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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bowl 11’

Let's be honest, no one cares about most of these bowl games. Think about it, the only games that are pre-determined are the BCS games. After those, every other game is chosen by the bowls themselves. So, let's evaluate the games that we'll be sitting down in front of the TV begging for some man time to watch.

Oregon vs Auburn…Two words for this game, Cam Newton! He's dynamic, he's versatile, and he's a winner. After Cam, there's Nick Farley and no one else. Auburn can't stop the run or the pass. They haven't stopped anyone with their defense all year unless you would like to count Louisiana –Monroe and Chattanooga who still put up 24pts. Fear the Duck. Oregon features an offense that runs each play in 23 seconds. This is as fast as the two minute offense teams run near the end of a half or game. Oregon is finding this much success on an offense run by their backup QB. Yep, Darren Thomas was Jeremiah Masoli's backup before the season started. All Thomas has done is become the 3rd best player in the Pac 10 behind his teammate LaMichael James and Andrew Luck. James is lightning in a bottle but runs tougher and harder than he looks. Oregon will win, but if Auburn spot's the Duck 24 pts like they did Bama, this will be a blowout.

Bama vs. Michigan ST will be a tough fought game predicated on the big play. Who will make or miss them is the question. Bama has already lost to their rivals and will be looking to regain a swagger that seems to be leaving. Michigan State is trying to prove that this season wasn't a fluke. Cousins will lead a pass happy offense who has found nine receivers over a 100 yards. Bama features a Heisman winner and future All-Pros. But maybe, just maybe Bama has turned into Mike Tyson when Holyfield beat him. Maybe the plans have been drawn to Bama. Nick Saban will be prepared as ever to win but it probably time for Nick to stop turning athletes into safties and wideouts and allow them to play QB. Michigan St will win this game because no one is afraid of Alabama any more….roll tide.

Ohio St vs Arkansas… Okay, I got a free Buckeye tattoo as well but I still charged them for my autograph. Tattoo-Gate or the NCAA finding out that several Ohio State players trading autographs for tattoos has led to a 2011 five game suspension. None of this will have any effect on this bowl game. As a matter of fact, this game will have a higher viewership rating than the national championship game. This game will come down to balance. Arkansas has a high powered offense behind the big arm of Ryan Mallet. The Razorbacks defense has shown the ability to give up the big play. Ryan Mallet has made huge mistakes in their biggest games of the year. The Buckeyes are solid on offense, defense and special teams. Because of this, the Buckeyes will be victorious and finish ranked #3 in the country after this game.


Wisconsin vs. TCU… TCU has another chance to add to their undefeated season. The Badgers are ready to prove they aren't just the red headed step child to the usual Big 10 powerhouses. The Horn Frogs feature a high octane offense that can score with the best of them. Their defense is solid and dedicated to rushing the passer and stopping the run. The Badger offense will run, run, pass, and then run some more. Defensively, the Badgers are strong and feature NFL prospects at half of their starters. This will be a close game but Wisconsin will win.

And, the rest of them.. LSU vs Texas A&M… Name three players for either team in this game. Still waiting….. Now you see why this game isn't important. A&M wins.

UCONN vs. Oklahoma seems like a second round matchup in the NCAA tourney. It's not, it's football and that means the Sooners will put up a basketball score on the Huskies.

Stanford vs. VaTech should have been a huge game. The problem is that none believes the Pac 10 is any good. Stanford will blowout VaTech but it will go unnoticed because the Hookies also lost to James Madison.



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