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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reggie Bush, U gave back WHAT!!!!!

And so the saga continues.... Athlete punished;School punished;Agent gets away free, AND SUES!!!!Aren't we all tired of painting athletes that get into to trouble for excepting agent benefits as bad guys. Aren't we all tired of this huge money making machine that we all call college football getting revenge against the wrong people.
Reggie Bush was a high-powered USC football player who accepted money or benefits of some kind prior to leaving USC. Should he get into trouble for that? Is it the schools fault? Why do is we spend the time ridiculing and berating the athlete and the school. Okay... maybe the school should be held somewhat responsible, but at what cost. USC is suffering scholarship losses and the inability to play for a BCS championship. Does this hurt the school? Sure for the short term, but it really affects the student athlete that would have received those scholarships. This also doesn't hurt Reggie Bush. He turned in the Heisman of his own free will. The next time he's questioned about it, he'll say, what's done is done...let's talk about the Packers(or whoever else he's playing).
We all know who it didn't hurt.... The agent , who none of us even bother to care who he is or even his name.. But, this is the guy who started the ball to rolling. This is the guy who sent runners on campus to befriend Bush and to set up the improper benefits. The guy that conspired, the guy who paid the cash, the guy who will continue this behavior....Mr. Super Agent!!
Since the NCAA won't ban the bad agents. The NFL needs to step up and set severe penalties against dream crushers like this.

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