Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

NFL Week 9

The Bucs are for real and due to a very mediocre NFC, they're amongst the best 3 teams on that side of the league. Atlanta is amongst those same 3 teams as well. With the big play ability of Roddy White and the tough style of Michael Turner they will continue their winning ways. ATL Wins

Miami is a really good team that's playing a very tough schedule. The Ravens have one goal in place and that's to win a Superbowl. Miami will play tough, but they'll lose. BMO Wins

The Jury is out on Jay Cutler, he can't get it done. He and Lovie Smith will be run out of town at the end of the season. The Bills are bad but will win because of early Black Friday sales courtesy of "Jay's Picks". Bills Win

The Panthers are a very bad team with know identity and zero leadership. They will be blown out today. Saints Win

NE seems to be quietly putting together another championship run. Cleveland had a huge win last week but that's where the excitement will end. Pats Win

The Lions will play hard but will lose to much more balanced Jets team. Jets Win

The Chargers might be minus their best player TE Antonio Gates. Without him they are very limited on offense. The Texans will will outscore an under manned Charger offense. Texans Win

What a week of turmoil for the Vikes. Childress has lost has team!!! Defined as...not responsive.lack of respect for.doesn't listen to him. Cards Win

The Giants get to take their dominant defense on the road to play "famed" backup Charlie Whitehurst. Giants should fluster the Seahawks offense early and often. NYG Wins

Mcfadden is a grown man and will continue to be a beast in the running game. KC is starting to be found out, they'll lose. OAK Wins

The NFL is back because Mike Vick is back. I like Vick in a win doing it the old way, using his legs to terrorize the INDY defense. Philly Wins

Roy Williams said," we can win 9 straight." He should be held out of tonight's game because he's showing signs of a recent concussion. GB WINS

The Bengals season is on the line today. Because of that, they'll win. Cincy Wins

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