Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forget what you know, It’s all about Tim Tebow.

Tebow, throws a horrible ball. Tebow throwing motion stinks. Tebow can’t run a real pro-style offense…..Tebow just wins!! Tim Tebow has been the most widely discussed athlete in the NFL since his arrival in the 2010 draft. From the bewilderment of the Bronco faithful, to the unshakable belief in him from then head coach Josh Daniels, Tim Tebow has stayed in the mouths of analyst, writers, broadcasters, and even politicians alike. What is it about him? Is it his anchored faith in God, or his unbelievable morality and character? Like our President, do many want him to just fell? It’s his uncanny ability to get his team to believe in themselves. It’s his faith in God that gives him belief that he can achieve anything he puts his mind and work ethic to.

Tebow just gets it done. He is now 7-1 since he became a starter and continues to prove that he belongs in the NFL at Quarterback. He is redefining a position that says the only way to get it done is by being traditional. There has been many QB’s before him that have tried to do this, but the establishment either won them over (Michael Vick, Steve Young), or flushed them out of the league (Kordell Stewart, Doug Flutie). Right now, Tebow has made the establishment a believer as well. Head coach John Fox and President John Elway have come to terms with the way Tebow plays, or shall we say WINS, and has restructured the offense to his advantage.

This has made Denver the division leader and set them on course of being in charge of their own destiny. Denver is now 8-5 and arguably the hottest team in the NFL, even more so than the 13-0 Packers. Behind the rise of Tebow and their defense, don’t count them out of the Super Bowl just yet.

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