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Friday, September 23, 2011

No work! Ditch the kids! It's Saturady...Gameday!!!

Arkansas losing Nile Davis right before the season cost them a chance to upset BAMA. The Razorbacks have been completely one dimensional which plays right into the hands of Nick Saban's dominant defense. This one won't be pretty but Bama will play the bully role again.BAMA20-10
The Mountaineers and their usual high powered offense will face LSU and it's NFL defense. The END!!!LSU23-7

The Seminoles weren't able to match the ability of Oklahoma but they did show they are a team on the rise. Clemson had a huge win against Auburn last week, but they started off slow again. FSU will start off fast and because of their defense, FSU will run away with this game. FSU 38-20
Oklahoma St and Justin Blackman are ready to introduce themselves to the rest of the country. Yes, they're a passing team. Yes, they have a go to receiver, and No A&M will not be able to stop them. OSU 48-31

Paul Johnson will continue to see that there's a reason why big time college programs have abandoned the triple option.... #1 You can't recruit with it.#2 You can't win with it. Johnson was blessed with talent on his arrival at GTech and won the ACC championship, since then, he has gotten worst every year as his non recruited players have since graduated. UNC seems to continue to amaze us all. Having struggled through suspended players last year, and a fired Butch Davis a few weeks before opening day. This team has been resilient and steady so far this year. UNC 28-20
Brady Hoke wasn't envisioning being the Head coach of Michigan when he scheduled his then Aztechs against the Wolverines. The Aztechs are a well balanced team with good overall speed. Unless Michigan finally unties Denard "shoelace" Robinson, and allows him to do more improvising, they'll lose. Because the Wolverines won't, they'll lose. SDST 34-30

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