Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's over now

The Super Bowl is over, and what do I do now. Let’s be honest right from the start, you weren’t a Green Bay fan anyway, you are really a Miami fan who’s afraid to admit it until draft day. At which point you’ll be disappointed again because they didn’t get a QB. Well, basketball is in full swing so the Magic fans should be excited. Of course excitement will only last until playoff time when being a four or five seed will get them sent home in the first round by a dangerous Atlanta team. Stick with winners; join Kobe and the Lakers as they win again. Well there is Tennis going on, but the Williams sisters won’t play two tournaments in a row. Their schedules are two filled with award shows, after parties and fashion gigs. Tennis just isn’t the same without these two blessed ladies on the court. Roger Federer has lost his #1 spot to Roger Nadel, and let’s face it we all want the dominate player to lose until he does and then we realize how cool his dominance really was and wish he had never lost. Wait a minute, the PGA tour is alive and well and Tiger’s back. But, ever since he was “punked” on all those news outlets he isn’t the same. What’s that? You say all that really happened? Reportedly, his now ex-wife has gotten a divorce settlement that’s in the range of $100-$500 million. Who in their right mind can “play” anything thing after owing that much money. Sorry fans, Tiger won’t be playing well until these endorsements payoff this huge bill he owes. Baseball, America’s past time is getting ready to go into spring training. Yes, the season just ended last week and were almost in baseball season again. The sad thing is I’ll have to find a new team finally. The Yankees reign as champs has finally come to an end. Track and Field has just started it’s indoor season and this is always fun. Fans can watch the whole meet on TV start to finish in less than an hour because the long distance races are shorter indoors. It’s never fun coming back from multiple commercials still watching the same event. Also, can’t wait for the Gay-Bolt rematch. Tyson Gay beat Usain Bolt in the summer of 2010 and sparks will fly every time these two enter a track. Without boxing being any good anymore, we must all turn to the new gladiator sport, The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The UFC puts fighters in the ring with different fighting styles, whoever quits (taps out) or gets knocked out first, loses. Don’t worry this is year round with no off-season. After watching all this, football should be back with mini camps and training camps and life will be normal again. Then we can all yell in unison , the thing that joins us together as football fans, “Get from in front of my TV.”

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