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Friday, November 19, 2010

NFL Sunday

The Ravens will have a week to rest some starters during the game and also rebound from a tough loss last week. The Panthers have now placed Deangelo Williams on IR as their prized running game continues to struggle. Ravens Win

Buffalo finally got their 1st win and the Bungles need a win. Until they win a game, they shall be known as the Bungles....Again. That should only last until Sunday. Cincy Wins

The Lions are the best 1 win team in the league. Dallas has been inspired by a coaching change and finally playing up to their ability. Dallas wins

The Dog Pound has to be excited about the future of their team. The Browns with, McCoy, Cribs and Hillis on offense will create mismatches for defenses. The Jags on the other hand, have been sparked by last week impossible play . It's plays like this that change seasons for teams. Jags Win

2 ships passing through the night. The Cardinals have quickly slipped back into the Cardinals of old. KC is on the rise and trying to compete for a division title. KC Wins

As long as Bret Farve is the focal point of this team, the Vikes will struggle. GB will win because Aarron Rodgers is the 3rd best QB in the league behind Vick and Manning. GB Wins

Houston is struggling and Gary Koubiak is starting to hear catcalls about is job. Meanwhile, Rex Ryan is dressing up like his twin for Halloween and winning games in OT. Houston will play for their coach and win a tough game in New Jersey. Texans Win


Pitt finally played like the team that I thought they were in the beginning of the season. Now they're in trouble because they lose their true leader to a concussion, Hines Ward. Oakland has played well due to the play of Darren Mcfadden and Jason Campbell. They will continue in this shocking win over the Steeler's. Oakland Wins

Vince Young nor Kerry Collins will be 100% during this game. This makes Randy Moss much tougher. The Skins were embarrassed Monday night and will bounce back this week against a confused Titan team. Skins Win

Seattle is the leader of a garbage division. New Orleans is beginning to hit their stride. NO wins

Tampa Bay is for real, they're winners. Raheem Morris coach of the year now begins. Bucs Win

Matt Ryan,Matt Ryan, that's what everyone is yelling after last weeks comeback victory. But the Rams are treating every game like a one game season. Sam Bradford is playing like a 3rd year vet already. Rams Win

New England has hit their stride and are looking like the NE of old. Peyton Manning has put this years team together like McGuyver...He's taken 3 rubber bands and 2 straws and made an offense. What everyone is forgetting is that while they've struggled on offense, defensively Indy has been dominant. Indy Wins

The Giants have VICK issues, not e wide out issues. The Michael Jordan of football has entered the building....AGAIN. Like Jordan, no one has ever stopped Vick he can only stop his self. Philly needs to get better on D. They gave up 4 touchdowns in the blowout, normally if you give up this many TD's, you lose. Philly Wins

Phillip Rivers is quietly having an outstanding season but..... they're in 3rd place in an awful division. SD wins

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