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Friday, November 12, 2010

Get Crunked 4 Saturday

K.ST has had a very good year that some thought could have been a special one. Now they can only play spoiler to a Mizzou team who is still trying to chase a Nebraska team to the Big 12 title game. A stout Mizzou defense will have to put the breaks on a powerful K.ST rushing attack led by D.Thomas. Mizzou will be to good at home with their passionate fans. 34-20 Mizzou

*****Upset Alert****
Iowa is traveling into dangerous territory in ChiTown. Northwestern has a high powered offense led by their passing game. They feature the most underrated QB in college football, Dan Persa. Iowa has a stingy defense, but has a QB who's known for giving away the football. I see an upset brewing. 48-45 NW
******Upset Alert*****
Usually when you say upset alert Texas is involved your speaking about the other team . But Texas will put together the 2nd best game of this season to beat OKST. Look out Mack, Will Muschamp will be Texas head coach at seasons end. 24-20 Texas

****Upset Alert*****

Miss ST is in the middle of the Cam Newton pay for play scandal. However they have quietly arose to the #19 team in the country. They've done this behind a strong running game. Bama's championship run was ruined last week after losing to LSU. The last time they were in this position, they laid an egg in the bowl game to Utah. 31-28 Bulldogs


Cam Newton is Auburn's entire team. Auburn isn't as sure anymore on Newton's eligibility. If doesn't he play, they'll lose. Auburn's undefeated National Championship season is on the line, Cam Newton will play. 34-27 Tigers

South Carolina@Florida

South Carolina blew their chances of winning the SEC outright when they were blown out by Arkansas. They have always struggled down the stretch during Spurier's tenure and this year is proving to be no different. Florida isn't the team of the past few years but they do have enough athletes on offense to make tons of plays. 38-27 Gators

It will be a blowout. 61-24 Ducks

Utah@Notre Dame

ND defense will never be able to stop the Utes offense. Crist is out and ND starting a true freshman at QB. ND will be blown out again. 48-17 Utah

The Tiger's have been an average team all year. Asking them to win a game to put them in the above average category is crazy. They won't do it. 28-17 FSU

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