Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$845million, thats it.

Where did baseball go wrong? The Chicago cubs (1876) were just sold for a mere $845 million. Are u serious!! This is one of the most legendary teams in baseball. The Team that broke the color barrier, the team that no matter who your a fan of, you know the infamous song. I thought the song was at least worth $10 million. The average NFL team is worth $1billion, so has America's favorite pastime entering early stages of extinction. Let's be honest, name a espn, fox , or cbs analyst or commentator that calls a baseball game. Now name NFL or NBA analyst or comentator. Face it, unless we are talking about steroids, baseball aint in the conversation. We were all out of our seats when baseball meant something......Yeah I'm talking about that time, that now seems very distant from memory. When we all picked up a paper or watched sportcenter at least, to see if McGuire, Sosa or Bonds had hit 2 HR's the night before. It brought a whole new group of people to the ball park. But now, to see such a storied organization be sold for less than the last team brought into the NFL(Houston Texans 1.1 Billion). You must at least admit baseball has a problem.
p.s. let Barry, Sammy and Mark back in the league and I'll watch... also I realize the Cleveland Browns were last but they already had history

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