Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

NFL Picks!!

The Dysfunctional Cowboys take their team on the road to Houston. The Texans are feeling and doing good after an 3-0 start.This will improve to 4-0 behind RB Arian Foster and the continued disintegration of the Cowboys will continue.Texans Win

This Game won't come down to B.Marsh vs Cromartie, it will be starred by a reassured LT who has been getting it in.NYJ Win

The Titans have the best defense in football. The Giants have given up too much on D. Translation...Titans Win

It's time for Foxy to go back to NYG and Coach the Giants, the Panthers front office just don't make the right decisions. Cincy Wins


Tampa has played well, but now the real games began. Pitt Wins


This one won't be close. Old dogs are still better than the new one's. B-Mo Wins


SanFransico's on an upswing, KC continues their downward plummet. 49ers WIN

Detroit will find a way to lose. Minn Wins


Gailey won't even put Spiller on kick-off return. WHy did you draft him again??? Pats Win

Saints just to explosive on offense. Should be a blowout. Saints Win


The Skins will use this as a tuneup game for next week's tough match up against Philly. Skins Win

The Michael Vick experience will continue to amaze against a struggling Jaguar group. Philly Wins

I like Coach (Al) Davis in this one. McFadden's beginning to finally play like we all thought he could. We all really need to respect the HOF ability of Kurt Warner now. This team is bad. Oak Wins

The Chargers will simply bash the Sea Hawks. Chargers Win

Peyton manning will continue his dominance over an outmatched and saddened Denver Bronco team. Indy Wins

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jason said...

tisk tisk tisk....Saints in a blowout?...skins beating rams?...49ers beatin K.C?...chargers over seahwaks? case you havent noticed..those are the 4 games you missed..but hey...ratio isn't bad...if ya get your picks in before Friday next week I'll pick against ya and we can battle it out...