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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Saturday

****Upset Alert****
Bama at Arkansas

Arkansas had a huge let down last week at Georgia. They were dominating the football game and then in the 3rd quarter they completely left the building. This team was thought to have gotten over the hump last year after having a really good season. Their running game has to be exceptional in order for the Razorbacks to have a chance to win.

Right when the whole college football nation was ready to crown Trent Richardson Heisman, Mark Ingram showed us all why he has it already. 9 carries for 151 yards. I don't care if he was playing 3 year old's, he should have at least tripped over a toy or something. Ingram ran wild and will continue has reign of terror against the Razorbacks.The Tide are great in every area on the field except special teams and their secondary. If Mallet is the QB I think he is, this is a game the Razorbacks can win. The big ability of Julio Jones hasn't been realized. He is the x factor. If he can play well, Arkansas doesn't have a chance. This will be an instant classic. 42-38 Arkansas Pig Souey!!!!!!

Stanford @ Notre Dame

Jim Harbaugh Has done a remarkable job at Stanford. With the academic demands placed on these true student athlete's, this is short of amazing. Harbaugh should be sought after by huge college football programs and even the professional ranks. Stanford plays the game the way it should be. They are very disciplined and don't beat themselves. Having Andrew Luck as your QB doesn't hurt them either.

Notre Dame has a productive offense behind Crist and Allen. Defensively, they give up plenty of points and this will be their demise. Stanford will end this one early...45-20 Stanford

South Carolina @ Auburn

Auburn got off to a miserable start last week against Clemson. Clemson controlled the ball game until the 3rd quater. The Tigers cannot afford a start like this against one of the best teams in the SEC conference. Auburn will need much better play on offense earlier in the game. They also need to use their 12th ranked rushing attack to control the game.

The Gamecocks will be ready to enter Auburn with plenty of confidence. The secondary of the Gamecocks is more than capable of making plays well against the Tigers passing attack. Spurrier has had great play calling selection all year. He has rellied heavely on a Marcus Lattimore driven running game. Garcia has managed ball games well and as long as he continues this, South Carolina should defeat the Tigers convincingly. They will win this game for Kenny Mckinnley (Denver Broncos reciever who comitted suicide earlier this week). 27-17 SC

Oregon St @ Boise St

Oregon St painted its practice field blue. Whe has the color of the foeld or anything else trivial won or lost a ball game. This is crazy and Oregon will lose because of this...Just kidding, Boise St is just much better than the Beavers. 42-13 Boise St

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