Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Friday, November 26, 2010

That's BCS

Now that we just about know who's playing for the BCS National Championship, is a playoff system better. Certainly not! The college playoff system will not bring a better ending to a year blitzed with huge games. The enthusiastic season, NFL comparisons, to many games, and lack of Bowl opportunities should be the reason why the BCS and the playoff system should remain at odds. The entire college football season will be affected by the playoff system. Teams will only schedule cupcakes and argue about how they should be in the playoffs because of their conference games. College basketball coaches make this same argument yearly when they don't make the NCAA Tourney. Just ask Seth Greenberg who plays in the one of the top two conferences in the country and missed the NCAA Tourney with a 25-9 record. The NFL comparisons should also be a reason to end college football playoff talk. College football fans really want a Superbowl Champ. College rules and structure needs to be different from the professional ranks. These collegiate players are amateurs and should be treated as such a 100% of the time. They should be allowed to be treated as student athletes and not be overly stressed because of the added pressure put on them by boosters and fans over a "one game" playoff season. We want them to perform like pros but only want to compensate them with a scholarship. The playoff system will give these players just too many games during a season. Conference title games and at least 2 more games would have to be eliminated in order to have a true playoff. Truly the most important reason to not have a playoff system is due to the elimination of bowl games. The bowl games are for the athletes. Bowl games don't mean anything only to the perennial top 30 teams in the FBS. The rest of us, celebrate like we are going to the Superbowl when our team makes a bowl game. The playoff talk should be squashed because of lack of student athlete support, but surely you realize they don't matter.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Heard it all before. Part 2

The 1987 strike set the tables for today's negotiations. The players went on strike due to the heavy restrictions of free agency. The NFLPA couldn't even get all of its players to strike as some of them crossed the picket lines daily to go to work. The owners were prepared for the strike and had replacement players ready to go. The owners also had the upper hand financially due to the lucrative television contracts and the lower replacement players salaries. The players weren't making any head way with owners so they took the fight to the court system. They were victorious in the courtroom, winning free agency in return for salary caps tied to a formula based on players share of total league revenues. Fast forward to now, what's really behind this proposed lockout. Owners are feeling the recession, corporate sponsorship and advertising is way down. Due to this fact, owners want the now 60-40%(players get 60%) split with a $1billion expense credit. The owners now want an additional 18% expense credit, to cover more expenses. The owners have already destroyed this happy balance because they receive the billion dollar exception. Last year players recieved 53.33%-46.67% split, the proposed 18% will completely turn the formula in the owners favor. Owners want to get paid more while restricting players salaries. This won't work and the NFLPA will not give in to this. The biggest problem looming is all of this is estimated numbers because the NFL owners won't allow the NFLPA into their financial records. Ponder that.....

NFL Sunday

The Ravens will have a week to rest some starters during the game and also rebound from a tough loss last week. The Panthers have now placed Deangelo Williams on IR as their prized running game continues to struggle. Ravens Win

Buffalo finally got their 1st win and the Bungles need a win. Until they win a game, they shall be known as the Bungles....Again. That should only last until Sunday. Cincy Wins

The Lions are the best 1 win team in the league. Dallas has been inspired by a coaching change and finally playing up to their ability. Dallas wins

The Dog Pound has to be excited about the future of their team. The Browns with, McCoy, Cribs and Hillis on offense will create mismatches for defenses. The Jags on the other hand, have been sparked by last week impossible play . It's plays like this that change seasons for teams. Jags Win

2 ships passing through the night. The Cardinals have quickly slipped back into the Cardinals of old. KC is on the rise and trying to compete for a division title. KC Wins

As long as Bret Farve is the focal point of this team, the Vikes will struggle. GB will win because Aarron Rodgers is the 3rd best QB in the league behind Vick and Manning. GB Wins

Houston is struggling and Gary Koubiak is starting to hear catcalls about is job. Meanwhile, Rex Ryan is dressing up like his twin for Halloween and winning games in OT. Houston will play for their coach and win a tough game in New Jersey. Texans Win


Pitt finally played like the team that I thought they were in the beginning of the season. Now they're in trouble because they lose their true leader to a concussion, Hines Ward. Oakland has played well due to the play of Darren Mcfadden and Jason Campbell. They will continue in this shocking win over the Steeler's. Oakland Wins

Vince Young nor Kerry Collins will be 100% during this game. This makes Randy Moss much tougher. The Skins were embarrassed Monday night and will bounce back this week against a confused Titan team. Skins Win

Seattle is the leader of a garbage division. New Orleans is beginning to hit their stride. NO wins

Tampa Bay is for real, they're winners. Raheem Morris coach of the year now begins. Bucs Win

Matt Ryan,Matt Ryan, that's what everyone is yelling after last weeks comeback victory. But the Rams are treating every game like a one game season. Sam Bradford is playing like a 3rd year vet already. Rams Win

New England has hit their stride and are looking like the NE of old. Peyton Manning has put this years team together like McGuyver...He's taken 3 rubber bands and 2 straws and made an offense. What everyone is forgetting is that while they've struggled on offense, defensively Indy has been dominant. Indy Wins

The Giants have VICK issues, not e wide out issues. The Michael Jordan of football has entered the building....AGAIN. Like Jordan, no one has ever stopped Vick he can only stop his self. Philly needs to get better on D. They gave up 4 touchdowns in the blowout, normally if you give up this many TD's, you lose. Philly Wins

Phillip Rivers is quietly having an outstanding season but..... they're in 3rd place in an awful division. SD wins

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saturday Games

Tannihill has taken over for preseason Heisman hopeful Jerrod Johnson. He then let his team know he was the man by throwing for 485 yards. Now he's facing the best defense and rushing attack in the Big 12. The Aggies will have a wonderful crowd and a very enthusiastic team. But, Martinez and the Cornhusker offense will be too much for them. 45-23 Nebraska

How'd this game make my list...2 words, Denard Robinson. Rich Rod put a huge talent a QB and brought back garbage on defense in the form of the 3-3-5. The Wolverines will perform well on offense but will be blown out because of the dumbest defense in the world. 45-28 Badgers

Stanford and Andrew Luck continue to dominate in every facet of the game. They have a program and a team that other universities should emulate. CAL should be ashamed after it was leaked that their staff was unsportmanlike in making players fake injuries. They will pay this week against a well prepared Stanford. 50-23 Stanford

Ohio ST@Iowa
OhioST has been lights out on defense all season. They lead the nation in picks. Iowa just dropped a game to Northwestern and will be very hungry for a victory. QB Ricky Stanzi is known for throwing a picks and he will throw them against the Buckeyes.

The Tigers will continue their winning ways against a bad Ole Miss team. Ole Miss has been very dissapointing this year especially after last weeks horrible loss to Tenn. LSU will win ugly as usual. 24-13 LSU

Jacory Harris been a bust this year after being a preseason Heisman candidate. Freshman Ryan Morris has taken over since Harris's concussion and has played almost mistake free football. VTech hasn't lost a game since losing 2 games in a row and should continue their winning ways at the U.35-20 VTECH

The Bulldogs have rushed their way into the top 25 all year long. They have played solid and are trying to rebuild a SEC powerhouse. Arkansas lead by Ryan Mallet will pose a huge problem for a defense that gives up yards in the passing game. Pig Souey!! 38-17 Razorbacks

The Noles still have a chance to win the Atlantic and with a victory here or a NCST loss. Maryland has used a balanced attack and a opportunistic defense to obtain victories all year. Christian Ponder is back and will be in attack mode against Maryland. This should give the Noles the edge. 30-24 FSU

Friday, November 12, 2010

Get Crunked 4 Saturday

K.ST has had a very good year that some thought could have been a special one. Now they can only play spoiler to a Mizzou team who is still trying to chase a Nebraska team to the Big 12 title game. A stout Mizzou defense will have to put the breaks on a powerful K.ST rushing attack led by D.Thomas. Mizzou will be to good at home with their passionate fans. 34-20 Mizzou

*****Upset Alert****
Iowa is traveling into dangerous territory in ChiTown. Northwestern has a high powered offense led by their passing game. They feature the most underrated QB in college football, Dan Persa. Iowa has a stingy defense, but has a QB who's known for giving away the football. I see an upset brewing. 48-45 NW
******Upset Alert*****
Usually when you say upset alert Texas is involved your speaking about the other team . But Texas will put together the 2nd best game of this season to beat OKST. Look out Mack, Will Muschamp will be Texas head coach at seasons end. 24-20 Texas

****Upset Alert*****

Miss ST is in the middle of the Cam Newton pay for play scandal. However they have quietly arose to the #19 team in the country. They've done this behind a strong running game. Bama's championship run was ruined last week after losing to LSU. The last time they were in this position, they laid an egg in the bowl game to Utah. 31-28 Bulldogs


Cam Newton is Auburn's entire team. Auburn isn't as sure anymore on Newton's eligibility. If doesn't he play, they'll lose. Auburn's undefeated National Championship season is on the line, Cam Newton will play. 34-27 Tigers

South Carolina@Florida

South Carolina blew their chances of winning the SEC outright when they were blown out by Arkansas. They have always struggled down the stretch during Spurier's tenure and this year is proving to be no different. Florida isn't the team of the past few years but they do have enough athletes on offense to make tons of plays. 38-27 Gators

It will be a blowout. 61-24 Ducks

Utah@Notre Dame

ND defense will never be able to stop the Utes offense. Crist is out and ND starting a true freshman at QB. ND will be blown out again. 48-17 Utah

The Tiger's have been an average team all year. Asking them to win a game to put them in the above average category is crazy. They won't do it. 28-17 FSU

Heard it all before...Part1

The NFL season is quickly entering a critical playoff push run, while at the same time, someone needs to use the defibrillator on the negotiations for the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) . In order to accurately explain today's CBA, we must first go back into the NFLPA (NFL Players Association) vs NFL archives. This isn't the 1st major squabble between the players and the owners. That happened in 1982 when the NFL players wanted a piece of the revenue the owners were making. One of the ways they sought to do this was through free agency. Owners wanted to ensure there players only played for their teams for the player entire career. So they made it extremely difficult for players to move around the league. The Owners would require cash, player compensation and draft picks in order to agree to trades. Due to this fact, players couldn't move around and thus played for the same teams for their entire careers. This was great for the Owners and fans but greatly crippled the players ability to have any leverage in negotiating a new contract. Also, Teams had revenue sharing, which meant whether you win the Superbowl or lose every game, the billion dollar TV deals were split evenly throughout all NFL teams. The Players on the other hand, didn't receive any portion of this money. All of this caused the 1982 strike. The looming lockout has some of the usual issues and suspects currently involved. This is Part 1 of a 3 part series, read next weeks issue for Part 2. Kevin Lewis is an retired NFL linebacker who now does motivational speaking, complete athletic training, coaching and football seminars. If you have comments or inquiries contact via his website

Sunday, November 7, 2010

NFL Week 9

The Bucs are for real and due to a very mediocre NFC, they're amongst the best 3 teams on that side of the league. Atlanta is amongst those same 3 teams as well. With the big play ability of Roddy White and the tough style of Michael Turner they will continue their winning ways. ATL Wins

Miami is a really good team that's playing a very tough schedule. The Ravens have one goal in place and that's to win a Superbowl. Miami will play tough, but they'll lose. BMO Wins

The Jury is out on Jay Cutler, he can't get it done. He and Lovie Smith will be run out of town at the end of the season. The Bills are bad but will win because of early Black Friday sales courtesy of "Jay's Picks". Bills Win

The Panthers are a very bad team with know identity and zero leadership. They will be blown out today. Saints Win

NE seems to be quietly putting together another championship run. Cleveland had a huge win last week but that's where the excitement will end. Pats Win

The Lions will play hard but will lose to much more balanced Jets team. Jets Win

The Chargers might be minus their best player TE Antonio Gates. Without him they are very limited on offense. The Texans will will outscore an under manned Charger offense. Texans Win

What a week of turmoil for the Vikes. Childress has lost has team!!! Defined as...not responsive.lack of respect for.doesn't listen to him. Cards Win

The Giants get to take their dominant defense on the road to play "famed" backup Charlie Whitehurst. Giants should fluster the Seahawks offense early and often. NYG Wins

Mcfadden is a grown man and will continue to be a beast in the running game. KC is starting to be found out, they'll lose. OAK Wins

The NFL is back because Mike Vick is back. I like Vick in a win doing it the old way, using his legs to terrorize the INDY defense. Philly Wins

Roy Williams said," we can win 9 straight." He should be held out of tonight's game because he's showing signs of a recent concussion. GB WINS

The Bengals season is on the line today. Because of that, they'll win. Cincy Wins

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Saturday

2 undefeated teams enter...1 leaves. This yearly conference battle will be as fierce as usual with BCS implications hanging in the balance. TCU is again a very balanced squad who has replenished their dominant 2009 defense, with a take away big play D this season. Utah has an "Oregon Duck like" offense so getting points aren't a problem.Utah's biggest problem has been their schedule, this will be the only tough game on their schedule this year. TCU also needs a Baylor win to help move them up the BCS ladder. Hornfrogs Win 24-13

Bama @LSU

Bama and Saban make a trip to the Bayou to take on a crafty Tiger team. The Tigers still don't have an offense but continues to find a ways to put up enough points to win. It doesn't hurt to have one of the nastiest defenses in the country. Saban will have to rally has team to win in a very hostile Death Valley. He brings with him his usual stable of thoroughbreds led by Jones, Richardson, and Ingram. They'll win because anytime you can say 2009 Hiesman trophy winner is the 3rd best player on your team, you're loaded. Bama 38-17


Baylor are for real and a program on the rise after their 7-2 start and a historical victory over Texas. They're lead by their offense and QB RG3 who who is a dual threat with a big arm. Baylor has struggled defensively, and will definitely have their hands full with an explosive Cowboy offense. OKST is lead by their explosive offense with Kendall and Blackman as the focal points. But the Cowboys are also bad on defense, so this game will be filled with offensive fireworks. Baylor will continue the revitalization of their football program with a win over OKST at home. 38-31 Baylor


The Razorbacks have underachieved this year and should've been the 1st team to end Bama's undefeated season. Ryan Mallet has slide way down the Heisman ballots however he still is the best pro ready QB in college. South Carolina has gotten to the stretch where they unpack their bags for the off season. I'm going with history and it says SCarloina will lose. 35-33 Ark

Stanford has one of the best coaching staffs in college football. I believe the'll only be able to keep them intact for one more year. They'll come up with a game plan to beat Arizona. Zona will keep it close but Luck and the crew will eventually run away with. Just too much offense. 48-24 Stanford

****Upset Alert****

Clemson will convincingly beat NCST, if not, Dabo Sweeny will began to hear the cat calls from Clemson's faithful. 31-17 Tiger's

Another Duck blowout. 61-20 Ducks

FSU gets back to their winning ways after a big loss last week. 28-21FSU

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Without question Randy Moss is the most decorated receiver in the NFL. There were only two guys that completely gave coordinators nightmares when I played, Marshall Faulk, and Randy Moss. But with a parade of negative press, why would Tennessee bring him into their harmonious locker room. They want to WIN! I cannot understand why the media feels it has the right to accept or banish players from their perspective leagues, and also why teams listen to them. There are 32 teams in the NFL which means there are teams with the personalities that can handle a Randy Moss. Furthermore, Moss problems are with the media and not with any teams , players, or coaches. Isn't it fair for a guy to have disdain for a group that has shined a magnifying glass on his every mistake. Don't you still have a problem with that guy who embarrassed you at school, in front of your family, or at that special event. But we expect Randy Moss to speak to the media freely... Moss understands that speaking with the media is part of his job. He's willing to take the fine, or fight it, through the normal hearing process. The Titans don't care about any of the media stuff. All they want is a receiver who can get eight and nine men out of the box. Moss will accomplish this by being a deep threat. Just because he's on the field, teams have to adjust for him. This opens up the other two receivers and also tight ends. Most importantly, this creates a three headed monster. Moss on the outside, Chris Johnson (Lil Mercy Dr.) on the outside, and Vince Young in the middle. Defensive coordinators have already began to take Nodoz trying to figure out how to stop the now, multifaceted Titan team.