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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time to make a change!

The 1st quarter of the NFL season has come to an end and the head coaches who are in a bit of trouble will begin to emerge. The proverbial "Hot Seat" is what we'll call it and there maybe more coaches who are deserving, but this is KLew59's list. And yes, the usual suspects are in play.

Jack Del Rio- I know , I know, I said the same thing last year. But Jacksonville needs to fill their stadium and attempt to give LA a fight to keep their team. Winning can solve this, Jack Del Rio just hasn't delivered. Three winning seasons in 9 years just won't cut it this time. Del Rio's seat is up in flames and everyone in J'ville knows it.

Marvin Lewis- Far, far gone are the days with the Superbowl champ Ravens and their glorious defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis. Oh you probably forgot already because somehow, Baltimore's defense has become known as something Rex Ryan created. Lewis needs to leave, but he's good enough to get another job. The working relationship that he's shared in Cincy is at the best unpleasant. They seem to have never allowed Marvin the full control as the head guy even with the latest Carson Palmer debacle.

Tony Sparano- Let's just face it, Miami is terrible. They need a change immediately. Sparano has had one good year, his 1st as head coach. Since then he's had a losing season every year. It's time for us to stop saying look how Miami is improving, and demand results now.

Steve Spagnola

Three consecutive losing years in a division that flat out stinks can't spell success to the Rams new owner Stan Kroenke. You can argue that Spagnola doesn't have all the pieces to compete, but he's in a division where a 7-9 team went to the playoffs. The excuses end with him and his seat has begun to warm up.

Leslie Frazier

Leslie seat is still is as warm as sitting down in a seat that's been occupied for an hour. He's going to have much more scrutiny in a city that felt like their right on the cusps of a championship. They also need to be in the new stadium sweepstakes and winning always helps with that cause. If it wasn't Frazier's 1st year, he'd be out.

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