Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Monday, September 19, 2011

NFL Surprises,Deebo's and I told ya boys!!

NFL Surprises, Deebo’s, and “I told ya Boys”!!

The NFL is the best league in professional sports because predicting its results is next to impossible.

Surprises- The Washington Redskins are 2-0. Okay they haven’t played expected Super Bowl contenders, but they are 2-0 with Rex GROSSman. The Skins have won the old fashioned way, playing team ball.

The Buffalo Bills are also 2-0. I predicted they would win 3 games for the year. They have played very well especially QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has begun his year with a pro bowl type attitude.

Minnesota has shocked the league with their 0-2 start. Of course everyone is blaming Mcnabb, but their real problems seem to be a defense that continues to make huge mistakes.

Deebo’s (Juggernauts, bullies, teams or players that beat you down)

The Jets are continuing to dominate and beat down their opponents. Teams are going into games against them knowing they’ll lose the physical battle.

Deebo’s don’t always come in big packages. Steve Smith (5-9’ 185lb) WR of the Carolina Panthers is overpowering his opponents. Cam Newton’s throws it up and he goes to get it.

Darren Mcfadden, #2 in rushing, is finally looking like the back the Raiders saw in Arkansas. His bruising style of running along with his top end speed is a recipe for fear to his opponents.

“I told ya boy”!

Cam Newton, has been exactly who I thought he would be. He’s an athlete unmatched in his ability. He has a top ten arm and about to play his third game. He’s a winner that is playing for a losing franchise, but that will soon change. Cam is a beast! Where are all the Blaine Gabbert fans? Still waiting……..

The Patriots are on a tear and ready for the Super Bowl. I’m sure no one else is wondering why their my Super Bowl pick.

I said the Chiefs would be 6-11, they may be worse than that. Last year was a fluke, and the rest of the league already knows it.

Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker who now trains, consults and gives clinics to coaches and athletes. He also does sports talk radio. Please contact him at, or 352-354-2134.

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