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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who cares about Bowl games anyway?

Bowl games have started and no one cares. Of course each individual alumnus and all who are associated with actual team do, but for football fans……Boring! Bowl games are competing with the uncertain playoff pic in the NFL. The NBA has just kicked off what could be its most anticipated and exciting season ever. And did we mention, Tim Tebow is in the NFL?

Games seem to be getting played every day, as I channel surf and mistakenly land on one. I will watch for about a few minutes just to learn who the great Mel Kiper says will be the next Ryan Leaf, sorry I meant Peyton Manning. After that brief stint, I move on to NBATV or NFL Network.

Too many meaningless games attack our televisions as we lie in wait for the next Laker, Bull, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Clipper game. Did I just say a Clipper game? The Bowl season has starred Boise St, TCU, La Laffayette, SMU, FIU…….Okay you get my drift. Uninteresting and unexciting games for most sports fans, especially at a time when not knowing if America’s team (Dallas Cowboys) will miss the playoffs again this year.

Maybe these games will get a little better, the historic Notre Dame will play the great FSU this weekend. Only if it were the early 90’s, then this game would’ve been a great one. How about the Urban Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida vs Ohio St. This game will be one for the ages. As in how long it will take for Ohio St to be good again, and how many years Florida will be on probation once the real reason Urban left the school will come out in a few years.

And finally for the games that count, the Rose bowl will be won by a really fast Oregon team. The Fiesta bowl will be a high scoring lopsided event dominated by Oklahoma State. Andrew Luck will be credited with the few points scored by Stanford’s fluttering offense. Michigan, VTech, Clemson, WVU……How did these teams get in a BCS games. All of them are mediocre teams who play in conferences that have automatic bids into these games. Boise ST would beat them.

Okay, okay I do realize that the BCS National championship game is coming soon, however I feel like its deja vu. Haven’t we seen this game somewhere before? Didn’t LSU win? Well, I’m not much of a gambler but if I were, I would bet everything on Purple and Gold. LSU is the better team. They’re better on defense and special teams. Since Jefferson Jordan has been back as the starting QB, LSU has had one of the best offenses in the country. Sorry Bama faithful, but you won’t win this game.

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