Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who said cheaters never prosper????

Who said cheaters never prosper???? If ur a professional or college coach, this rule doesn't apply. Try Kelvin Sampson coach with multiple recruiting violations. Left Oklahoma, after building a very credible program, in recruiting violation shambles. No he didn't vanish off the big college coaching scene like one might've expected. But lands a job at what was once one of the most elite programs in college basketball, Indiana. So of course he would straighten up and try to turn over a new leaf while getting the old proverbial 2nd chance. “But wait, there’s more,” Sampson does it again. Recruiting violations this time gets him fired with 750k for his troubles of course. How about Bill Belichick, found to be stealing signals from his opponents by using video. Big Deal? Well think about this, I know every time you’re going to blitz on defense and where u like to send it. Or, your hot reads on offense when shown a blitz. Surely he was suspended indefinitely and forced to go speak in the community about the pitfalls of cheating. That would be to predictable, so instead he’s fined 500k (he makes 6-8mill a yr) and almost has a perfect season but loses to the Giants in the super bowl .Ask any media outlet or journalist who r the best coaches in the history of sports. He’s bound to make their top 10 list. John Calipari continues his climb into college basketball’s elite while leaving his former coaching jobs littered with NCAA violations. Remember UMASS final 4 run, yep that was Calipari. The biggest news there sense that was the NCAAviolations he left. And his most recent gig, Memphis. Yep, Derrick Rose team the one that should’ve beat Kansas by 20. Calipari left them with more than a championship choke. He also has left there program with NCAA violations. What did he get for his obvious misunderstanding of the NCAA rule book………… U got it, one of the top 3 most coveted college basketball jobs. The UK job. So before you tell ur kids cheaters never prosper, ask them what they want to be when they grow up. P.S.
Rick Patino………nah let me leave Rick alone he’s going through a lot right now.

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