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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 College Football Projections

College Football is underway and after getting the “preseason” over it’s now time to make my picks. My picks will only come from the Major six conferences, SEC, Big Ten, Pac12, Big 12, ACC and Big East. There’s other conferences out their but let’s face it, for almost the last thirty years no team has won the national championship outside of these conferences.

SEC- The last five national champions have all come from this conference. LSU and Alabama are the stars of this conference. After these two teams there’s a huge drop off. South Carolina was projected to be Champs of the East division but, they have struggled to win against 2 not very good opponents. Florida will surprise everyone and in Will Muschamps first year play for a SEC title. The West division has both juggernauts, Bama and LSU. BAMA will win games with their run game and great defense and LSU utilizes the same formula. They should play for the SEC title, but since they can’t. LSU will win the SEC title.

Big Ten- With Ohio State seemingly a much weaker team because of an tumultuous offseason, the Big Ten will be down. Michigan, Iowa, Michigan St, Penn State, and Purdue are not the teams we are accustomed to. Nebraska will easily win the conference title and the title game in their first year. Nebraska’s high powered offense will shock and awe the Big Ten into making huge changes around the league in order to compete. Notably, lookout for Wisconsin and Russell Wilson.

Pac12- With USC under probation, someone in the conference needs to step up. Oregon did it last year and will do it again this year. Also Andrew Luck and the Trees of Stanford will also compete. LaMichael James and Luck will meet at the Heisman ceremonies again this year while Oregon still has a chance to maybe slide into the BCS title game. Stanfords’ defense just doesn’t have enough strength to put them into the title game but the will have another great year.

ACC- This division has 2 really good teams and the rest mediocre at best. FSU and Virginia Tech are the class of the ACC. The Hookies are back with their dominant still of defense but aren’t as explosive on special teams. FSU has boasted consecutive #1 recruiting classes and it has paid off. They will beat OU this week after being humiliated by them last year and make a push for the conference and BCS title games.

Big East- South Florida will dominate this division and win the conference title game. They had a huge showing on the road at Notre Dame against a talented team. This will help the Bulls down the stretch in conference play and against a very talented West Virginia team. South Florida should go undefeated and at least be in the BCS title game conversation. Also, don’t be surprised to hear BJ Daniels name in the Heisman discussion.

Heisman Notables (Best Chance of Winning): Montee Ball, Jr., RB, Wisconsin, Matt Barkley, Jr., QB, USC, Justin Blackmon, Jr., WR, Oklahoma State, Michael Dyer, So., RB, Auburn, Robert Griffin, Jr Baylor, LaMichael James, Jr., RB, Oregon, Landry Jones, Jr., QB, Oklahoma, Andrew Luck, Jr., QB, Stanford, Taylor Martinez, So. Nebraska, Kellen Moore, Sr., QB, Boise State, Trent Richardson, Jr., RB, Alabama, Denard Robinson, Jr., QB, Michigan, Darron Thomas, Jr., QB, Oregon, Russell Wilson Wisconsin QB

National Champions: LSU, at every level defense wins championships and they have the best one in college football.

Heisman Winner***LaMichael James*** MVP of college football ***JUSTIN BLACKMON***

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