulldog running game as well. Clemson was also dominated in the running game by South Carolina. Clemson also had their lowest output in the running game only managing 48 yards. Both Teams have to go back to the drawing board and try to figure out what adjustments need to be made. GTECH's defense won't get that much better in the running game but Clemson struggles running the ball. Heisman candidate CJ Spiller only manages 76 ypg on the ground. Clemson victory: Run the ball,run the ball, stay off the ground on defense. GTech victory: run your offense, prevent 20+ yard plays. GTECH wins. 34-24 GTECH

*****UPSET ALERT*****
Cincy at Pitt

Tony Pike's back with a vengeance. He should be a name at least being mentioned for the Heisman. Cincy has play makers all over the field on offense lead by speedy Gilyard. He's a big play receiver that has shown he also is a danger in the special teams game. The only weakness of this Cincy team is their weak defense. A defense that gives up way to many yards (350ypg) per game. The problem with Pitt's loss to WVU last week was this week. Wannstedt wasn't able to get his group focused on WVU with Cincy just on the horizon. Pitt comes in with their 3 headed monster of QB Stull, RB Lewis and WR Baldwin. Stull has had a steady hand because of the big play ability of Baldwin and Lewis. Lewis was the first back o a 1000 yards in the country. Baldwin will end up with a thousand yards in this game in a run 1st offense. But the most underrated and sometimes the most important player on their offense is unknown TE/FB/HB/WR Dickerson. He has 45 receptions and is a go to 3rd down and emergency target for Stull. He compares easily to the super athletic Hernandez of Florida. But the reason why Pitt will beat Cincy will be because of their pass rush. Pitt's getting almost 4 sacks a game lead be DE Romeus. The skilled finesse type of offense of Cincy will be bruised and battered by the #1 pass rushing attack in the country. 30-24 Pitt

*****UPSET ALERT*****
Houston at ECU

Greenville,NC - Dowdy-Fickelyn Stadium, home of the ECU Pirates is one of the most underrated stadiums in the country. Ask any player that has played their and they'll tell you it's one of the rowdiest places they have ever played. This will play a huge role against a Houston offense that has to communicate a lot to run their high powered offense. ECU's QB Pickney has gotten better every year and has consistently proven that no game is bigger than he is. Case Keenum should be making the trip to New York this year but he won't. He's throwing for 350 yards per game. This is insane. Keenum had thrown for over a thousand yards by the 3rd game of the year. This offense is clearly the best pasing offense in the country. But Houston has struggled dearly on defense. ECU averages one upset a year and it's their last chance this year for one. ECU wins. 28-24 ECU

Texas at Nebraska

Colt McCoy needs a huge game in order to be crowned Heisman this year. He has had a great year and has lead a less than star studded Texas to an undefeated season. Texas hasn't been all offense this year. Their defense has took care of business and is ranked #2 in the country. They have been able to hold powerful offenses like OSU and TT to their worst games of the year. Nebraska has been also lead by their defense this year. DT Suh has dominated every opponent this season. But Nebraska could of easily lost half of the games they won. Texas has flat out blew past all of their competition this year. 45-20 Texas

WVU at Rutgers

This almost made one of the upset picks of the week. But, it's hard to understand how Rutgers was blown out by a weak Syracuse team. WVU's duo of Brown and Devine will be to much for Rutger's to handle. Rutgers will be able to score because of a well coached and creative offense. But it won't be enough for the explosive and battle tested WVU offense. 31-20 WVU

Cal at Washington

Cal will control this game from start to finish. Why? For the same reason Washington has won and lost all year. Inconsistency at QB. Yep NFL scouts may be high on him but Jake Locker is a big risk taker. Those risks have gotten him 18 TD's but also brought him 11 INT's. They are a 4-7 team that has beaten heavy weights USC and Arizona. But, have lost to Notre Dame and a bad UCLA. Cal RB Shane Vereen will dominate the line of scrimmage the entire game. This should be a blow out. 38-17 Cal


USF has underachieved again this year. The talent they are able to put on the field warrants more wins then they are getting. It may be time for a coaching change. UCONN has been able to deal with the death of their teammate Jazz and were still able to rally to win a big game in South Bend.UCONN will have a hard time throwing the ball against the speed and athletic ability of both DE's Pieer-Paul and Selvie. USF BJ Daniels has been the surprise of the year. He will be a dark horse for the Heisman next season. Watch this game and you'll see why. USF wins. 28-27 USF