Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Huh, What, you know what it is….

Last week the NCAA did what it does best, started an investigation built around the over $25,000 paid by Oregon after recruits signed with them in February. Recruiting services are companies who compile high school athletes’ game films and biographies online. They attempt to connect the athletes to the colleges and universities. Recruiting services charge a fee for this connection from both the player and university. The concept is great because it gives kids exposure and also helps programs who don't have large athletic budgets spend money wiser. The problem has arisen because some of these services have been hijacked by the regular pay for play schemers. Sure, you’re tired of hearing this but, players should be paid to play. So many people are getting rich off of kids who are a lot of times poor themselves. Willie Lyles has been paid 25k for his recruiting service. Lache Seastrunk, the kid he helped Oregon get, doesn’t get a dime. As long as players don’t get paid you’ll continue to find parents, family advisors, recruiting services, family associates, coaches and universities profiting off of the talents of these alleged student-athletes. Let’s call these athlete’s what they really are, Pros in training.

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