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Thursday, September 16, 2010

More College Football Preseason in week 3

Alabama at Duke

Ingram's back but Bama won't need him against the Blue Devils. Duke's D is terrible right now. They gave up 54 points against a suspect and young Wake Forest offense. Bama will roll. 48-24 Bama

Arkansas at Georgia

Mark Reicht won't beat Florida again this year. His job is on the line, not because of that but because the lower of the SEC has began to catch up with them. The Bulldogs lost to South Carolina last week and will struggle against a better Arkansas. This won't bode well for the Bulldog faithful.

Arkansas has the best QB in college football, Ryan Mallet. He reminds me of a bigger Tom Brady with a stronger arm. He's not on anyone picks of best QB's but he will after he throws for over 350 yds against the Bulldogs. After this week everyone will know the Razorbacks are for real. 45-17 Ark

GaTech at UNC

2 ranked teams coming into this year have been quickly dropped. UNC has fought threw a pending NCAA while playing shorthanded. Had it not been for a sloppy start to a game against LSU, they may have won. Yates still remains the key to UNC's success. If he plays well, they can beat almost anyone in the country.

I told you...I told you....Paul Johnson has been exposed. It's not his brilliant offense. It's still about the players. He was only able to win with superior offensive talent. Talent that he didn't and won't be able to recruit. GaTech can't throw and won't throw. Their defense is still very suspect. Yes they'll be able to run the ball, but it won't matter. 24-10 UNC

Nebraka at Washington

Locker will have big yardage but the Cornhusker rushing attack will be too much. 38-31 Neb

Clemson at Auburn

Clemson's finally out of their preseason schedule and I think it will hurt them. Auburn fought off a tough minded Bulldog team last week. This will be the reason they will outlast Clemson. 23-15 Auburn

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