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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 NFL Projections

NFC North - The Packers won’t be able to repeat as champs because they didn’t make any free agent moves and didn’t get better in the draft. The Vikings will be steady all year behind the biggest move this year, Donavan McNabb and his calming influence. Lovie Smith will be on the hot seat early because the Bears will struggle out of the gate behind a lackluster receiving corp. Detroit or should we say Suh will dominate on defense, but Mathew Stafford has still yet to prove anything but he’s injury prone.

Green Bay 10-6

Minnesota 12-4 Division Champs

Chicago 9-7

Detroit 6-10

AFC North – Pittsburgh still stands tall in this division. The Ravens can’t win when it counts with Flacco. Colt McCoy will have a good year in Cleveland. Cincy? Who knows, bad ownership, bad management, bad personnel, bad free agency, just BAD.It’s time to bring the famous name back….The BUNGLES!

Pittsburgh 11-5 Division Champs

Baltimore 10-6

Cleveland 5-11

Cincy 4-12

AFC EAST – Host two of the best teams in football. The Pats got better in free agency and the draft. The will return to Super bowl form and win it all this year. The Jets will have a good year, but Rex Ryan can’t win fall short because the best team in the league, is in his division. The Dolphins will continue making strides to get better behind a tenacious defense. The Bills will continue to struggle this year.

New England 13-3 Division Champs

New York 11-5

Miami 9-7

Buffalo 3-13

NFC East Philly will dominate this division and face Minnesota to go to the Super Bowl. New York will rethink the Coughlin’s extension behind players’ unwillingness to play for him. The Cowboys still don’t have what it takes to win their own division. Shanahan may not be the guy we thought he was. The Skins get rid of Mcnabb for Rex GROSSman!

Philly 11-5 Division Champs

New York 9-7

Dallas 8-8

Washington 4-12

AFC West – In the year of the offense, the Chargers will fair very will behind Phillip Rivers and Vincent Jackson. The Raiders will steadily improve with the young talent that continues to grow. The Chiefs will faulter this year because they didn’t use free agency affectively. Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow, who cares? Denver won’t be any good.

San Diego 11-5 Division Champs

Oakland 8-8

Kansas City 6-11

Denver 4-12

NFC West Sam Bradford and Mike Sims Walker will light up the league this year. Arizona will improve from last year behind new QB Kevin Kolb. Seattle won’t be that lucky this year. The 49ers are about to years away from new coach Jim Harbaugh making his mark.

St Louis 10-6 Division Champs

Arizona 8-8

Seattle 6-10

San Francisco 5-11

AFC South The Jaguars will surprise everyone with their division title this year. Houston still won’t be able to get it done, even though the colts are down. The Titans will need more than Chad Johnson to turn this ship around.

Jacksonville 10-6Division Champs

Houston 9-7

Indy 9-7

Tenn 7-9

NFC South The Saints will cause havoc for defenses in the run game this year. Atlanta is just built the way a team should be and will have plenty of success. Tampa will continue to use young talent to improve their team. Cam Newton will have a good first year in Carolina.

New Orleans 12-4 Division Champs

Atlanta 11-5

Tampa 10-6

Carolina 9-7

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