Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

R U ready for some football

Clev @ B-Mo
After seeing B-Mo's D step up in San Diego, they should easily beat a bad Browns team.

Tenn @ NYJ
What a huge slobber knocker contest. A defensive struggle that should be won through experience. Tenn wins.

Wash @ Det
Can Detroit go 0-16 2 years in a row. I don't know but they will lose again this sunday.

Jac @ Houston
Houston lacks a running game but a good d. The Jags will force the Texans to be one dimensional on a way to a win.

SF @ Min
SF has started off very strong but unless they can derail AP and the Vikes defense, this one could be over fast. Vikings win.

Atl @ NE
I still believe in Brady. Ne wins.

NYG @ Tampa
Tampa's bad . Giants win.

KC @ Philly
I hope Vick plays a lot in his highly anticipated debut. Philly wins big against a terrible KC.

GB gets back on track in a win against the Rams.

NO @ Bills
A great game but Can anyone stop Drew Brees. Not this week. But, everyone still needs to get your popcorn ready. NO wins

Chi @ Sea
Cutler got a big win last week. This should've done wonders for the rec corp. Look for Jay to have a big week in the passing game in a victory.

Pitt @ Cincy
Pitt angered by last weeks lost gets back in the win column this week.

Mia @ SD
Ohhh how times have changed. Mia needs to recapture the magic of last year. They won't against a San Diego team who let the game slip away at home last week.

Den @ Oak
Denver's luck runs out as a young Oaktown gets a victory.

Ind @ Ariz
Now this would be a fans ultimate Superbowl. But it's a regular season game and for that reason Arizona wins.

Car @ Dal
Carolina has to get it together soon but not against a Dallas team that gave their last game away. Cowboys win.

Strike Up the Band.. It's Saturday!

The U vs Va Tech
The U is back. You can't say enough about Heisman front runner Jacory Harris. The defense is athletic as they come. And, running backs James and Cooper are the best one two punch in the country. Va Tech will be presenting partial Beamer ball with a good special teams but an average defense. This isn't the combo that can beat an on fire Miami team. 28-16 Miami

Florida St is back. The athletic ability is second to none. South Florida would have been competitive if not for the season ending injury to QB Mat Grothe.New starter B.J Daniels will be a gooden but not against this super quick Noles defense. This one will be over quickly. 31-10 FL ST.

TCU vs Clemson
Clemson has played lights out on defense. Their special teams have been top 5 in the country this years. Play makers Spiller and Ford are primed and ready to roll. Problem is.... Kyle Parker has 4 picks in 3 games and hasn't played a good defense yet. TCU brings in the #7 defense in the country. If Clemson can't run the ball this will be a disappointing day for Tiger faithful. 24-14 TCU

UNC vs Ga Tech
Guess what Paul, the ACC has caught up to this unstoppable offense. Can you say losing streak. TJ Yates and the UNC defense have been playing lights out and haven't recieved any credit. They will now. UNC wins convincingly. 24-16 UNC

Iowa vs Penn ST
Penn St will win. Joe Pa's on his way to another Big 10 title. 28-17 Penn St

LSU vs Miss ST
LSU quietly ranked number 7 dominates an outmatched Miss ST team. 41-14

Ark vs AL
This is definitely not what the Dr. ordered for Petrino. This season can go south very quickly as Arkansas faces a Tx A&M, Auburn, UF, and Ole Miss. Nick Saban will beat up Arkansas in a physical game. 30-10 Bama

Cal vs Oregon
Cal boasting the best RB in college Javid Best is explosive. However, this is not the #6 team in the country. The win against Minn was ugly and closer than the score indicated. Oregon wins in a close one. 28-24 Oregon

UF vs Kentucky
Florida is over the flu. This isn't good news for the Wildcats. Florida in a route. 42-17 FL

Col St vs BYU
Can anyone say overated? Yep BYU just messed it up for Boise St. See what happens when you schedule real teams. 35-10 BYU

Ariz St vs UGA
The Pac-10 is soft and it will be proven by a slightly above average SEC team. 35-14 UGA

Washington vs Stanford
Will the Huskies still be floating in cloud 9 after a program changing victory over USC? Yes, but they'll still beat Stanford. 28-13 Wash

Tex Tech vs Houston
1st team to 50 wins. It will be Tx Tech. They actually showed they are decent on defense against Texas. Houston is ranked 65 in the county on D. 45-24 Tx Tech

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joe Pa National Championship

Why not? The BCS in all of it's glory almost makes it impossible for a Big Ten team to go undefeated and not reach the National championship game. But lets not blame the BCS. Before it, college football has always favored the Big Ten. An undefeated Big Ten team has never not won or at least shared the National Championship trophy in modern history. The Big 10 has 2 teams that would be able to compete in any other conference in the country. That shouldn't be enough to guarantee you a BCS birth.
Penn St has 2 games left on their schedule that they could possibly lose. Ohio St and Iowa are those games. But Joe Pa's playing both games at Happy Valley.
There are are only 2 other teams that can spoil Joe's party, Texas and Miami. Texas will lose a game and even if they don't, they don't have a strong enough argument. Texas has a strength of schedule ranking of 84. Penn St's strength of schedule is 61. Texas won't go undefeated any way. They will drop a game against either Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Kansas or Texas A&M. The only other team that can knock out Penn St is The U. The University of Miami bolstering the hardest schedule in the country should make the National Championship game even with one lost. But, I will wait to argue that at a later date. For Joe Pa, a National Championship game farewell tour would be fitting for a guy who has coached for a 1000 years. p.s. it should go without saying that they'll be playing Florida.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NFL Picks

Carolina Beats Atlanta. I know it's crazy but its the NFL. Delhomme will bounce back and they still have the best 1,2 punch in the backfield. And of course , arguably the best WR in football who can still win a game by himself. Steve Smith is primed and ready to have a big week and the running game will get on track.

Minn beats Det. Poor Matt Stafford he will be pretty beat up after he experiences the pass rush of the Vikings. My bad, there's no way I should've used POOR and Mathew Stafford in the same sentence. Darnit, did it again.

Green Bay beats Cincy. Marvin Lewis will began to feel the heat again after dropping a gimmie last week with Denver. Watch out for Greenbay.

Jacksonville beats Arizona. Cardinals continue to experience the Superbowl slump as the Jaguars bounce back after a tough lost last week.

Oakland beats KC. Raiders put it together against KC in a win. Well, lets just say they're playing KC so they will win.

NE beats NYJ. Old school AFC east match up. Sanchez will be welcomed into the NFL as Belichick dials up blitzes he thought didn't exist. Brady clicks on all cylinders and scorches the good Jets D.

Philly beats NO. NO has Brees but Philly's D will be top 5 in the league before its said and done. Too much D and a strong Philly running game will lead them to a very close victory. Oh, did you forget that Brian Westbrook plays on this team?

Hou beats Tenn. 0-2 will the Vince Young chants start? Matt Schaub and Houstons D wins a ground and pound defensive game.

Wash beats St. Louis. I guess in college you would call this a rebuilding year. But, how many years do you get to rebuild in St.Louis? NFC east team to tough.

Buff beats Tampa. T.O will have a huge game and Buff will learn how to finish a game this week.

Seattle beats SF. Why not? Really who cares. I think both teams are bad and a win against St.Louis won't put you on my team.

Bears Beat Steelers. 2 teams same philosophy. One QB has a lot to prove. After a dismal week Jay Cutler will be looking to beat the Champs to get a buzz going in Chitown. Steelers are better but they won't win them all. Especially with no Palumua and Ward and Smith questionable.

Clev beats Den. Flip a coin , both teams are bad except Cleveland will be able to depend on there running game to win this one.

SD beats Baltimore. No Ed Reed + No Terrell Suggs= Ravens lost. this is a defensive lead team who needs plays made on defense to win. There best 2 play makers are out.

Dallas beats NYG. Dallas playing well on O and D. Giants still trying to figure out who's there play makers on O. that spells trouble for big Blue.

Colts beat Mia too much O for the Colts. Not enough D by the Dolphins. Maybe part owner Serena Williams may hype the team up with her physicality shown in the U.S Open.

College Football Weekend Previews

Bring it On

Nebraka(19) - Va Tech(13). 2 Games, 6 TD's, 553 pass yds. Welcome to the Big Twelve. Va Tech has another opportunity to make a case for the ACC. If they can't put pressure on Nebraska passing game this one will be over fast. Tyrod Taylor has to put up or shut up. He has to become a playmaker when they need him. It doesn't matter whether its done with his arm or his legs. He just needs to GETR DONE. 28-24 Va Tech Special Teams win

Warning:Unless you dislike UT don't watch this game.
Lane, Lane, Lane, you said you wanted to sing Ol Rocky Top after you beat Florida(1). Well, theerre heeerrrree!! After this old fashioned butt whuppin, Kiffin will realize what Florida fans really mean when they say. IF U AINT A GATOR UR GATOR BAIT!! 52-14 p.s. I really like all 3 UT RB's but Crompton is far from the answer at QB.

***Upset Alert***
Oklohoma just ain't that good. Because of Bradford, maybe, because of Greshman, maybe. I really think Oklohoma isn't that good. Their o-line is very inexperienced and their defense is even worst than last year. I don't really think this is an upset because Tulsa is a better team. There about twice as good as Oklohoma in every catorgory. 28-17 Tulsa
***Upset Alert***
Many, like Kirk Herbstreit believe that BYU should and will be in the BCS championship. I will borrow a phrase from his co-host and say, "not so fast my freind." FSU just came in town and BYU BCS hopes will be cut off. Ponder, Easterling and Reid from FSU will make enough plays to beat BYU convincingly. BYU struggled and barely beat a weak Oklohoma. they won't have enough for Bowden and the Seminoles.28-14 FSU Waaaay to many athletes to lose.

Georgia -Arkansas
Georgia has too much defense for Arkansas and wins a tough contest. 20-13

Clemson - BC - Clemson struggled against GaTech. Keeping with what has happened in the pass, Clemson will lose a very close game 28-24.

South Carolina tries to find mmore offensive weapons as they gain much needed confidence in a victory of FL Atlantic. 31-20

Boise State blows past Fresno State to try to better there top 10 ranking. 45-10

Minnesota barely beat Syracuse in overtime. Syracuse didn't have a running game, Cal's "BEST" player is their RB. This one will be over early in a Cal blowout. 35-13

Kansas ready to blow past Duke... Kansas ranked 22 should easily beat Duke who lost to FCS Richmond. But that's why they play the game Duke steam rolled Army and the tail of the tape says that Duke's QB Lewis and Kansa's QB reesing have almost exact stats. Neither defenses will be able to stop the others offense. So, defensive pressure will be the key in trying to create turnovers to get off the feild. 38-35 Kansas

TX Tech - Texas
861 yards in 2 games. I guess it wasn't Graham Harrell. Crabtree, hurry and sign before they figure out your not better than Hakeem Nix. Colt McCoy has some unfinished business to settle with Tech. This will be an old fashioned shootout at the OK Corral. 42-28 TX
Rich Rod shakes off all the haters as Michigan continues on its rise against Eastern Mich. 41-20

ACC bad, not if Butch Davis has anything to say about it. Powder view pounds ECU in a close one. 26-20 p.s whatever happened to all that Skip Hotlz hipe????

Ohio St took a huge hit for the Big Ten. Tyrell Pryor shows he is the pride of the the Big Ten as Ohio State runs over, through, and around Toledo. 42-9

Joe Pa where have you been? No one's talking about Penn St and that's when they've been dangerous. Paterno bashes Temple on his way to his 4th Big Ten title. 48-3

Alabama beats Noth TX.

Hurricane Warning Tonite!!

Miami vs Ga Tech

Ga Tech has picked up where they left off last season but I think the rumbling wreck just ran into a severe Hurricane warning tonight. ACC, your finally about to get what you paid for, a Miami team that's revelant. No, not National Championship ready but ready to make a statement for a run at it next year. Why? Jacory Harris ofcourse, he will make a push for the Heisman next year and if he stays 4 years, he'll win it. Miami problems will come trying to stop the ball control offense of GaTech. Also, Ga Tech has a great special teams. They've returned kicks for touchdowns 2 weeks in a row. Ga Tech needs to score slowly to keep Miami's playmakers and speed off the feild. Miami has probably the best 1,2, punch at running backs with James and Cooper. Cooper is also a great return guy and may be able to make a play in the kicking game. I think this game will come down to Miami's defense limiting the big play ability of Tech . And Tech's ability to throw some heat at the coolness of Jacory Harris with creative blitz packaging.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Clemson Offense, What's left?

Clemson roared back against Georgia Tech and had a chance to win. My question now is, what's left. There is nothing left up to the imagination for Clemson's offense. CJ Spiller lined up at every position none to man. Now every defense that has to play Clemson will prepare for the fade, wheel, and even screens and hitches to Spiller. All these routes that will be ran by Spiller will have corners or fast safties tailing him from now on. Clemson loses the element of suprise. The only way I can see Sweeny changing this is by placing Jacoby Ford in multiple positions as well. Ford is a threat and after the two big catches in two games, they'll always be a couple sets of eye's on him. Ford's speed makes him an x factor and a threat anywhere on the feild, so if I am Sweeny I would mix it up with him. Place Ford in the backfield , motion him out. Run RB screens with him and toss it to him once or twice just for the look. Sweeny can ease Harper into the fold as well by having him on the field with Ford and Spiller. This will have defenses focuseing on Spiller and Ford outside while having Harper work the middle of the running game. There's a lot of talent on Clemson's offense that can be used. It's just really important for the offensive staff to figure out how to take some of the pressure off of CJ Spiller so that he's not run into the ground and can remain helathy for the season.

Matt Barkley, Crown him!!

The media is making the same mistake again already. We are crowning and professing that an unproven outplayed freshman will be great. During and after the Ohio State, USC game, the media did nothing but praise a QB who managed the football game but never played great. USC was outplayed and should have lost. The last drive that was titled, Matt Barkley's coming out party, was a great drive. The drive was probably the best drive USC has had in years. The last drive was a signature drive. With the last drive, Matt Barkley was crowned a college football great. The only problem is , the last drive was a true coming out party for Joe Mcknight. He dominated the drive with play after play and should really be the one receiving all of the adulation from the media. Matt Barkley has yet to show that he is going to be a great or even good QB. He's the reason that I chose Ohio State to beat USC which was absurd to many. I felt that Pete Carroll hasn't been able to open up his complete offensive package because of Barkley's deficiencies. USC has great athletes and are a really good team. I just think that the one guy who everyone's giving the credit of USC's success, is actually the guy that's holding them back from being a great team. I just hope that they don't meet the Gator's in the Championship game because it won't be close.

Monday, September 7, 2009

FSU - UM Best game in Football!!!

Who said the history and drama of a FSU-UM game is over. For all who went to sleep in preperation for work today, you missed the best game of opening week. This game, just like most of the others went down to the wire. Both QB's played great with Jacori Harris slightly edging that battle. Miami came into the season looking like they may well be 0-4 before they looked up to see what happened. But, the Hurricanes came into Doak Walker and proved to the nation that the U is on their way back. Randy Shannon deserves a lot of credit having his young team coming into a very hostile situation and never losing focus.
All of a sudden the canes may easily be 4-0 or at worst 3-1 with clashes against Va Tech, Ga Tech, and Oklahoma coming next. Va Tech showed they aren't very stout on defense. Oklahoma becomes very beatable without Bradford or even an 1st game back Bradford. Ga Tech is the question mark, however Miami is much more athletic in every phase of the game. This game may come down to special team plays made by Miami.
Miami has a lot to improve. The o-line had trouble picking up blitzes. The secondary seemed confused in coverages often. The linbackers coverage skills were suspect at best. Defensively Miami called 4 time outs which is very rare. The positive part about Miami is for now, they're athletic enough to compensate for these inefficiencies.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Once Again it's On!!

Yep, college football is back and South Carolina and Boise State strike 1st. Firstly isn't the blue feild about the worst thing that could've ever happened to college football. Let's face it, there's only 1 play everyone is talking about today that happened in this game. The knockout blow delivered by Oregon's RB Blount to Boise's LB Hout. This came during the traditional shaking of hands after the game. Clearly seen on youtube's version of events, Hout started the confrontation. He said something that he knew would offend Blount, you can tell it's offensive because you can see his coach trying to pull him away after he's already said it while laughing. No sooner than this occured, Blount delivered a one hitter quitter. This was a lack of class shown by both players, so I think both coaches should be dissapointed. There's know question Blount should be suspended at least 4 games, while the head coach should punish Hout as well. Why? Any athelete knows that eveyone doesn't take losing well. Your adreniline is pumping and your anger is boiling, and wise cracks at that point isn't a smart thing to do. Obviously keeping your head even though you don't start the confrontation is just as important.
South Carolina and NC State game was sloppy. If this is some the best talent the acc has to offer, then they should worry. State couldn't protect Wilson all night and had trouble at receiver making pplays for him. There running game was suspect and offense was very predictable. South Carolina on the other hand squandered drive after drive and could never seem to keep Garcia upright. Garcia was a bright spot in the game. He made good throws and scrambled to keep drives alive. Feshman RB Giles showed a flash or two that he could be special if Spurrier will committ to the run more. Play calling could've been better for Spurrier as well because NC State's LB's never did drop in the proper zone's so the curl and seam route's were open all day. SC's defense played with a bend but don't break and made plenty of plays that decided a hard fought mistake riddled victory for the Gamecock's.