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Friday, October 14, 2011

OHHHH it's party Time!


The Vols are a team that just can't get it together. Their fans have started to point the finger at head coach Derek Dooley. Tenn has had trouble getting the ball out quickly on offense. That will spell trouble because the front of LSU will make life miserable for QB Matt Simms. LSU37-13

The Cowboys are an explosive scoring offense who will put up plenty of points. Texas defense has struggled, especially last week versus Oklahoma. Texas defense couldn't have improved enough in a week. OKST 55-24

Houston Knutt , mama said there'd be days like this. This will be a blowout. BAMA 48-6

Enough said....OK 70-10

Florida is in trouble. Brantley was an average QB at best, and they lack the experience behind him to make enough plays to win. Auburn has played in tough games and will be able to make just enough plays to win. Auburn 27-18

This is usually a trap game for Clemson. Not this time, Clemson with or without Taj Boyd will play well. They have just enough play-makers on offense and defense to get the job done. Clemson 20-10


ASU has a powerful offense led by RB Marshall and QB Osweiler. Burfict will also come to play on defense, but they won't be fast enough. Even though RB L.James won't play because of a dislocated elbow, Oregon is still loaded on offense. Oregon 50-27

************UPSET ALERT***************

The Wolverines and Denard Robinson have been on fire this season. Brady Hoke has come in and returned Michigan back to dominance....Or so they think. The Spartans will come in and bring Michigan back to reality. Besides the running of Robinson, the Wolverines aren't very good on offense. Robinson has to get better throwing the ball but this won't be the game in which that will happen. Spartans 31-20

KState@Texas Tech

Kansas State has played very well and has been a huge surprise in the Big12. The Baylor win was big, but beating Miami wasn't that big of a deal. Texas Tech is pure offense and doesn't struggle to put up a lot of points on the board. KState won't be able to match their offense. Texas Tech 42-36

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