Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Be Scared!!! It's Sunday NFL Picks

Den at Baltimore

I still don't believe in the Broncos. Denver has been known to have fast starts and then reality hits them. Reality is #52 this week. Ravens win

Houston at Buffalo

Houston has been on a run. Their offense has been on fire. Matt Schuab is looking to continue his great play. Buffalo is looking to make a run towards the playoffs. They need TO's help. Get your popcorn ready this week. Bills win

Cle at Chicago
Cutler was dissapointing after he got some new coin. He should be able to make up for it against a weak Browns team. Bears win

Sea at Dallas
Seattles bad and they just lost pro bowl linebacker Tatupo for the season. Dallas has begin to make a push to the front of the NFC east. Cowboys win

Mia at NYJ

Sanchez will have to grow up a lot this week as long time divisional foes come to town. The Dolphins have shown they can play with anyone after playing well against the undefeated Saints. Miami wins

SF at Ind

Indianapolis has been on fire. Manning has broke a record already this season. His partner in crime is down and that should hurt a bit. SF hasn't played well since losing a heartbreaker against the Vikings. Alex Smith has his job back, but it may be a bit premature. Colts win

NYG at Philly

The biggest game in the NFC east. This game will be hard hitting with plenty of scurmishes before, during and after plays. Philly has been dominant on offense, and with the adition of LB Will Witherspoon their defense has gotten better. The Giants have been average on offense and defense. If they can't get better on D, they will lose a lot this year. Philly wins

Stl at Det

This is a tough pick. The Rams are bad.....The Lions are bad...Who's the worst. Lions win.

Oak at San Diego

The Raiders beat Philly and then lost to the Jets. They aren't good. Charger win

Jac at Tenn

Vince Young finally has gotten the nod. Maurice Jones Drew is coming to town ready to have a big day.

Minn at GB

Brets back in Green Bay. This will be a very emotinal game for him. Aaron Rodgers wants to make sure he gives Farve a bad homecoming. He will. GB wins

Car at Arizona

The Panthers still have Jake Delhomme starting at QB. Zona wins

Atl at NO

Sorry Reggie Bush, you won't go undefeated, but you should beat the Falcons. NO wins.

Breakem off Somethin Saturday!!!! College Picks 10/31

Texas vs Oklahoma St
Texas and Colt Mccoy are a little upset that there not ranked in the top. If they'll be upset, it will happen now. problem for OK State is that, the best player in the country can't suit up for them. Dez Bryant could have won the game for State.But since he's not playing, Colt McCoy rolls to victory. 30-16 Texas

Florida-Georgia at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

The Gators have won the tough games and played very well in stretches. The Bama band riders were in a scare last week in Tuscaloosa. Now they realize how good the Gators really are. Urban Meyers will show his team Georgia rushing the field in 2007 right before they step on the field. This doesn't bode well for a struggling Georgia offense and defense. This should be Tebow's Heisman coming out party. IF U AIN'T A GATOR, UR GATOR BAIT!!!!!! 30-17 Florida

South Carolina at Tenn

Not again, we are down the stretch and Carolina has to go own the road to play a perennial SEC powerhouse. South Carolina has been a good team all year. Garcia has been a very capable QB and has made big plays at time. UT defense would definitely have the best defense in the SEC if they had a consistent offense. This team is full of confidence. They know Bama tiptoed off the field last week after they were outplayed by UT. Both defenses will be the key for each team. 17-14 UT

USC at Oregon

USC has dropped their one game for the season already. Oregon should be ready for a dog fight. They'll need to step up on defense to have a chance to win. 27-20 USC

Miami vs Wake

Miami had very high hopes this year after their fast start. Reality has set in and the youth of Miami's football team has really reared its ugly head of late. Wake had control of there destiny in the ACC. Now after losing to Clemson, they need to win 3 out of the next 4 games in order to play for the ACC championship. Wake gave up all 338 yards Navy had on the ground. Miami should feature their 2- headed running game of Cooper and Berry (James is Hurt). 40-17 Miami

Georgia Tech at Vandy

The Yellow Jackets stung the competition with stellar play by all their backs. Vandy won't give them much of a contest. 34-13 GTech

West Virginia at USF

BJ Daniels has almost averaged a 100 yards per game rushing. He's probably the most exciting player in the Big East. The exciting part of about this is he's only a freshman, and has only started 4 games in his career. WVU played a heck of a game against UCONN last week considering all of the pressure surrounding that game. This is a classic WVU team, an explosive offense with a functional defense. I don't think they'll be enough Devine intervention from RB Noel Devine to get WVU past USF. 38-34 USF

IU at Iowa

Let's start talking about it. Iowa, Big Ten Champs. Iowa, playing in the National Championship game. It could happen. They'll win ugly, but they'll beat IU this week. Quiz...Name 2 players that play for Iowa?..........Too late ,you lose. 28-13 Iowa


2 of the best-worst teams in the ACC are going head to head. NCST has QB Russell Wilson, who is a very dynamic player that can make all the throws.The receiving core for NCSTate may be the best in the conference. They also have one of the best d-ends in the country, Willie Young. Then why are they sooooooooooo bad? Christian Ponder is arguably one of the best QB's in the ACC and has been on an offensive explosion.
He has 2 receivers in Reed and Owens that can be matched up with anyone in the country. But defensively, yep I said it..... Defensively Florida State may be the worst in the country. They give up points like summer rain in Florida....very often.This game will go down to who can score the most points. 38-28 FSU

New Mexico St at Ohio State

Terell Pryor has to continue to make progress at QB if OState will make a run for a national championship next year. They should easily beat the Aggie's. 41-6 Ohio State

Rutgers AT UCONN

Rutgers has won 5 games. No teams they have beaten has a winning record. In short, they haven't played anyone. Uconn has lost three games by the combined total of 8 points. This is a hard nose team that's playing with a focus and a purpose. This determination should help them get a win. 23-17 Uconn

Kansas at Texas Tech

Mike Leach is an offensive machine. Kansas may have ruined their chances of capturing the north title. This will be a high scoring contest. 34-28 TT

Cal at Arizona St

Javid Best has gotten back on track the past two weeks. He has found a partner also in Shane Vereen who has rushed for 170 yards in the last 2 games. Aizona St has been struggling. 30-17 Arizona St

Purdue at Wisconsin

Purdue is on a 2-game win streak. Big deal! They won't beat Wisconsin. 24-9 Wisc

Ole Miss at Auburn

Auburn caught Tenn early. Besides that, the other wins weren't notable. Hiring Gene Chizik was a mistake and the Tiger faithful will begin chanting that after this 4th consecutive loss. Read these thoughts by an angry ISU fan...
"Hey guys, Cyclone fan here. Not trying to poke open any wounds, or anything like that. Auburn has actually been, over the years, one of the few SEC schools (along with Miss. St) I would pull for, as I have deep respect for land grant schools that are paired up with another in-State school with incredibly obnoxious fans (I hate Alabama).

That said, as you might understand, I have a strong distaste for Gene Chizik. I think he's a spineless coward for the way he left our program with out giving his players more than 2 minutes of his time. That said, at the time we hired him, I was star struck. I thought he was going to do great things at ISU before leaving for the SEC. Turns out, he hired his fishing buddies for coordinators and didn't realize that when you don't have 5 star players at every position that you actually have to coach them, not just stand around and bark at them.

When he hired Malzahn down here, it looked like he had learned his lesson that he's not going to just win games because he's "Gene XX Chizik" and he needed to be surrounded by other good coaches. Then he matched his career win total in his first 5 games. Now it looks like the Gene Chizik we know and love has reared his head. It's obvious that he can't really coach that well, as Paul Rhoads has gotten as many wins in 8 weeks out of "his" (half of our team was recruited by McCarney) players as he got in 2 years. Is that the consensus down here, or do some still think he can get Auburn Football back to where it was? I feel bad for you guys because I've always respected Auburn, and Chizik is such a slimy snake oil salesman. You guys don't deserve that crap. Hopefully your AD will wake up at the end of the year and call Turner Gill back. He should be pacing your sidelines as we speak."
34-17 Ole Miss wins

Nebraska at Baylor
Cornhusker pride will sprout up this week in a dominate performance by Suh. 34-24 Nebraska

South Miss at Houston

Houston is to good on ofense to lose against Southern Miss. 30-20 Houston

Mizz at Colorado
Colorado is bad. Yes, they beat Kansas but they are still horrible. 28-13 Mizz

Duke vs UVA

Which Al Groh tram will show up Saturday? Well I know who will show up for Duke...The ACC's best QB will be there and will throw for over 300 yards. Because of this Duke wins. 38-23 Duke

Coastal Carolina at Clemson
CJ Spiller for Heisman....He'll need a at least a 200 yard rushing game or a 450 yard total yard game to be serious about it. 52-13 Clemson

San Jose State at Boise State

Boise St is on their way to undefeated season. They only played one game this year and that was against Oregon. They should be punished for this. 48-3 Boise St

Central Mich at BC

Central Mich is a good team. This will be a good test for them. The ACC needs to prove to the rest of the country that its a big time conference. BC and ACC reputation is on the line this game. 24-17 BC

Mich vs Illinois

No one wishes to be Ron Zook right now. He can't get his team to compete. 30-17 Mich

Temple at Navy
24-20 Navy

Oregon St at UCLA
How in the world did the Bruins beat Tenn? They haven't won very much since. They have been on a four game skid since their last win. Oregon State's coming to town so it won't get any easier for the Bruins. 20-14 Oregon ST

Penn St at Northwestern
45-23 Penn ST

Tulane at LSU
28-3 LSU

Mich ST vs Minn
Eric Deckers hurt. Minn can't score enough without him. 28-23 Mich St

Friday, October 23, 2009

This is the NFL !!!! Check out the picks.

Green Bay at Cleveland
Green Bay had a bye week against Detroit. This is there 2nd bye in a row. Cleveland and Eric Mangini aren't a good match. They benched a guy (Brady Quinn) who never won his starting job anyway. Then, they get rid of the very best player (Braylon Edwards) on their team. They'll be luck to win 5 games this year. Green Bay wins.
p.s. Aaron Rodgers is better than Farve.

SF at Houston
Frank Gore should be back this week, and he's greatly needed. SF should be motivated to win, having gone on a bye-week after being blown out. Houston has got a little momentum and I think will begin to see who's real and who's fake.

SD at KC
The Chargers are going through crisis mode. They lost another game they should've won. And it looks like Denver may not implode this year. KC has a little swagger now, coming off of their first win this year.But, they aren't playing the Skins this week. SD wins.

Colts at STL
Is it me, or is the Rush Limbaugh talk about owning the Rams the best thing that's happened to them all year. The Rams are awful. Limbaugh just announced on his show yesterday, he doesn't want them anymore.(just kidding)
Colts win.

NE at TB
Tampa will be in trouble all year. NE wins this one easily. NE wins

Min at Pitt
Farves magic has to phase out soon. He's old and getting tired. The Steelers have not regained their swag back from last year. The terrible towels will be out, and the Vikings will be out in the weather. This advantage goes to the Steelers. Steelers win.

Buf at Carolina
After a victory in Tampa last week you would think the Panthers have a little momentum. Instead, they're complaining after a win about touches. Steve Smith wants the darn ball!!!! Only thing is, who can throw it to him....Buffalo wins.

NYJ at Oak
Just win the Jets thought the wheels were coming of the comes Oakland to save the day. Jets Win.

Chicago at Cincy
This should be a very physical game. Yes, Cincy's physical now. Cedric Benson has changed the complexion their offense. Jay just got paid this week and has to let the Bear faithful know that management made the right choice. Bears win.

Atl at Dallas

The falcons are for real. They are built to win tough games. Dallas has Romo, and...well Romo still isn't proven. Atl wins.

NO at Mia
The Saints will run through the weak Dolphin secondary. This game should not be close. Saints waaaayyyy to explosive on offense. Saints win.

Ari at NYG
Kurt Warner circled this game on his calender. Big Blue, Kurt remembers. The Saints exploited an undisciplined Giants secondary,and the Cards will follow suit. Big Blue needs to run the ball and hog the clock to win. Arizona wins.

Phi at Wash
For all the reasons you already know about..... Philly wins.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buckle ur chin strap and Hit somebody Saturday!!!!

Florida State vs North Carolina
Who's going to show up?????? Will it be 186 QB rating, 2 TD, TJ Yates that crushed East Carolina. Or, will it be the Yates that threw 2 interceptions and was completely abysmal against an UVA team that lost to William & Mary. If you're Florida St, will you get the defensive effort of the BYU game in which the Seminoles dominated the #6 offense in the country. Or you may get the defense that has been killed ever sense. Florida St 24-10

Tenn vs Bama
Lane Kiffin will lean on dad Monty again this week. Kiffin will have to deal with new Heisman mention and front runner Mark Ingram. Ingram has had a great year and continues to dominate teams with his fast, tough running style. Alabama will be better than UT everywhere on the field. Ingram ability will be put to the test against a nasty UT defense. The most interesting and unknown tidbit about this game is that the best running back won't be Mark Ingram. It's really Montarrio Hardesty, he already has a pro style. He runs with great vision , power, and balance. He will be a first round pick and will have the best game at RB. 27-13 Bama

Florida vs Miss St

Miss St has gotten better. Playing against the toughest defense in the country will be hard for the "listed" 5'10 Miss St QB. This one won't be close. 48-3 Florida

Georgia Tech vs UVA
Paul Johnson's offense has been off the chain. #1 in the nation in rushing offense. UVA won't stop it, no one will. You have to manage an offense like Georgia Tech's. Get them in 3rd and long and force them to pass. UVA will keep it close but, Jim Grove won't be able to pull the miracle. Georgia Tech 28-20

South Florida vs Pittsburg

Pitts a very solid team. They have a good offense and defense. Not a flashy team but hard nose Bama-like without the talent. South Fl has a big play offense and defense. They make plays , but can't seem to sustain drives. This game boils down to solidness vs flashiness. Pitt 17-10

Clemson vs Miami

The U is locked and loaded and now in control of there own destiny. Jacory Hariss has told his teammates not to read the papers or watch news focused on Miami's success. His leadership has been remarkable as a true sophomore. Clemson has been in every game they have played. There offense has found a way to move the football and scored 38 points last week. CJ Spiller is coming back to the crib and looking to have a huge game. He'll make a fuss, but Clemson will lose. 34-20 Miami

Min vs Ohio State
Terell Pryor has not developed into the player we all thought he'd be. Ohio State is wost than we all thought they would be. Jim Tressel should start to get concerned, if he doesn't fire some folk on his staff, he'll be on the hot seat next year. Minnesota has big play Eric Decker that will make some plays. But, an angry Buckeye squad won't let it stay close. 41-13 OState

Penn St vs Michigan
*****UPSET ALERT*****
Rich Rod has changed the play of the Big Ten and he doesn't even have all the players he needs yet. Penn State has let Joe Pa down losing to a tough Iowa team in Happy Valley. He's in for another let down this week, because Penn States D won't be able to handle the unconventional , crafty Forcier. 28-24 Michigan

******UPSET ALERT*****
TCU hasn't been that dominant on defense. They have been average on offense. BYU is explosive on offense. ON D they have been solid and always seem to come up with plays when they need them. This is TCU's only test of the year and if they lose they'll kill their BCS chances. 24-20 BYU

Auburn vs LSU

Gene Chizik, has everyone forgotten.... He still shouldn't be Auburn's coach. Who have they beaten? That's right, Tennesee... Oh yeah, Tenn ain't that good. They are about to start losing every week and then will hear about Chizik again.They'll lose the last 5 out of 6 games and then we will see if the Tiger faithful will be ready to get em out of there. LSU will ground and pound Auburn into submission. 27-17 LSU

UCONN vs West Virginia
All of hearts out to this Uconn team. Having lost a teammate has to be the hardest thing that a team can go through. Jasper Howard will be thought of constantly before, during, and after the game. This focus can cause the team to make plays or miss plays. Hopefully they'll make them. West Virginia has the same problem year after year, high octane offense with a low maintenance defense. Because of this a motivated and a country backed UCONN will prevail in victory. 23-21 UCONN

Duke vs Maryland
Thad Lewis has been lights out. Now up for the Johnny Unitas Award, Lewis is hoping to change the modern history of Duke football. He's playing as well as any QB in the country. Maryland has been bad. Yes they've won a few games but it's hard to tell how they did it. They play bad on D and turnover the ball on offense. Thad Lewis will walk the ball up and down the field as Duke wins in a blowout. 42-20 Duke

Illinois vs Purdue

Roon Zook is in position to go 1-11. Purdue is coming off one of it's program
biggest victories.Purdue will win this easily because of the disappointing year of Juice Williams. 28-14 Purdue

Oklahoma vs Kansas
Kansas perfect season was ruined last week. Probably because they were looking ahead to Oklahoma. Well they'll find what they were looking for. Oklahoma's mad and that spells trouble for Kansas. 38-20 Oklahoma

Arkansas vs Ole Miss
This should be one of the best games of the weekend. Ole Miss came into the season with National Championship hopes. They were quickly brought down to earth after being outplayed in South Carolina.Snead and McCluster are the reasons for Ole Miss's dose of reality. There numbers are down, Ole Miss is struggling. They've won 4 games but haven't beat anyone. Arkansas on the other hand has played every game tough and could have won any game they have lost except against Bama. Ryan Mallet will continue to increase his draft stock while Snead will continue to be forgotten. 33-24 Arkansas

OK ST vs Baylor
Baylor is still Baylor. Preseason banter was just that, talk. OKST has played well, they lost a game they shouldn't have, but have bounced back and clearly have a very dominant offense. Dez Bryant who would've been the clear Heisman choice, still can't play because of the NCAA. OKST won't need him for Baylor. 27-17 OKST

Oregon vs Washington
Washington has ruined USC's season but their season isn't going well at all. Oregon will win. 28-13 Oregon

Texas at Mizz
Texas needs to make a BCS statement. Look for a basketball score. 52-10 Texas

BC vs Notre Dame
Clausen has had a great year. BC has been hard to put a finger on. Notre Dame has been consistent all year. 31-13 ND

Iowa vs Mich St
Iowa has been a tough football team all year. They know how to win. This game won't be pretty, but Iowa will win. 24-17 Iowa

Vandy vs South Carolina

South Carolina has been playing well this year. They've already beaten top ranked Ole Miss, and played Bama well. The hardest stretch of their schedule will begin after playing Vandy. They need to play well so that they'll be ready for the last quarter of their season. 28-14 South Carolina

Louisville vs Cincy

Steve Kragthorpe,Louis's head coach, is on his way out the door. Just a few years ago UL's had leapt into national recognition. Now no one cares about them again. 2 wins, he has to leave. Cincy's Pike shouldn't play and should be given rest. They won't need him against UL. 34-10 Cincy

Iowa St vs Nebraska
After being embarrassed last week. Nebraska wins this on easily. 31-17

Texas A&M vs Texas Tech

The QB has changed but the results remain the same. Texas Tech will outscore A&M on the way to victory. 41-28 Texas Tech

Wash St vs Cal
I haven't forgot about Jahvid Best. He'll get back into the Heisman picture with a 200 yard day. 37-20 Cal

Friday, October 16, 2009

Once again, It's ON!! NFL Picks

Houston vs Cincy
Who said Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat? Not me Cincy is looking like one of the best teams in the league to this point. They'll be Houston in a statement game. Cincy wins.

Det vs Green Bay
The Lions are still the Lions even though they have won a game. Green Bay wins

Bal vs Min
This game will come down to Bret Farve vs B-Mo's secondary. I give Ed Reed and the Ravens defense the edge.

The G-Men know how to play D. NO has been lights out on offense. Funny thing is, Drew Brees doesn't really have a significant statistical advantage over Manning. Because of this and the Giants D. Giants win.

Cle vs Pitt
Pitt's ready to get there Championship run in gear. The Browns are a great team to use to get your confidence to that level. Pitt wins.

Car vs Tampa
The battle of the scrubs. I've been there before. Who cares who wins? Carolina wins because of a dominate run game.

KC vs Skins
Zorns job is on the line. There's finger pointing from the players. The Skins are playing another bad team. This spells disaster. KC wins

Philly vs Oak
This one won't be close. Philly wins. ps. give Vick some time.

Arizona vs Seattle
Where did Seattle offense come from last week. Problem is, they don't know either. Mike Holmgren sure knew when to bail. Zona wins.

Ten vs NE
We want Young! We want Young! Until they make the switch they'll continue to lose. NE wins.

Buf vs NYJ
Trade T.O. Why would they get him and not throw him the ball EVERYTIME!! I thought it was the real verdict wasn't out on the Jets yet. They'll be exposed this week in a lost. Buf wins.

Chi vs Atl
Atlanta has a great team. They just don't have that special guy. That got guy. The guy when you need a play, you know you can count on. The Bears have Jay Cutler. He'll be enough. Bears win.

Den vs San Diego

The Chargers cut their starting saftey. Who does that in the middle of the season? Things aren't going right their. In Denver , nothings going wwrong. But I still don't believe. Chargers win.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hit or Be Hit Saturday!!!!

OU vs Texas

The Cotton Bowl. This reflects the Western Conference Championship. Texas led by Colt McCoy will be explosive and ready to beat the Sooners. They haven't played a close game all year besides beating an offensive Texas Tech.The only downside to Texas offense is a more conservative Colt McCoy led runing game. The Sooners, have already lost a game to an okay BYU team. Definsively the Sooners play lights out, and Sam Bradfoords back. Bradford is back in a groove after a solid game last week. OU will be too quick on offense and too powerful on D to lose to a fantastic Colt McCoy. 45-38 OU

Bama vs South Carolina

Bama..Big..Big..Big...Fast...Discipline...Run...Run...Run again...Run....Pass...Run some more...Defense...Defense....Defense...Defense!!!! This is the game the Gamecocks have waited for. To get respect you must take it. 5 and 1 sounds some how tooooo familiar. They will lose this game but I think the most important game of there season is next 5 weeks. They can't put their entire season on the line this game. Bama 24-6

Arkansas vs Florida

If u aint a gator, your gator bait!!! Who needs Tebow when you have the #1 D in the country. 30-13 Florida

Ohio State vs Purdue

Purdue is terrible. Boy they need Drew Brees this weekend. OState 52-10

Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech

The triple option can't be stopped if run the Paul Johnson way. But you don't have to stop it, all you must do is limit them to 3 points and make them lose yards on early downs. Use the Miami blueprint, be patient and know that they will wiin their share of downs. Just don't give up the big play. GTech's problem is their defense or lets say lack of. VTech will win this because their sound defensive play. It's now time to start mentioning VTech in the National Championship picture. 28-16 VTech

Iowa vs Wiscousin

**Upset Alert**Wiscousin has been a consistent team all year. Tough nosed offense and Defense.Iowa has been clearly the best team in the Big Ten but against out of conference talent thhey've been inconsistent. It's time for them to lose a game and sadly they will. Thus making the BCS National Championship picture clearer. 16-17 Badgers

Wake Forest vs Clemson

The Clemson faithful still don't think Wake belongs on the field with them. News Flash..... Wake has won the ACC title in the modern era!! Clemson has talent in spots. Of course CJ Spiller, and the secondary leads the charge. After that they have a lot of OVERATED players who coulda, woulda, shoulda, if it weren't for Tommy Bowden and Dabo Sweeny. Yep the Tigers are ready to fire another coach, but finally I agree with them. The coaching Staffs are the one's who told the fans that the players they had were good enough to win. So I agree, Fire them all!! Wake is coming to Clemson with a smart and very well coached team led by the 3rd best QB in the league, Riley Skinner. Skinner is a wiley vet that makes the right decisions most of the time. Clemson has to depend on a defense that lets up in is almost ineffective in there pass rush. Ofensively, when you have a QB that averages 5.7 yards an attempt, that doesn't help your cause. I know if your a Tiger fan you have to be optimistic. But as a College football fan, it's hard not to be pessimistic. 24-17 Wake

Georgia vs Vanderbilt

Vandy has know magic this year. Georgia will win and not celebrate this year. If they do Mark Rick will have them run sprints before they hit the showers. 48-10 Ga

USC vs Notre Dame

USC is primed and ready to take a fall. This is probably there weakest team in 10 years. They'll still have 10 wins , but they aren't a strong USC team. Nortre Dame has the best team since Ty Willingham's 9 or 10 win season. This game comes down to Charlie Weiss being able to win the big one. He can't. 36-20 USC

Texas Tech vs Nebraska

****Upset Aert*** Nebraska is #14 in the country in pass defense. The problem is they haven't played Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas. This week Nebraska's playing the most prolific passing program in college football.Mike Leach get's it done!! 45-36 TT

Cincy vs USF

Cincy's Pike has had a fantastic year. Pike and the Cincy has led the Big East in just about every offensive catagory. USF on the otherhand has lost the most prolific QB in this school's history. That would be a problem except if his backup wasn't BJ Daniels. Daniels already runs the ball better, but will make the Bulls faithful forget about Grothe before he leaves. Football 101 states if both offenses are good look at the defense. Cincy's defense is weak. USF's D, led by Selve and Allen will have a big night against Pike. 38-27 USF

Pitt vs Rutgers

Once Pitt gets more speed in their program, they're going to be something to deal with nationally. For now they'll keep being another good Big East program and will easily beat up Rutgers. 27-10 Pitt

Miami vs UCF

Jacory Harris and the crew will make it do what it do. Nice new stadium Knights. 48-13 Miami

NC State vs BC

After a 49-28 lost to Duke, State will be more than ready to prove that they aren't overated. BC will be trying to stay alive in atlantic division that is just plain awful. 13-9 State

Cal vs UCLA

All is not lost, Cal still has Best. 27-23 Cal

Kansas vs Colorado

The Buffalo's still aren't back. Do you remember back in the days when the Big 12 consisted of Nebraska vs Colorado? Sorry, this is the year of the JayHawk. It won't be a close one. 42-10 KU

UVA vs Mary

Who cares who wins.... my bad, the atlantic division of the ACC is atrocious and even UVA a team that lost to William and Mary is still alive. UVA 16-10

Houston vs Tulane
Houston's way to explosive on offense. They should win convincingly. 35-17 Houston

Kentucky vs Auburn

Kentucky is a good team. They just happen to play in the hardest league in the coountry. 28-21 Auburn

Stanford vs Arizona

What happened to Zona? It's time for a coaching change again. Stanfords running game will be to much for the Wildcats. 24-13 Stanford

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

U might not respect the Player but u have to respect Thad's Game

Thad Lewis's emergence at Duke began 3 years ago. Originally from Florida Lewis was a coveted recruit of Duke. He was brought in as a program changer. Early on , although Lewis shined, the Duke team couldn't win. The last two years Lewis and Erron Riley joined together to have the best unknown tandem in the ACC. Lewis stats up to this point have not only been the best in the ACC, but also top fifteen in most categories in the nation. Lewis had a bad couple of games in which he had an ankle injury that definitely slowed him down. But now that he's a 100%, nothing barring an injury should be able to get in his way.
Yes, Jacory Harris does play in the ACC but Lewis is better. He clearly has better numbers, but that only tells you a small part of the story. 7 out of the 8 players Jacory Hariss throws to will play in the NFL. No one Lewis throws to will probably play in the NFL. Thad Lewis has matched up against 2 of the most dominate defense's in the ACC and has ripped them. He's done this to the tune of 360,460 passing yards and 8 TD's. Lewis has had 3 games in which he threw for more than 350 yards. This guy has just hit his stride and the ACC will know his name by the end of the year because he will be the MVP of the ACC. Don't respect the player, just respect Thad's game!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday, Game Day 10/11

The 1st quarter of the NFL season is over and now it's time for teams to turn there season around or continue their dominance. Let's look and see who'll be doing what...

Cincy vs B-Mo

The ravens have been exploited in the passing game this year. This game means more to a Bengal team who normally fades towards the end of the season. Ochocinco will start his Hawaii campaign with a huge game in a Bengals win.

Browns vs Buffalo

Indecision at QB, can it get any worse. Sure, trade the best player on your team to a
conference foe. The Browns are bad and ofcourse they'll lose.

Wash vs Carolina

The Skins won't lose to another bad team. If they do, Zorn will begin to pack his bags because he'll surely recieve a pink slip.The Panthers need a change and everyone knows where that change should be. Why won't Fox pull the trigger. As long as Jake plays, Panthers lose. The Skins win

Pitt vs Det

Will the real Pittsburg Steelers please stand up. They will against the bad Lions. Pitt wins.

Dallas vs KC

Who won't beat KC. Dallas may be primed and ready for an upset. They won't be, Big D wins.

Oakland vs NYG

These are those kinds of games that the Giants would lose in the past. An easy game on paper and a tender footed Eli. I smell an upset. Oakland wins.

Bucs vs Philly

Can it get any harder for the Bucs. Yep, they're playing the Eagles. Oh, and by the way, the Don is back. Mcnabb will throw for 300 yds in a blow out.

Minn vs STL

Minn will blow out the Rams. Anything else?

Atl vs SF

Huge game with future playoff implications. SF have a new weapon because they just signed 1st round pick Michael Crabtree. But Vernon Davis will a difference as usual. But, because of a often injured Frank Gore, the Falcons win.

Houston vs Arizona

Arizona will begin their playoff run against an unsure Houston team.

NE vs Denver

Brady is getting back up to speed. The Broncos have squeezed by into victories twice this season. Their luck will run out against a well coached very talented NE team. NE wins.

Jacs vs Sea

Boy, what happened to Seattle.The Jags will continue a push towards the playoffs and try to give the city of Jacksonville a reason to keep them there. Jags win.

Ind vs Ten

It's time for a QB change in Tenn.If the roles were reversed Young would have been benched a week ago. Do the right thing, give Kerry a seat. Jeff Fisher won't. Titans lose!!

NYJ vs Dolphins

NYJ are primed and ready for an upset. New addition in Braylon Edwards and unreal play by a rookie QB. Reality will set in down by the beach this week. Miami wins.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saturday Football Picks 10/10

Florida vs LSU
Two undefeated SEC titans battling in the Bayou. The Tigers have been inconsistent but always find a way to win. Florida still hasn't hit their National Championship stride. They'll need to show up ready to play and began their bid for another National Championship. 42-17 UF

Bama vs Ole Miss
**Upset Alert** just kidding. Ole miss won't be ranked after this week. Ole Miss, "you are the weakest link,goodbye." 30-10 BAMA

BC vs Va Tech
VTech didn't play well against Duke. They gave up 360 passing yards which exposed a very overated secondary. BC won't be able to take advantage of this because they only average 176 yards a game in the air. Because of this, BC loses. 27-13 VTech

Auburn vs Arkansas
Arkansas has played themselves into a one game season. Houston Knutt has always been fought back when his back is against the wall. Auburn's offense has led this team this year which has secretly put their defense in cruise control. They haven't beat,but have essentially outscored all of their opponents. This perfect season ends against Arkansas. 34-31 Arkansas

Ohio State vs Wiscounsin
OState has been on a roll since losing to USC. They'll keep it up against an undefeated untested Wiscounsin. 33-20 OState

Oregon vs UCLA
Oregon wants a rematch against Boise St. They won't get it but they will probably take it out on a weak UCLA. 27-9 Oregon

Baylor vs Oklahoma
Baylor will compete early but Oklohoma will outlast them in a blow out. 45-17 OK

Duke vs NC State
The unpredictable ACC, where it has turned into an "any given saturday" atmosphere. Because of this, Duke led by a ACC leading Thad lewis air attack beats State. 36-28 Duke

Mich St vs Illinois
The Juice isn't lose anymore. Ron Zook has benched him. Bad idea, bad coaching,terrible leadership. Their season is over. 41-13 Mich St

Georgia vs Tenn
Lane, Monty told you there'd be days like this. Tenn is bad. They are at least 2 years away. Lane has shown he can't keep his team up and ready to play every week. If he could, they'd be 4-1 with that lost being to Florida. Georgia has played well as a team and will be even better next year. 17-13 Georgia

Maryland vs Wake
Wake beat NC State, Maryland beat Clemson. Who knows who'll win this game.... I do, Wake.
23-20 Wake

OKSt vs Texas A&M
Another Big 12 wild western shootout. The only problem for OKST, they're missing their 6 shooter Dez Bryant. To bad, they lose. 31-20 A&M

Kentucky vs South Carolina
Kentucky is on a 2 game skid. The positive side of that, any team in the country who had Florida, Alabama in back to back weeks would also be on a losing sreak. South Carolina struggled with SCST in the first half only leading 10-7. That doesn't bode well playing a Kentucky team that played Bama respectively. 27-21 Kentucky

Georgia Tech vs Florida St
GTech has played as well as any team in the country lately. The Paul Johnson offense has been hitting on all cylinders. GTech's D has been dominant as well. Florida St has played as bad as any team in the country. And the Bowden turmoil can't help their cause at all. Because of this, State will be unpredictable as usual and play the best game of the year and beat Tech. 28-17 FSU

Miss St vs Houston.
Miss St will be tooooo s-l-o-w for the Cougar high octane offense. 45-20 Houston

Michigan vs Iowa
Iowa is the srongest team in the Big 10. Rich Rod and Forcier will have a few tricks up their sleve to try to steal a win at Iowa. 21-18 Iowa

UConn vs Pitt
Another tough Big East battle that will be decided by one score. Pitt has the tougher team with a gritty D. 24-17 Pitt

Miami vs FAMU
The U finally gets a break. They'll easily win the game, but will definately lose the half time show against the Marching 100.

Indiana vs UVA
UVA fooled us by beating a struggling UNC last week. Their run will end sat against IU. 23-20 IU

Washington vs Arizona
Are you serious, a 2-3 team beat the mighty Trojans. Yep, and locker hasn't been able to get the Huskies to play consistent since. Arizona should help there cause becase at 3-1, they still haven't played anyone except Iowa in a loss. 38-27 Wash

Monday, October 5, 2009

The ACC, Not Again..

Can someone say deja vu...The ACC was just in this situation last year. An undefined juggernaut with any team able to win any matchup. Miami has separated itself for now but who knows, anything can happen in this conference. BC who can't move the ball at Clemson, beats FSU. Maryland, who lost to Mid Tenn St, convincingly beats an flustered Clemson team. Virginia Tech dismantled an unbeatable Miami only to go to Duke an give up 360 passing yards while only winning by 8. UNC was ranked and looked as if they would compete for their division title. Now, they are on a 2 game skid after getting beat up by GTech and a struggling UVA. Wake Forest has to be added to the 1st class list after a early win against Stanford who has since beat Washington and UCLA. Wake also beat an NC State team who many thought would be a force in the conference this year.
The ACC doesn't deserve very much respect. They haven't earned any. Miami has proven they can play with anyone in the country. But, everyone else is inconsistent at best. When studying all the teams in the ACC you come up with a very simple conclusion. LACK OF DISCIPLINE. Besides VaTech, teams in the ACC can't stay focused. Whether it's a busted coverage or a personel foul, these teams find a way to give the game away.
How do you fix this? It's easy, more situational reps and experience. You can't make a freshman play like a senoir but through plenty of situational reps, you can make him a mid-year sophomore. Coaches have to keep the players focused on the situations. For instance, 3rd and 16 and the receiver runs a 13 yard route. Or the defender jumps a 6 yard route and gives up the 16 yard route. If each player was aware of the situational down and distance, they wouldn't make these very correctable mistakes.
In order for the ACC to gain the respect they crave. They must earn it by winning the games they are suppose to win.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is the NFL

B-MO vs New England
Brady's ready to go and B-Mo's defense has gotten back to its dominant ways. Their secondary is weak and New England will take advantage of them. New England wins.

Tampa vs Wash
Raheem Morris was setup, bamboozled ,led astray. Thought he'd won the lottery win he became Tampa's head coach. He inherited a very BAD team who might win 3 games this year. This won't be one of them as Washington's Jim Zorn will have to exit stage left if he loses back to back games to 2 of the worst teams in the league.
Wash wins

Tenn vs Jacksonville
This can't be the Titans of last year. They had a terrible off seaon and didn't get any better. Will the Titan fans began to chant Vince Young's name to give them a spark. Fisher needs to try something to get his team in the win column.The Jaguars are solid but need play makers in the passing game to make a run for the playoffs. Jags win

Houston vs Oakland
Is Russell this bad? Is it the team? Let's just stay safe and blame Al Davis. Houston wins.

Detroit vs ChiTown
Detroit wins!Detroit wins! Detroit wins! Sorry, got a little bit carried away from last week. Jay Cutler begins his bid for the pro bowl by having a great performance.
Bears win.

Cincy vs Cleveland
Cincy's undefeated if not for a bad bounce against Denver. They will prove they are a better team when they face the confused Browns. Mangini,no Spurrier, no I'm confused. What do you do if Anderson has a bad game? Cincy wins.

Seattle vs Indy
Indy's on a roll. Seattle's on the skid. Indy wins.

KC is bad and needs to clean house next season. Did they really cut Amani Toomer? They have one WR on their team who might be better than Toomer. This how bad teams are bad.Giants win.

How can anyone bet against Drew Brees. Especially now that he has a solid defense. They will beat the blitz and make Sanchez have to play catch up. NO wins.

Buf vs Mia
Chad's out, Miami can't stop anyone on D. There offensive production is poor. Buf wins.

Dallas vs Den
Denver's undefeated. They play solid D and productive offense. They play smart and win the field position battle. I still don't believe. Dallas run game and defense will prove too much for Denver. Dallas wins.

St. Louis vs San Fran
How does Singletary's niners handle adversity? They are playing the Rams, and will surely get back to their winning ways.

San Diego vs Pitt
Pitts not looking like last year yet . The Chargers need a statement win to give them the confidence to say we can play at a very high level. Chargers win.

Green Bay vs Minn
Bret Farve is back. Adrian Peterson is running wild. Vikings defense is playing at a high level. But, Green Bay is one of the most balanced teams in the league. Green bay beats the Vikes and Wins the Division.

What time is it!!! Game time!

Oklahoma vs Miami
After being knocked back to earth by Va Tech, Miami looks to get their mojo back. The Sooners have been balling since dropping an ugly one against BYU. The clash of the battered titans will be settled by great QB and special teams play. That's why the U will come through. 27-17 Miami

Virginia Tech vs Duke
The Wade Wacko's will be in full effect and will cheer on their Blue Devil's. However, after last week's drubbing of Miami. The only chance the Blue Devil's have is catching Va Tech sleeping.... knocked out cold.. 35-17 Tech

LSU vs Georgia
LSU continues to move up in the polls with a mediocre ball club. They will be exposed by a battle tested Bulldog team that has learned how to fight. 27-13 Georgia

USC vs Cal
Too much defense from USC. Not enough offensive weaponry from Cal. 34-17 USC

Auburn vs Tenn
This will be a knockem sockem old school SEC battle. Tenn offense will try to lose it but their defense will keep them in the game. But with a resurgence of Auburn's offense, the should score enough to win. 13-7 Auburn

Michigan vs Michigan St
Rich Rod wolverines are on a roll. Their making play after play while refusing to lose. I think they may run out of steam this week against a scrappy well coached Michigan St.

Bama vs Kentucky
What do you do against a team who's 2nd team freshman tailback can start anywhere in the country? I don't know.So goes the dilemma of Kentucky's coaching staff. Bama has been the most consistent team in the country and the tide will continue to roll. 40-7Bama

Washington vs Notre Dame
What can you expect out of Washington. They beat USC and then lose to Stanford. ND has played consistent and continues to improve. The Huskies no how to get up for the big game they'll beat ND. 20-13 Wash

Clemson vs Maryland
What can u say about Maryland....... I'm waiting.... Clemson should win this one with no problem or the Clemson faithful may be saying Dabo has to go. 30-13 Clemson

UNC has to get back on track after being embarrassed in the ATL. They will because UVA may win 2 games all year. 42-10 UNC

Ga Tech vs Miss St
Tech's ground and pound is back. More importantly their defense has gotten very stingy. This spells trouble for a Miss ST team who has trouble against the run. 31-10 Ga Tech

Pitt vs Lou
This will be a great game even though Louisville's 1-2. The Big East is clearly the most competitive league in the country top to bottom. Both teams have similar hard nose styles with Pitt being a little more gritty. I think this game will come down to field position and special teams. 24-21 Lou

Utah St vs Brigham Young
This one will be over fast. BYU's BCS birth depends on them blasting every opponent left on their schedule. They will. 50-17 BYU

Wisconsin vs Minn
Wisc runs and throws deep to Toon on the way to a solid win. 20-17

USF vs Syracuse
Daniels and the Bulls will buck the Orangeman while remaining undefeated.31-13

Arkansas vs Texas A&M
The Razorbacks are glad to be out of SEC play for at least a week. They'll show why the SEC is the best conference in the country when they beat an undefeated A&M team.
24-20 Ark

Penn St vs Illinois
Penn St urned out to be a pretender for the national championship. They also shouldn't be invited to the Rose Bowl after winning out the rest of the season.

FSU has been up and down all year and a victory over BC won't tell us anything. 35-10FSU

NC State vs Wake
State hasn't lost since the opening week. Wake has taken a step back this season and lost to a struggling BC. State should win this one decisively. 27-9 State

Ohio State vs Indiana
Indiana should have beat Michigan in the big house. They left everything on the field. Because of this they won't have enough left in the tank against OState. 33-20 OState

Miss vs Vandy
Vandy is Vandy again and all the magic has gone. That's the only reason an overrated Ole Miss will beat them. 28-10 Ole Miss

SCST vs South Carolina
Buldogs will come out hard but to much defense from SC will overwelhm them. 38-3 SC