Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Saturday week 5!!

Bama, big,physical. UF small, fast. It's the old story, who will win the turtle or the rabbit. Just one small twist....they're playing football!! Bama 26-13

Nebraska@ Wisconsin
Nebraska finally begins BigTen play.They have played very well so far against lesser opponents. The Badgers have a running game that will be ready to strike. But they also have newcomer Russell Wilson who has the veteran leadership this team needed. Wilson will be the difference in this tough contest. Wisc 34-28

Texas A&M @Ark

The battle of the twins will be in affect as this match up gets underway.Fans will think they are seeing double as both teams will run spread offenses that will throw it fast&furiously. This game could go either way, but because A&M will have more to prove to their new conference (SEC) they'll win. A&M 38-35

Brady Hoke has finally allowed Denard Robinson to make plays with his athletic ability. After a 200 yd rushing performance last week, Robinson is now back in the Heisman hunt. The Golden Golphers have been down this year and just can't seem to find a way to finish.40-16 Mich

Miss.ST has a good football team that has the misfortune of playing in the SEC. Vick Ballard is having a really good year averaging 100 yards a game thus far.
Yes, as usual Mark Richt is on the hot seat again. Yep, the Bulldogs are loaded with talent again. Yea, it's a big game, they'll lose again. 23-17 Mississippi ST

Bad match-up, very bad outcome. 38-10LSU

Auburn@South Carolina
Auburn was exposed at Clemson. Their inability to cover in the passing game led loss. Steve Spurrier has to be excited knowing that he can finally get huge numbers out of his QB. Only problem is that QB is Stephen Garcia, a QB who is very inconsistent. Doesn't matter, Marcus Lattimore will shoulder the load and continue to be very effective in the running game. This game will boil down to both teams fight to win the rushing attack. Dyer vs. Lattimore. 29-20 SC

No one is talking about him, the big schools fans don't believe. But I do. Robert Griffin III, is a beast. He's having a heck of a year and is the best QB in college right now. 85% completion rate, are you kidding. As long as he continues on this path, KST won't have a chance. 45-30 Baylor

I have bite my tongue, Paul Johnson has done a fantastic job with this team so far. He also has AutoBot (mini Transformer) by the name of Stephen Hill (6-5 206), who is a Megatron (Calvin Johnson) in the making. Why did Tom Obrien ever leave BC? He's on the hot seat now. NCST needs GT to have a bad game in order to have a chance to win this game. They won't. GT 38-13

Clemson always plays well at home, but it's something about leaving Death Valley that doesn't usually bode well for them. Clemson has wrangled another Florida speedster Sammy Watkins, who has electrified their offense. His speed makes him dangerous anytime he touches the ball. Clemson's hot streak will get cooled off by the Hookies defense.VTech hasn't really played a tough opponent yet, but they are back to Beamer ball, good special teams and great defense. VTech 28-24

Iowa ST@ Texas***UPSET ALERT****
Iowa St is a team on a mission and a lot of resentment for Texas, a team that usually dominates them. But, not this year. Texas still hasn't found their "mojo" in recruiting. They are still ripe for a couple of upsets this year.IowaST 29-27

Friday, September 23, 2011

NFL Week 3

The Pats are going to the Bills to face a Bills team who is very confident. Offense will be at a premium as both defenses, especially NE's secondary, STINKS!! NE WINS CS
Newtown vs Gabbert! Newton vs Who???? That's what I said during the week of the draft when so-called draft guru's said this guy was better than Cam Newton. CAR wins CS
Alex Smith just isn't the guy, Harbuagh can't wait until he can draft Luck in next years draft.
SF wins TP
Brandon Marshall is a beast and Henne has figured out that he needs to force him the ball frequently. The Browns are continuing to improve and Colt McCoy continues to make belivers out of his doubters. Miami wins TP
Detroit is still feeling like this is their year, but the Vikes need a win desperately. Megatrone is a little banged up for Detroit, so we will see if Stafford can carry them. MIN wins OR
The Texans have run into a more determined Saints team that has a lot to prove. Arrian Foster is down and the Texans depend on their running game. Saints Wins CS
New York is the most banged up team in the league. This will hurt them and force them into a downward spiral until they can get healthy again. Plus, Vick is playing.Philly wins CS
Tebow..Tebow...just kidding. Kyle Orton is playing well, and the Broncos will play well enough to beat the Titans. Will the real Chris Johnson please stand up? Broncos win OR
This is the perfect game for the NYJ's, their defense was built to stop the run and the Raiders will run the ball. The Raiders will be able to run the ball and show the rest of the league while they"ll be in the playoffs this year.Oak wins OR
The college team impersonating as a NFL squad will get beat down this week. SD wins CS
The Rams hope to rebound from last weeks miserable performance. They can't, Steven Jackson is hurt. Bal Wins CS
GB is on fire on offense. Jay Cutler is ready to quit because of the lack of protection. GB wins CS
Bad teams!!!!SEA Wins OR
The Falcons need to give Michael Turner more carries to take more pressure off of Matt Ryan. ATL wins
Pitt destroys the Colts. CS
Romo plays. Wash Wins OR

TP-take points...CS-covers spread....OR-outright win

No work! Ditch the kids! It's Saturady...Gameday!!!

Arkansas losing Nile Davis right before the season cost them a chance to upset BAMA. The Razorbacks have been completely one dimensional which plays right into the hands of Nick Saban's dominant defense. This one won't be pretty but Bama will play the bully role again.BAMA20-10
The Mountaineers and their usual high powered offense will face LSU and it's NFL defense. The END!!!LSU23-7

The Seminoles weren't able to match the ability of Oklahoma but they did show they are a team on the rise. Clemson had a huge win against Auburn last week, but they started off slow again. FSU will start off fast and because of their defense, FSU will run away with this game. FSU 38-20
Oklahoma St and Justin Blackman are ready to introduce themselves to the rest of the country. Yes, they're a passing team. Yes, they have a go to receiver, and No A&M will not be able to stop them. OSU 48-31

Paul Johnson will continue to see that there's a reason why big time college programs have abandoned the triple option.... #1 You can't recruit with it.#2 You can't win with it. Johnson was blessed with talent on his arrival at GTech and won the ACC championship, since then, he has gotten worst every year as his non recruited players have since graduated. UNC seems to continue to amaze us all. Having struggled through suspended players last year, and a fired Butch Davis a few weeks before opening day. This team has been resilient and steady so far this year. UNC 28-20
Brady Hoke wasn't envisioning being the Head coach of Michigan when he scheduled his then Aztechs against the Wolverines. The Aztechs are a well balanced team with good overall speed. Unless Michigan finally unties Denard "shoelace" Robinson, and allows him to do more improvising, they'll lose. Because the Wolverines won't, they'll lose. SDST 34-30

Monday, September 19, 2011

NFL Surprises,Deebo's and I told ya boys!!

NFL Surprises, Deebo’s, and “I told ya Boys”!!

The NFL is the best league in professional sports because predicting its results is next to impossible.

Surprises- The Washington Redskins are 2-0. Okay they haven’t played expected Super Bowl contenders, but they are 2-0 with Rex GROSSman. The Skins have won the old fashioned way, playing team ball.

The Buffalo Bills are also 2-0. I predicted they would win 3 games for the year. They have played very well especially QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has begun his year with a pro bowl type attitude.

Minnesota has shocked the league with their 0-2 start. Of course everyone is blaming Mcnabb, but their real problems seem to be a defense that continues to make huge mistakes.

Deebo’s (Juggernauts, bullies, teams or players that beat you down)

The Jets are continuing to dominate and beat down their opponents. Teams are going into games against them knowing they’ll lose the physical battle.

Deebo’s don’t always come in big packages. Steve Smith (5-9’ 185lb) WR of the Carolina Panthers is overpowering his opponents. Cam Newton’s throws it up and he goes to get it.

Darren Mcfadden, #2 in rushing, is finally looking like the back the Raiders saw in Arkansas. His bruising style of running along with his top end speed is a recipe for fear to his opponents.

“I told ya boy”!

Cam Newton, has been exactly who I thought he would be. He’s an athlete unmatched in his ability. He has a top ten arm and about to play his third game. He’s a winner that is playing for a losing franchise, but that will soon change. Cam is a beast! Where are all the Blaine Gabbert fans? Still waiting……..

The Patriots are on a tear and ready for the Super Bowl. I’m sure no one else is wondering why their my Super Bowl pick.

I said the Chiefs would be 6-11, they may be worse than that. Last year was a fluke, and the rest of the league already knows it.

Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker who now trains, consults and gives clinics to coaches and athletes. He also does sports talk radio. Please contact him at, or 352-354-2134.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saturday Picks, Week 3

LSU @ Miss ST (Thursday Night)

This game will be dominated by a the bully defense of LSU. LSU's running attack will also find success because the Bulldogs struggled stopping the run agBoldainst Auburn, giving up 235 yds on the ground. Ford & Ware should have good games. LSU 31-13

FSU is back! After consecutive #1 recruiting classes they are locked and loaded and ready to shoot. The only problem is they're aiming at the #1 school in the country, Oklahoma. OK beat-em by thirty last year and I don't think FSU has improved that much in a year. OK is just too explosive. OK 45-36

UT @ Florida
This rivalry is quickly fizzling. UF has won the last few games by double digits, and UT has to win more than six games in the last twenty years in order to consider this a rivalry. Let's face it, this is a regular game and Tennessee will lose. Gators 42-23

Mich St @ Notre Dame ****UPSET****
Michigan St is overrated and they'll be exposed in my upset pick of the week. A well known weak ND will get their 1st win of the season. This win should finally give Chip Kelly his 1st good night of sleep of the season. Irish 27-10

Navy @ South Carolina
The Midshipmen have started out fast, having the #1 rudshing offenese in the country. They will come out and give SC a serious challenge. However Kenny Lattimore, Garcia, Jeffries and SC's athletic secondary will prove to athletic for Navy. Gamecocks 38-23

Ohio St @ Miami
2 storied program, 2 storied traditions.....lineup in what will be one of the worst games in their history. Both programs had tumultuous off-seasons and Miami still has players that haven't yet been reinstated. Ohio St is still more talented and they'll win. Buckeyes 23-13

Arizona@ Stanford
Arizona students will once again be looking forward to bball season, because their football will struggle. Andrew Luck will continue on his heisman campaign as he torches Zona. Stanford 51-20

2011 College Football Projections

College Football is underway and after getting the “preseason” over it’s now time to make my picks. My picks will only come from the Major six conferences, SEC, Big Ten, Pac12, Big 12, ACC and Big East. There’s other conferences out their but let’s face it, for almost the last thirty years no team has won the national championship outside of these conferences.

SEC- The last five national champions have all come from this conference. LSU and Alabama are the stars of this conference. After these two teams there’s a huge drop off. South Carolina was projected to be Champs of the East division but, they have struggled to win against 2 not very good opponents. Florida will surprise everyone and in Will Muschamps first year play for a SEC title. The West division has both juggernauts, Bama and LSU. BAMA will win games with their run game and great defense and LSU utilizes the same formula. They should play for the SEC title, but since they can’t. LSU will win the SEC title.

Big Ten- With Ohio State seemingly a much weaker team because of an tumultuous offseason, the Big Ten will be down. Michigan, Iowa, Michigan St, Penn State, and Purdue are not the teams we are accustomed to. Nebraska will easily win the conference title and the title game in their first year. Nebraska’s high powered offense will shock and awe the Big Ten into making huge changes around the league in order to compete. Notably, lookout for Wisconsin and Russell Wilson.

Pac12- With USC under probation, someone in the conference needs to step up. Oregon did it last year and will do it again this year. Also Andrew Luck and the Trees of Stanford will also compete. LaMichael James and Luck will meet at the Heisman ceremonies again this year while Oregon still has a chance to maybe slide into the BCS title game. Stanfords’ defense just doesn’t have enough strength to put them into the title game but the will have another great year.

ACC- This division has 2 really good teams and the rest mediocre at best. FSU and Virginia Tech are the class of the ACC. The Hookies are back with their dominant still of defense but aren’t as explosive on special teams. FSU has boasted consecutive #1 recruiting classes and it has paid off. They will beat OU this week after being humiliated by them last year and make a push for the conference and BCS title games.

Big East- South Florida will dominate this division and win the conference title game. They had a huge showing on the road at Notre Dame against a talented team. This will help the Bulls down the stretch in conference play and against a very talented West Virginia team. South Florida should go undefeated and at least be in the BCS title game conversation. Also, don’t be surprised to hear BJ Daniels name in the Heisman discussion.

Heisman Notables (Best Chance of Winning): Montee Ball, Jr., RB, Wisconsin, Matt Barkley, Jr., QB, USC, Justin Blackmon, Jr., WR, Oklahoma State, Michael Dyer, So., RB, Auburn, Robert Griffin, Jr Baylor, LaMichael James, Jr., RB, Oregon, Landry Jones, Jr., QB, Oklahoma, Andrew Luck, Jr., QB, Stanford, Taylor Martinez, So. Nebraska, Kellen Moore, Sr., QB, Boise State, Trent Richardson, Jr., RB, Alabama, Denard Robinson, Jr., QB, Michigan, Darron Thomas, Jr., QB, Oregon, Russell Wilson Wisconsin QB

National Champions: LSU, at every level defense wins championships and they have the best one in college football.

Heisman Winner***LaMichael James*** MVP of college football ***JUSTIN BLACKMON***

2011 NFL Projections

NFC North - The Packers won’t be able to repeat as champs because they didn’t make any free agent moves and didn’t get better in the draft. The Vikings will be steady all year behind the biggest move this year, Donavan McNabb and his calming influence. Lovie Smith will be on the hot seat early because the Bears will struggle out of the gate behind a lackluster receiving corp. Detroit or should we say Suh will dominate on defense, but Mathew Stafford has still yet to prove anything but he’s injury prone.

Green Bay 10-6

Minnesota 12-4 Division Champs

Chicago 9-7

Detroit 6-10

AFC North – Pittsburgh still stands tall in this division. The Ravens can’t win when it counts with Flacco. Colt McCoy will have a good year in Cleveland. Cincy? Who knows, bad ownership, bad management, bad personnel, bad free agency, just BAD.It’s time to bring the famous name back….The BUNGLES!

Pittsburgh 11-5 Division Champs

Baltimore 10-6

Cleveland 5-11

Cincy 4-12

AFC EAST – Host two of the best teams in football. The Pats got better in free agency and the draft. The will return to Super bowl form and win it all this year. The Jets will have a good year, but Rex Ryan can’t win fall short because the best team in the league, is in his division. The Dolphins will continue making strides to get better behind a tenacious defense. The Bills will continue to struggle this year.

New England 13-3 Division Champs

New York 11-5

Miami 9-7

Buffalo 3-13

NFC East Philly will dominate this division and face Minnesota to go to the Super Bowl. New York will rethink the Coughlin’s extension behind players’ unwillingness to play for him. The Cowboys still don’t have what it takes to win their own division. Shanahan may not be the guy we thought he was. The Skins get rid of Mcnabb for Rex GROSSman!

Philly 11-5 Division Champs

New York 9-7

Dallas 8-8

Washington 4-12

AFC West – In the year of the offense, the Chargers will fair very will behind Phillip Rivers and Vincent Jackson. The Raiders will steadily improve with the young talent that continues to grow. The Chiefs will faulter this year because they didn’t use free agency affectively. Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow, who cares? Denver won’t be any good.

San Diego 11-5 Division Champs

Oakland 8-8

Kansas City 6-11

Denver 4-12

NFC West Sam Bradford and Mike Sims Walker will light up the league this year. Arizona will improve from last year behind new QB Kevin Kolb. Seattle won’t be that lucky this year. The 49ers are about to years away from new coach Jim Harbaugh making his mark.

St Louis 10-6 Division Champs

Arizona 8-8

Seattle 6-10

San Francisco 5-11

AFC South The Jaguars will surprise everyone with their division title this year. Houston still won’t be able to get it done, even though the colts are down. The Titans will need more than Chad Johnson to turn this ship around.

Jacksonville 10-6Division Champs

Houston 9-7

Indy 9-7

Tenn 7-9

NFC South The Saints will cause havoc for defenses in the run game this year. Atlanta is just built the way a team should be and will have plenty of success. Tampa will continue to use young talent to improve their team. Cam Newton will have a good first year in Carolina.

New Orleans 12-4 Division Champs

Atlanta 11-5

Tampa 10-6

Carolina 9-7