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Friday, September 30, 2011

Saturday week 5!!

Bama, big,physical. UF small, fast. It's the old story, who will win the turtle or the rabbit. Just one small twist....they're playing football!! Bama 26-13

Nebraska@ Wisconsin
Nebraska finally begins BigTen play.They have played very well so far against lesser opponents. The Badgers have a running game that will be ready to strike. But they also have newcomer Russell Wilson who has the veteran leadership this team needed. Wilson will be the difference in this tough contest. Wisc 34-28

Texas A&M @Ark

The battle of the twins will be in affect as this match up gets underway.Fans will think they are seeing double as both teams will run spread offenses that will throw it fast&furiously. This game could go either way, but because A&M will have more to prove to their new conference (SEC) they'll win. A&M 38-35

Brady Hoke has finally allowed Denard Robinson to make plays with his athletic ability. After a 200 yd rushing performance last week, Robinson is now back in the Heisman hunt. The Golden Golphers have been down this year and just can't seem to find a way to finish.40-16 Mich

Miss.ST has a good football team that has the misfortune of playing in the SEC. Vick Ballard is having a really good year averaging 100 yards a game thus far.
Yes, as usual Mark Richt is on the hot seat again. Yep, the Bulldogs are loaded with talent again. Yea, it's a big game, they'll lose again. 23-17 Mississippi ST

Bad match-up, very bad outcome. 38-10LSU

Auburn@South Carolina
Auburn was exposed at Clemson. Their inability to cover in the passing game led loss. Steve Spurrier has to be excited knowing that he can finally get huge numbers out of his QB. Only problem is that QB is Stephen Garcia, a QB who is very inconsistent. Doesn't matter, Marcus Lattimore will shoulder the load and continue to be very effective in the running game. This game will boil down to both teams fight to win the rushing attack. Dyer vs. Lattimore. 29-20 SC

No one is talking about him, the big schools fans don't believe. But I do. Robert Griffin III, is a beast. He's having a heck of a year and is the best QB in college right now. 85% completion rate, are you kidding. As long as he continues on this path, KST won't have a chance. 45-30 Baylor

I have bite my tongue, Paul Johnson has done a fantastic job with this team so far. He also has AutoBot (mini Transformer) by the name of Stephen Hill (6-5 206), who is a Megatron (Calvin Johnson) in the making. Why did Tom Obrien ever leave BC? He's on the hot seat now. NCST needs GT to have a bad game in order to have a chance to win this game. They won't. GT 38-13

Clemson always plays well at home, but it's something about leaving Death Valley that doesn't usually bode well for them. Clemson has wrangled another Florida speedster Sammy Watkins, who has electrified their offense. His speed makes him dangerous anytime he touches the ball. Clemson's hot streak will get cooled off by the Hookies defense.VTech hasn't really played a tough opponent yet, but they are back to Beamer ball, good special teams and great defense. VTech 28-24

Iowa ST@ Texas***UPSET ALERT****
Iowa St is a team on a mission and a lot of resentment for Texas, a team that usually dominates them. But, not this year. Texas still hasn't found their "mojo" in recruiting. They are still ripe for a couple of upsets this year.IowaST 29-27

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