Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Without question Randy Moss is the most decorated receiver in the NFL. There were only two guys that completely gave coordinators nightmares when I played, Marshall Faulk, and Randy Moss. But with a parade of negative press, why would Tennessee bring him into their harmonious locker room. They want to WIN! I cannot understand why the media feels it has the right to accept or banish players from their perspective leagues, and also why teams listen to them. There are 32 teams in the NFL which means there are teams with the personalities that can handle a Randy Moss. Furthermore, Moss problems are with the media and not with any teams , players, or coaches. Isn't it fair for a guy to have disdain for a group that has shined a magnifying glass on his every mistake. Don't you still have a problem with that guy who embarrassed you at school, in front of your family, or at that special event. But we expect Randy Moss to speak to the media freely... Moss understands that speaking with the media is part of his job. He's willing to take the fine, or fight it, through the normal hearing process. The Titans don't care about any of the media stuff. All they want is a receiver who can get eight and nine men out of the box. Moss will accomplish this by being a deep threat. Just because he's on the field, teams have to adjust for him. This opens up the other two receivers and also tight ends. Most importantly, this creates a three headed monster. Moss on the outside, Chris Johnson (Lil Mercy Dr.) on the outside, and Vince Young in the middle. Defensive coordinators have already began to take Nodoz trying to figure out how to stop the now, multifaceted Titan team.

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