Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Heard it all before. Part 2

The 1987 strike set the tables for today's negotiations. The players went on strike due to the heavy restrictions of free agency. The NFLPA couldn't even get all of its players to strike as some of them crossed the picket lines daily to go to work. The owners were prepared for the strike and had replacement players ready to go. The owners also had the upper hand financially due to the lucrative television contracts and the lower replacement players salaries. The players weren't making any head way with owners so they took the fight to the court system. They were victorious in the courtroom, winning free agency in return for salary caps tied to a formula based on players share of total league revenues. Fast forward to now, what's really behind this proposed lockout. Owners are feeling the recession, corporate sponsorship and advertising is way down. Due to this fact, owners want the now 60-40%(players get 60%) split with a $1billion expense credit. The owners now want an additional 18% expense credit, to cover more expenses. The owners have already destroyed this happy balance because they receive the billion dollar exception. Last year players recieved 53.33%-46.67% split, the proposed 18% will completely turn the formula in the owners favor. Owners want to get paid more while restricting players salaries. This won't work and the NFLPA will not give in to this. The biggest problem looming is all of this is estimated numbers because the NFL owners won't allow the NFLPA into their financial records. Ponder that.....

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