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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NCAA Basketball Already!!

Yes, in the middle of the NFL playoffs and right before the NBA All-Star break, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is back. The constant noise that you here when watching or going to a college basketball game like, Duke, UNC, Ohio State, or Michigan St. Preseason picks have long ago been made and non-surprisingly , the UNC starting five and their water boys have been deemed Naismith watch list worthy.

The current rankings have Syracuse, Kentucky, Baylor, Duke and Mizzou rounding out the top five, with most of the usual suspects rounding out the top twenty-five. So who will be around in March and better yet, who’ll be in the final four and eventual National Champs?

The NCAA is now are allowing a about around thousand teams in the tournament, so let’s just say if you’re at least decent, you’re in. The final four pictures is harder to decide. Teams are just beginning conference play and fans can really tell who their teams really are during this period.

Just like everyone else, I was ready to pick UNC as the National Champs but Roy Williams is underachieving again and just allowed an average FSU team to blow him out by thirty. So, they are out.

Kentucky is a very intriguing ball club because they or shall I say John Calipari always has NBA talent.

Another team we must take seriously is Syracuse. The shortest starter is 6’4 point guard Scoop Jardine. Cuse is long, aggressive and very athletic. Anyone of their starters may light you up for 25 points a night.

Ohio State is a team that you can’t overlook because of Sullinger and the consistent veteran play they receive from William Buford.

Georgetown will somehow sneak into the fray this year. They are a no name team that’s more reminiscent of the Princeton model John Thompson learned than that of his father.

Last but not least we have to believe that UNC will at some point overcome their own ineptitude and begin to play to their NBA abilities. Talent wins and that’s why they’ll be in the final four.

Okay, don’t trip, all of us are allowed to change our minds without being accused of “flip-flopping.” P.S. I know that’s 5 teams, I can count!

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