Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

College Football Makes you OLD!

Here we ago agian. Conferences are about to end rivalries and money games that we all grew up on. With moves like Texas, Notre Dame, and Colorado looming, it's going to be hard to reminisce and make any sense to your kids. Like, when Georgia Tech left the SEC and all of the natural rivalries of a Georgia school. Or, how an Arizona program left the WAC. Remember Texas completely folding the South Western Conference after their defection. Well, history is always known to repeat itself, so here we go again........Texas is allegedly receiving offers from everyone...Big-10, Pac-10, even murmur's are starting to stir about the SEC. If Texas leaves the Big-12, regardless of the ultimatum that's been given to Colorado,Nebraska and Mizz, the Big-12 will fold. If Texas leaves, bye-bye A&M and Tech, Oklahoma an0d Oklahoma St. Nebraska and Mizz will definitely enter the Big-10, while Colorado may be able to finally compete in an always overrated Pac-10. The Big-12 will no longer exist. Think about the arguments just last season in football and basketball. SEC or Big-12, who had the best conference top to bottom...Or even during basketball season when Texas was ranked #1, there were plenty of Big East vs Big 12 disagreements. Meanwhile my daughter will grow up thinking that the rivalries between Texas vs Bama, Nebraska vs Ohio St, and Oklahoma vs Florida games have been played for ages. p.s.
poor Kansas.... Whatever, Bill Self lost to Northern Iowa with a NBA all star team.

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