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Thursday, September 2, 2010

2010 NFL Preview


PLEASE FLACCO, DON'T MESS IT UP!!!For the first time ever, the Ravens won't be lead by RAYRAY and them. The acquisition of Anquan Boldin has inspired the very productive veteran Derrick Mason to ditch retirement. Now that TJ Houshmandzadeh was just picked up in a steal, they have just moved into 1st place with the best wide reciever group in the NFL. PLEASE FLACCO, DON'T MESS IT UP!!! The 4th wideout spot now belongs to a #1 caliber receiver Donte Stallworth. Saying all this, this team will still be lead be a very strong running game with Ray Rice / McGahee/MClain carrying the load. The only concern for the offense is making sure 3rd year QB Joe Flacco plays better than he did last year. Another Raven Superbowl run depends on Joe Flacco NOT MESSING IT UP!!! 12-4 Superbowl contender


This sure aint your daddy BUNGLES!!! This team is balanced offensive and defensively. This is the most talented group in the division. Defensively look for Roy Williams and the linebacker corp to create turnovers and deliver lots of punishment. Carson Palmer will lead a group of reality show wideouts that will have their share of meltdowns. TO and Ochocinco will give this division more than it can chew. If you think they're washed up and to old..Think back to the Raiders and their superbowl run with Jerry Rice and Tim Brown... Marvin Lewis is under the gun again so he's banking on a superbowl run to save the day. They'll at least win the division. 11-5


Defensively, we will still get a nasty dose of 3-4 zone blitzing schemes that will knock your head off. But offensively, they've struggled to find an identity. Are they gunslingers or rockem-sockem ground attackers? With big Ben missing the first 6 games, this puts the offense in more trouble. Look for a year of struggling and a 1st round pick used on a QB in the next draft. 9-7


When Jake Delhomme is your QB, you have to be concerned. RB Jerome Harrison and multifaceted Josh Cribs are the brightest spots on this team. Good Luck Dog Pound..... 4-12


Until anyone else can come close to beating them, the new name for this division should be called Indy-South...None of us know how they do it other than having Mr. MVP Peyton Manning. As long as he stays healthy they'll win at least 13 games... 14-2


Were all starting to feel sorry for the best wide out in football, Andre Johnson....Really, you don't agree...Check the numbers, this guys a HOF wide-out. He punishes teams every week with no help. Start up a campaign to please trade Johnson so that he can win... No playoffs again this year. 8-8


This team will probably lead the NFL in rushing because of a dynamic duo in Vince Young and Grilled up Chris Johnson. Besides that, there's not much else to them. They'll be decent but they really need big plays on D to make a run for the playoff's. 7-9


Tickets 4 for 1 anyone. The Jaguars will struggle again to sell tickets. MJD is the only player I would go to the game to watch. Their team reflects their QB...BOOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGGG!!! This is exactly opposite of what a struggling franchise needs to get fans in the stands. Jack Delrio is officially in the hot seat. 7-9



Ahhhh you know the rest. I don't believe, I'm sorry.I know this was a team one game away from the Superbowl, but they went 9-7 and got into the playoffs with a prayer. Their tough hard nosed coach conceded they wouldn't make the playoffs. They have the same team ... A team that loss to the Bills last year...LT's a backup and Cromartie was a cast off. Mark Sanchez.....Matt Leinhart, you tell me the difference. 10-6 Superbowl or Bust......BUST!!!!!!

New England

Patriots have their nucleus on offense, but that's not their problem. The Patriots have been abysmal on D for a Belichick coached squad. He's transformed his group from a stingy D, to a push over. Offensively, getting Welker back will clean it up for a motivated Randy Moss. But it won't be enough. 10-6


Miami is in a good position right now. The Dolphins will play the spoiler role this year. They'll beat teams they shouldn't and lose to teams they shouldn't. They are missing a clear cut leader, but they do have a ton of guys that play with a chip on their shoulder, including the 2nd best receiver in the NFL Brandon Marshall. 8-8


The Bills just named another 1st round pick the starter....CJ Spiller...Lightning will strike in Buffalo, I just don't know for how long. Spiller is a very crafty runner with home run capabilities any time he touches the ball. His only problem is he always banged up. In college he nver went 3 weeks without having an issue. By the way, who plays QB for the Bills any way??? that's right Trent Edwards 2-14



The Chargers are going through a change in personnel with the departing of LT. This won't deter Rivers and Gates from continuing their dominance in the weakest division in football. They'll be playoff bound because of this and a continued improving defense. 11-5


Josh Daniels gets another crack at this NFL coaching thing. All he's done in less than a year is get rid of the two best players on the team and not signed his best defensive player to a long term deal. He got lucky last year in the beginning of the season. That won't happen this year. Daniels hasn't realized that players win games. 6-11


At some point they have to get better. They won't. 3-13


The word is, Cassell still doesn't have enough weapons around him. Who said he's a weapon..... 2-14



Farve is back.... Is this the year for the Superbowl. Is Bret Farve the answer. His coming back brought up more questions than answers. Can he still take a hit at fifty something...Is his ankle better...What's his motivation....How many games can he play???? Defensively they'll still be stingy but with the loss of Sidney Rice and headache ridden Percy Harvin, they'll need to get better in the passing game quickly. Sorry Vikes, no Superbowl. 13-3


Rodgers has quickly thrown himself into being one of the best QB's in the NFL. His upside is limitless and there's not a play on the field that's beyond him. He has a very good group of recievers that lay it all on the lin. His offensive line though, needs major improvement from last year. Defensively, they get the heart and soul back in LB Nick Barnett. He rejoins the fold with the best secondary in football. Collins and reigning defensive MVP Woodson are back with an attitude. 11-5


Wow...They finally get the answer they were looking for at the QB position. But, somehow Lovie Smith and the Bears turned a promising Jay Cutler into one of the worst QB's in the league. He either made bad throws or threw it to the other team most of the time. I don't know how the defense went into the ball game believing they could win , while knowing they would be on the field all game. The running gameidn't help at all. And why wasn't the Bears involved in any of the wide reciver sweepstakes.....Mike Martz is here now but who's Jay going to throw to. This will probably be the end of the Lovie Smith reign. 7-9


Ndamukong Suh, Calvin Johnson, would be beasts on anyone's squad. But, this is where it ends in Detroit. Staffords not the answer. If they couldn't block for a very physical Kevin Smith, what makes you think they can block for a very finesse Pac-10 runner, Jhavid Best. 3-13



Who Dat nation is ready to roll. They have everyone coming back. The have the most dominate offense in football. Reggie Bush makes there special teams one of the most dangerous in football. Their defense makes more plays than any other D in football. They have everything it takes to repeat as Superbowl Champs.....But will they? 12-4


The Panthers have the best 1-2 RB punch in football. Stewart and Williams will have to carry the entire offense with unproven Matt Moore at QB. Fox has kept Carolina with a good defense during his tenure. This year won't be the same. They'll struggle on D and will not be able to do anything in the passing game. 9-7


Matt Ryan and the Falcons have a long year awaiting. Ryan didn't improve last year. This including a under performing Michael Turner spelled disaster for Atlanta. Don't think they'll make much noise at all this year. 6-10


Good Luck on the season Josh's going to be a long one. 1980's Buccaneers, here they come.. 2-14



The DC area has a lot to be excited about. #5 has made it to the Nations Capital. McNabb instantly catapults a playoff team under new head coach Mike Shanahan into an instant Superbowl contender. The running game is lead by 2 perennial pro bowlers Portis and Johnson. Defensively they are a solid bunch with or without the services of Albert Haynesworth. Philly how crazy can you be. Losing McNabb is one thing but to lose him in your division is pure foolishness. 12-4


Dallas considers its trio of RB's as the most dangerous in the league...What does this say about your QB and receivers....Not much!!! Romo needs to make plays in order for Dallas to make a Superbowl run. I think they have a defense that can get it done but they still lack a true leader on offense. 10-6


Ely has been very reliable throughout his Giants career. He will continue this with the nice young group of wideouts he has. The Giants won't be great, but the will be a tough team every Sunday.


Deshawn Jackson has said that the Eagles are better without McNabb. We will see about that. Philly is bad on D and are missing Westbrook and #5 now. I don't think life without those two guys will be that great for the Eagles.. Kolb get used to hearing this chant.....We Want Vick!!!! 5-11


The 49er's are back to being the Kings of the NFC West. The loss of Kurt Warner has shifted the power structure of this division. Singletary's formula is working perfectly as San Fransicos will be playoff bound this season.Divsion champs 12-4

Right when Ken Wisenhunt felt like he was building something, the bottom fall out. Warners gone, Linehart's cut, and in comes Derek Anderson. With the lack of a running game and the amazing improvement of the 49er's. The Cardinals are in big trouble. 8-8

Pete Caroll must think he's at USC letting go of Pro Bowl players like Housmanzadah.. Pete you don't have a lot of talent on your roster. He'll wake up quickly after this season. 3-13

I'm starting to feel sorry for Stephen Jackson like we all did for Corey Dillon when he was in Cincinnati. 2-14

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