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Friday, February 18, 2011

Child Please!

Child Please!!
The Lakers have been struggling during the past few weeks. The media and Celtics fans think that the Lake Show has been canceled this season. The Lakers are a veteran squad who has hit the coast button on their season. Is our memories as fans that short, that we forget the Celtics won just enough games last year to ensure a playoff spot, only to completely embarrass the Eastern conference by easily playing their way into the NBA Finals. Well, the Lakers are on pace to win 57 games, yes, the same as they won last year. Oh yeah, that’s right, they just happen to be back to back NBA Finals Champs. Are the Lakers in trouble? Child Please!
Cam Newton… I heard a draft analyst say, accuracy and football intelligence are the most important qualities at the QB position. Then he stated, “Blaine Gabbert’s passing percentage wasn’t that good.” He also said, “Gabbert’s a better prospect than Newton.” Also it was said that Newton has the potential to be a bust. Cam and every other 1st round draft pick have “bust” potential. My favorite excuse is that Auburn’s system doesn’t translate to the NFL. Almost every college in the NCAA is running the spread offense; very few offenses run a pro-style, easily translatable offense. Cam Newton has been the best player in football at every level he has played in, but that just isn’t enough for some in the media. Child Please! By the way, who is Blaine Gabbert?
The NFL is filing suit against the NFLPA (Players Union) because the players plan to decertify and file suit against the NFL for antitrust violations, if a March 3 new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) isn’t met. “The league's filing says the union "consistently has failed to confer in good faith" during negotiations for a new contract and the union's "conduct amounts to surface bargaining and an anticipatory refusal to bargain." Sure owners, it’s all the players fault. Child Please!
Jimmer Friddete is getting a lot of love from the college basketball world as a frontrunner for the Naismith Player of the year award. They’re calling him unstoppable because he’s the leading scorer in college basketball. Jason Conley, Rueben Douglas, Keydren Clark, Reggie Williams, Stephen Curry, and Aubry Coleman, have all led the NCAA in scoring the last seven years. Problem is, we’ve only heard of Stephen Curry, and none of the other guys were ever even mentioned to be in the Naismith race during their scoring leading season. The Naismith always goes to a candidate that has the complete body of work. So, Nolan Smith of Duke is your clear cut winner. Fridette needs to prove that he can play against better competition, having only played one ranked team the entire year. Match that against Naismith hopeful UConn’s Kemba Walker, who has played 10 ranked teams, most of them being in his own conference, the Big East. So, Jimmer Fridette for the Naismith….. Child Please!
Charlie Sheen, actor in Two in a half men, went to visit the #2 ranked UCLA men’s baseball team last week. During his visit he addressed the team with words from the heart. He said, “Stay off crack, unless you can manage it socially. If you can manage it socially, then go for it, but not a lot of people can, you know?" You think Sheen should stay off the motivational speaking circuit for while? Child Please!

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