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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Giant Turmoil 4 Big Blue!!!

After an embarrassing performance against the Colts, the chinks in the Giants armor are beginning to rip fast. Brandon Jacobs has began to stress his grievances in the media. He doesn't feel like he's being used effectively. Brandon should be one of the leaders on this club and should know better than to express himself in this manner. Let's look at who the leaders of this ball club are....Why? Because Antrelle Role told us to. Eli Manning offensive captain; A very steady influence and never to high or to low. Justin Tuck defensive captain; A very confident guy who exudes power and skill in his conversation and play. Chase Blackburn speacial teams captain; a tough guy who will put his body on the line to make a play. Tom Coughlin head coach; we all know about this guy. He will beat the same nail into an iron wall until it goes end. When you put these 4 guys together you end up with a unemotional team who will consistently play hard.
Role is concerned as well he should be. This is an organization that has always been lead by very strong defensive personalities. Lawrence Taylor,Harry Carson, Pepper Johnson, Jesse Armstead, Michael Barrow, Keith Hamilton, and Michael Strahan. These guys sweated determination, fight, want to, confidence, fiery emotion and yes arrogance. Because to be special you had to have this. Look at any Superbowl team and tell me they didn't display these characteristics week in and week out.
So Antrelle, if you want to see things get better in the locker room and on the field....You do it!!!You take on the leadership role!!! A captain is just a title and sometimes just a popularity contest. True leadership is proven with your daily walk, with or without a vote.

p.s. your 1-1...the sky isn't falling.

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