Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Friday, November 26, 2010

That's BCS

Now that we just about know who's playing for the BCS National Championship, is a playoff system better. Certainly not! The college playoff system will not bring a better ending to a year blitzed with huge games. The enthusiastic season, NFL comparisons, to many games, and lack of Bowl opportunities should be the reason why the BCS and the playoff system should remain at odds. The entire college football season will be affected by the playoff system. Teams will only schedule cupcakes and argue about how they should be in the playoffs because of their conference games. College basketball coaches make this same argument yearly when they don't make the NCAA Tourney. Just ask Seth Greenberg who plays in the one of the top two conferences in the country and missed the NCAA Tourney with a 25-9 record. The NFL comparisons should also be a reason to end college football playoff talk. College football fans really want a Superbowl Champ. College rules and structure needs to be different from the professional ranks. These collegiate players are amateurs and should be treated as such a 100% of the time. They should be allowed to be treated as student athletes and not be overly stressed because of the added pressure put on them by boosters and fans over a "one game" playoff season. We want them to perform like pros but only want to compensate them with a scholarship. The playoff system will give these players just too many games during a season. Conference title games and at least 2 more games would have to be eliminated in order to have a true playoff. Truly the most important reason to not have a playoff system is due to the elimination of bowl games. The bowl games are for the athletes. Bowl games don't mean anything only to the perennial top 30 teams in the FBS. The rest of us, celebrate like we are going to the Superbowl when our team makes a bowl game. The playoff talk should be squashed because of lack of student athlete support, but surely you realize they don't matter.

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