Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Now or Never

The NFL regular season is winding down and the New Year is almost here. No not the welcoming of 2011, instead Happy New NFL playoffs. Unlike our New Year ’s Eve plans, the NFL playoffs are yet to be determined. With only two games left in the season, teams are still fighting for playoff berth and positioning. Last year the heavy frontrunners had already been decided, the Saints and Colts shut it down and played all backups to ensure the health of their starters. This year , The only clear cut #1 seed is the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan, Roddy Roddy White, Michael Turner and the crew have been solid. They’ve won games the old-fashioned way, good defense, good special teams and great offense. In the AFC the Steeler’s and New England will have a photo finish to capture their #1 seed. Regardless, both will get a buy and due to both teams playing outside in the elements, home field advantage throughout shouldn’t make that big of a difference. The Pats have won games with Tom Brady’s arm and a renewed spirit of takeaways displayed by a young defense. Pittsburgh on the other hand, has won games the same way they always have. Great D, Great D, and more Great D! Regardless of the late fall by the J-E-T-S, their early season success has ensured them of a playoff spot. Go Chargers go, may as well be the chant because they’re doing it again. They are making a late December push that will not only allow them to win a very weak division, but it will also secure them a slot in the playoffs. Baltimore has some work ahead of them. They have to get QB Joe Flacco up to speed about the urgency of now. He is the only thing that stands between them and a second Superbowl ring. The Ravens will show up in the playoffs. The only question is, will Flacco be joining them. The Indianapolis Colts “aint what they used to be…aint what they used to be…aint what they used to be.” They still have Peyton Manning and because of this and a furious pass rush, they’ll be in the playoffs. The Saints will earn a buy in week one, and seem to be getting into Superbowl form. The Packers will win the division, thanks to a late year skid by the Bears due to three or four more interceptions thrown by Jay Cutler. The Giants are playing well at the right time but there, league leading turnover problem will be their demise in round one. Philly and Mike Vick are very dangerous and will create plenty of problems for their opposition’s defense. But Eagles also have their own defensive issues and will probably end up winning one game and then losing because of it. The Rams are back! Just kidding, they are back in the playoffs, even though they’re in the worst division in football.

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