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Sunday, October 16, 2011

NFL week 6

T.Brady,D.Brees, A.Roodgers, and Cam Newton, the list of the best QB's in the league. No, but they are the league leaders in passing yardage. Cam Newton has electrified the Panthers offense and given hope to a once ready to be traded, Steve Smith. The Falcons have struggled, Roddy White isn't the same receiver he has been.Matt Ryan isn't the super QB the Falcons thought either. If they're smart they'll give the Panthers a heavy dose of Michael Turner. Carolina Wins

The Colts are bad. Cincy and Andy Dalton have managed to turn a bad Carson Palmer situation into a winning year so far. Cincy wins
The real big D is going to the Bay area to show their serious. Harbaugh has the once overlooked 49ers in a position to be the best team in the NFC. Detroit still hasn't played the perfect game this season, but they will against the 49ers. The D wins.

*******************Upet Alert**********************
The Rams are coming off their bye week to play a red hot Packers team. GB has been awesome offensively. The Rams will put Bradford in the gun more this game to counteract the Packers blitzing. Also, to change up to a style more suiting for him. Rams win

The Steelers seem to be back on track after starting the season badly. The Jaguars have steadily improved with Blaine Gabbert at the helm. The physical style nature of this game will play into the hands of a motivated Jaguar team. Jags win


Philly will win this game because they have to!!!!

The Bills are a team that's full of confidence and will use it against a beat up Giants team. Bills win

This is the game of the week. Houston is without all-pro wideout Johnson, but they style have their money maker QB Matt Schuab. Baltimore will struggle with the Texans because Flacco won't be able to match their scoring. Texans win

The Raiders will continue to play for Al Davis and beat a bad Browns team.Raiders win

The Cowboys will rally to Romos defense, but still won't have enough for the #1 offense in the league. NE wins

The Bucs will slow the pace of this game and force the high powered offense of NO to struggle. But missing the running game of Blount will prove to be too much for the Bucs to overcome. NO wins

The boo birds will be out as a much thought bad Vikings team finds a way to beat the Bears.
Vikes win

Jets will win because they need it to save their season. Jets win

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