Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Monday, October 31, 2011

T.O is who we thought he was!!

Terrell Owens has given all of us a reason to watch TV. Whether it’s because he had just bashed a teammate in the media, did a scripted routine after a touchdown, outside giving an interview while doing sit-ups with his shirt off or just for crying out, “that’s my quarterback.” T.O, as he’s known affectionately by friends, fans and the NFL, has dominated the league over his 15 year career. T.O has been better than any other receiver in the NFL except for his idol, Jerry Rice. He was granted the opportunity to learn from him as a young player in the NFL. T.O took the good from Jerry, his work ethic and approach to the game. But what’s not widely accepted is that Jerry also gave T.O that “ME” attitude. We forget that Jerry Rice never really discussed team often, he talked about his goals, his job and what he needed to do. This isn’t just reserved to Jerry Rice, most of the greatest athletes possessed the attitude, “if I can’t do it, no one can.” Michael Jordan was able to hide this from the public his entire career until his famous Hall of Fame speech. But, the media and fans call that being competitive. T.O celebrated in a way that offended fans, media, and opponents on plenty of occasions. His brash and brut opinions often sent the media and fans reeling. This does more to affect the way fans and the media feel about the player than the team. On the inside of a team, no one really cares. Of course you have the sensitive guys, usually QB’s and some corner backs, but for the rest of the guys, it’s about winning. Usually when T.O comments were made, the team was losing. This was definitely why his comments were always sensationalized. For instance, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is complaining about his role on the team. The media is widely ignoring it. Why? The New York Giants are winning and Jacobs doesn’t go by the name of T.O. Terell Suggs, just called out his entire offense and the Baltimore Ravens offensive staff, ignored again. What about Sanantonio Holmes offensive comments about the offensive line, quickly brushed under the rug after the Jets have won 2 games in a row. Owens has made these same sorts of comments in San Fransico, Dallas, and the most famed in Philadelphia. These opinions have been the truth according to T.O and although we may not yet be considering him for first team All- Nostradamus, he has been right a lot. He felt like the 49ers were nothing without him. Well they haven’t had a winning season since his departure. He felt like he wasn’t the reason for the Cowboys inability to get into the playoffs and win. Well it looks like everyone in Big D now knows who the real problem is except for owner Jerry Jones. And lastly, his comments about McNabb have been true if we compare it to T.O relentless approach to the game. Terell Owens is a man who came back from a broken leg to be the most dominate player in the Super Bowl in about two months. He also has come back from a torn ACL in 6 months, and looks better at thirty-eight years old than about 80% of the receivers in the NFL. Should T.O be blamed for not biting his tongue? T.O has made himself into a future Hall of Famer and may have ended his career in manner that would greatly be appreciated by Frank Sinatra. T.O would say, “I did it “My Way.”

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