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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Super Sunday all that?

The Patriots and the Giants have a score to settle and they will use Superbowl XLVI to do just that. But is the Super Bowl really an overhyped regular game. NO!NO! Did I already say heck NO! The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the WORLD. It’s the most valued and coveted trophy in all of sports. Don’t believe me, check your wallet. The average Stanley Cup seat prices are $1,518, the NBA Finals $924, and the World Series average is $572. These prices may look outrageous until you check the average price of a Super Bowl ticket…. $3,127. When else do companies pay 3.5 million for a .30 second spot?

This game is valuable, it’s a whole season summed up in 60 minutes. It’s the acumination of 32 teams seeking one goal and only one being able to fulfill it. Just ask your wife or your non athletic husband will they watch, they will. They may even have placed a secret bet on the game. It’s also the biggest day in Vegas. What other sporting event has been known to want to bet a figure that Vegas won’t accept. Birdman of Cash Money records has made it known that he wants to bet 5 million on the game and Vegas hasn’t stepped up to take it.

Unless you have been to a Super Bowl, you have no idea and should definitely add it to your bucket list. I was a part of Super Bowl XXXV. I didn’t understand the magnitude of the game until practice started the first week. Everyone was flying around as if we hadn’t just finished a rigorous regular season that included very difficult playoff games. The usually injured guys were even practicing. Right before we left to fly to Tampa, I noticed new, suits and jewelry begin to appear. It smelled like MONEY all around.

When we landed in Tampa, we felt like Presidential Rock Stars. There were crowds of people awaiting our arrival everywhere that we went. But the security around us was so tight that none could get within 50 feet of us. One example happened when one of my teammates got off the elevator to go to his room and there was a family that was walking in the other direction. The security made the family move against the wall while my teammate passed by.

The media was like TMZ paparazzi on steroids. There were cameras everywhere we looked and even teammates had cameras. The media were from all over the world. A lot of times reporters had to have translators because almost every country in the world was represented.

As for this year’s Super Bowl, the teams will have to put all of that behind them and focus and concentrate on the game. The Pats will have this advantage because most of their core guys have been here before. The Giants have Eli and some of the defensive guys but for the most part this will be new for most of them. This game will come down to how well Eli can play against a much improved New England defense. Look for Belichick to put together his best defensive scheme of the year that will confuse the Giants young receiving core, which won’t be able to recover. I believe in Eli, but I will stick with my preseason pick and go with the Brady Bunch. New England wins.

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