Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cowboys think that's BCS!

The BCS system needs to continuously be improved so that this travesty never happens again. Yes, the Bama-LSU shouldn't be happening again in the National Championship game. This game has already been settled in normal conference play.

The Cowboys are better suited to play against LSU than Alabama. Oklahoma State is touting it's number one ranked Big 12 Conference Championship title. It's the Big 12 who's the number one ranked conference in the country, not the SEC. Having more than half of their teams ranked, the Big 12 has dominated the landscape of college football this year.

OKST has been the bully in the best conference in football. They also have beaten more ranked and winning teams than Alabama. Most importantly, the Cowboys have won both their regular season and conference championships.

The BCS hasn't taken into account that Alabama wasn't good enough to win it's division , conference or regular season titles. When breaking down Bama's schedule, it's easy to see that they were only challenged twice,. The big win early at Penn State and in their loss to LSU. Besides blowing out a still overrated Arkansas squad, Bama still has a lot to prove. If they'd played LSU in Death Valley, it wouldn't have been a 9- 6 loss.

A rematch is unwarranted and unnecessary. It'll will only prove that LSU beat a division foe twice in one year. Nick Saban stated, just look to the NFL." I did and the last time I checked, the NFL doesn't allow conference or division adversaries play for the Super Bowl. The number one reason this game shouldn't have been played is, what happens if Bama wins. Every fan in the country knows that you they would at least have to play another game to break the tie. Sorry, that won't happen and no one will ever be really sure that Bama was a true National Champ.