Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Monday, October 31, 2011

T.O is who we thought he was!!

Terrell Owens has given all of us a reason to watch TV. Whether it’s because he had just bashed a teammate in the media, did a scripted routine after a touchdown, outside giving an interview while doing sit-ups with his shirt off or just for crying out, “that’s my quarterback.” T.O, as he’s known affectionately by friends, fans and the NFL, has dominated the league over his 15 year career. T.O has been better than any other receiver in the NFL except for his idol, Jerry Rice. He was granted the opportunity to learn from him as a young player in the NFL. T.O took the good from Jerry, his work ethic and approach to the game. But what’s not widely accepted is that Jerry also gave T.O that “ME” attitude. We forget that Jerry Rice never really discussed team often, he talked about his goals, his job and what he needed to do. This isn’t just reserved to Jerry Rice, most of the greatest athletes possessed the attitude, “if I can’t do it, no one can.” Michael Jordan was able to hide this from the public his entire career until his famous Hall of Fame speech. But, the media and fans call that being competitive. T.O celebrated in a way that offended fans, media, and opponents on plenty of occasions. His brash and brut opinions often sent the media and fans reeling. This does more to affect the way fans and the media feel about the player than the team. On the inside of a team, no one really cares. Of course you have the sensitive guys, usually QB’s and some corner backs, but for the rest of the guys, it’s about winning. Usually when T.O comments were made, the team was losing. This was definitely why his comments were always sensationalized. For instance, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is complaining about his role on the team. The media is widely ignoring it. Why? The New York Giants are winning and Jacobs doesn’t go by the name of T.O. Terell Suggs, just called out his entire offense and the Baltimore Ravens offensive staff, ignored again. What about Sanantonio Holmes offensive comments about the offensive line, quickly brushed under the rug after the Jets have won 2 games in a row. Owens has made these same sorts of comments in San Fransico, Dallas, and the most famed in Philadelphia. These opinions have been the truth according to T.O and although we may not yet be considering him for first team All- Nostradamus, he has been right a lot. He felt like the 49ers were nothing without him. Well they haven’t had a winning season since his departure. He felt like he wasn’t the reason for the Cowboys inability to get into the playoffs and win. Well it looks like everyone in Big D now knows who the real problem is except for owner Jerry Jones. And lastly, his comments about McNabb have been true if we compare it to T.O relentless approach to the game. Terell Owens is a man who came back from a broken leg to be the most dominate player in the Super Bowl in about two months. He also has come back from a torn ACL in 6 months, and looks better at thirty-eight years old than about 80% of the receivers in the NFL. Should T.O be blamed for not biting his tongue? T.O has made himself into a future Hall of Famer and may have ended his career in manner that would greatly be appreciated by Frank Sinatra. T.O would say, “I did it “My Way.”

Friday, October 21, 2011

NO Kobe,Lebron,Wade or Barkley

The NBA is quickly headed into a lockout and fans are upset about the ramifications. The superstars of the NBA won’t be floating through our 3-d laden living rooms to the basket for monster slams. The three point shot of Ray Allen won’t be breaking the backs of teams down the stretch in the 4th quarter. It will be harder to emulate one of Kobe’s new moves without having the clear televised view. My game will struggle trying to use moves in these charity games having to solely depend on YouTube and its constant loading and its choppy at best picture quality. And worst of all, how can we survive without hearing Charles Barkley? You know, when Sir Charles listens to Kenny and Ernie has a conversation and then ignores them and completely talks about a different topic. Or he’ll all out create a hate campaign on an owner, player, general manager, referee, media member, or even a fan. No one’s safe from Sir Charles. All of this because of a lockout, what’s it all about. Well the owners made a bad deal in 1995 and 2005. In it they gave the players the right to make 56% of ALL of the NBA’s revenue. This put the NBA in a bad spot because teams that weren’t in well supported markets with lucrative TV deals weren’t able to cash in. David Stern (NBA commissioner) said that 22 out of 30 teams in the NBA are losing money. NBPA president Billy Hunter believes that number is really about 8. Why are NBA teams losing money at all? The reason is owners don’t share their money like in the NFL. NFL owners have practiced revenue sharing as a tool for decades and it has kept their league very lucrative. Basketball owners haven’t used this tactic and it has come up to bite them. Instead of using this smarter business plan, they’re individual greed is bankrupting their league. David Stern points the finger solely at the players to get liquidity back into the purses of ownership; however their problem may be solved themselves. The players should and are willing to give a percentage back to ownership, but owners for now seem to want wholesale changes. The owners want to garner majority of ALL NBA profits. They also want a hard cap. A hard cap will force every team to only spend a certain amount of money across the board like in the NFL, and is what helps create parody in their league. This means they don’t want teams like Miami to be able to exist. They want every team to have a superstar. The NBA forgets that their league was built to have major market teams dominate their league. If you think of NBA Champions, only a few markets matter, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Texas. Kobe, Lebron, Wade or Barkley, please, can any of you get us out this mess.

Sunday, October 16, 2011



Gone are the days when "defense won games and offense sold tickets." Irrelevant is the slogan, "offense wins games and defense wins championships." Today's game is a complete offensive game regardless of new or old rules. Coaches have figured out if they can score a lot of points, they can win. Only 3 out of the last 11 years has the NFL team with the worst offense won the Super Bowl. Case and point, one of the favorites to win this years Super Bowl is the New England Patriots. They are #1 in the league on offense and last in the league on defense. To add insult to injury , they are coached by a future hall of fame coach who is known for his defensive brilliance. It's far to easy to slice and dice through defenses that play with a bend but don't break mentality. There's only about 5 defenses every year that possess the kind of pride that Mean Joe Greene and Jack Tatum would appreciate. After that, defenses feel like if they can limit an offense then, they played well. Fans constantly cheer for their offenses and then look in total horror as their defense takes the field afraid they'll give up the big play. Far too often it just seems as though the losing team just ran out of time. Where's the D-E-F-E-N-C-E?

NFL week 6

T.Brady,D.Brees, A.Roodgers, and Cam Newton, the list of the best QB's in the league. No, but they are the league leaders in passing yardage. Cam Newton has electrified the Panthers offense and given hope to a once ready to be traded, Steve Smith. The Falcons have struggled, Roddy White isn't the same receiver he has been.Matt Ryan isn't the super QB the Falcons thought either. If they're smart they'll give the Panthers a heavy dose of Michael Turner. Carolina Wins

The Colts are bad. Cincy and Andy Dalton have managed to turn a bad Carson Palmer situation into a winning year so far. Cincy wins
The real big D is going to the Bay area to show their serious. Harbaugh has the once overlooked 49ers in a position to be the best team in the NFC. Detroit still hasn't played the perfect game this season, but they will against the 49ers. The D wins.

*******************Upet Alert**********************
The Rams are coming off their bye week to play a red hot Packers team. GB has been awesome offensively. The Rams will put Bradford in the gun more this game to counteract the Packers blitzing. Also, to change up to a style more suiting for him. Rams win

The Steelers seem to be back on track after starting the season badly. The Jaguars have steadily improved with Blaine Gabbert at the helm. The physical style nature of this game will play into the hands of a motivated Jaguar team. Jags win


Philly will win this game because they have to!!!!

The Bills are a team that's full of confidence and will use it against a beat up Giants team. Bills win

This is the game of the week. Houston is without all-pro wideout Johnson, but they style have their money maker QB Matt Schuab. Baltimore will struggle with the Texans because Flacco won't be able to match their scoring. Texans win

The Raiders will continue to play for Al Davis and beat a bad Browns team.Raiders win

The Cowboys will rally to Romos defense, but still won't have enough for the #1 offense in the league. NE wins

The Bucs will slow the pace of this game and force the high powered offense of NO to struggle. But missing the running game of Blount will prove to be too much for the Bucs to overcome. NO wins

The boo birds will be out as a much thought bad Vikings team finds a way to beat the Bears.
Vikes win

Jets will win because they need it to save their season. Jets win

Friday, October 14, 2011

OHHHH it's party Time!


The Vols are a team that just can't get it together. Their fans have started to point the finger at head coach Derek Dooley. Tenn has had trouble getting the ball out quickly on offense. That will spell trouble because the front of LSU will make life miserable for QB Matt Simms. LSU37-13

The Cowboys are an explosive scoring offense who will put up plenty of points. Texas defense has struggled, especially last week versus Oklahoma. Texas defense couldn't have improved enough in a week. OKST 55-24

Houston Knutt , mama said there'd be days like this. This will be a blowout. BAMA 48-6

Enough said....OK 70-10

Florida is in trouble. Brantley was an average QB at best, and they lack the experience behind him to make enough plays to win. Auburn has played in tough games and will be able to make just enough plays to win. Auburn 27-18

This is usually a trap game for Clemson. Not this time, Clemson with or without Taj Boyd will play well. They have just enough play-makers on offense and defense to get the job done. Clemson 20-10


ASU has a powerful offense led by RB Marshall and QB Osweiler. Burfict will also come to play on defense, but they won't be fast enough. Even though RB L.James won't play because of a dislocated elbow, Oregon is still loaded on offense. Oregon 50-27

************UPSET ALERT***************

The Wolverines and Denard Robinson have been on fire this season. Brady Hoke has come in and returned Michigan back to dominance....Or so they think. The Spartans will come in and bring Michigan back to reality. Besides the running of Robinson, the Wolverines aren't very good on offense. Robinson has to get better throwing the ball but this won't be the game in which that will happen. Spartans 31-20

KState@Texas Tech

Kansas State has played very well and has been a huge surprise in the Big12. The Baylor win was big, but beating Miami wasn't that big of a deal. Texas Tech is pure offense and doesn't struggle to put up a lot of points on the board. KState won't be able to match their offense. Texas Tech 42-36

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time to make a change!

The 1st quarter of the NFL season has come to an end and the head coaches who are in a bit of trouble will begin to emerge. The proverbial "Hot Seat" is what we'll call it and there maybe more coaches who are deserving, but this is KLew59's list. And yes, the usual suspects are in play.

Jack Del Rio- I know , I know, I said the same thing last year. But Jacksonville needs to fill their stadium and attempt to give LA a fight to keep their team. Winning can solve this, Jack Del Rio just hasn't delivered. Three winning seasons in 9 years just won't cut it this time. Del Rio's seat is up in flames and everyone in J'ville knows it.

Marvin Lewis- Far, far gone are the days with the Superbowl champ Ravens and their glorious defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis. Oh you probably forgot already because somehow, Baltimore's defense has become known as something Rex Ryan created. Lewis needs to leave, but he's good enough to get another job. The working relationship that he's shared in Cincy is at the best unpleasant. They seem to have never allowed Marvin the full control as the head guy even with the latest Carson Palmer debacle.

Tony Sparano- Let's just face it, Miami is terrible. They need a change immediately. Sparano has had one good year, his 1st as head coach. Since then he's had a losing season every year. It's time for us to stop saying look how Miami is improving, and demand results now.

Steve Spagnola

Three consecutive losing years in a division that flat out stinks can't spell success to the Rams new owner Stan Kroenke. You can argue that Spagnola doesn't have all the pieces to compete, but he's in a division where a 7-9 team went to the playoffs. The excuses end with him and his seat has begun to warm up.

Leslie Frazier

Leslie seat is still is as warm as sitting down in a seat that's been occupied for an hour. He's going to have much more scrutiny in a city that felt like their right on the cusps of a championship. They also need to be in the new stadium sweepstakes and winning always helps with that cause. If it wasn't Frazier's 1st year, he'd be out.