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Friday, September 23, 2011

NFL Week 3

The Pats are going to the Bills to face a Bills team who is very confident. Offense will be at a premium as both defenses, especially NE's secondary, STINKS!! NE WINS CS
Newtown vs Gabbert! Newton vs Who???? That's what I said during the week of the draft when so-called draft guru's said this guy was better than Cam Newton. CAR wins CS
Alex Smith just isn't the guy, Harbuagh can't wait until he can draft Luck in next years draft.
SF wins TP
Brandon Marshall is a beast and Henne has figured out that he needs to force him the ball frequently. The Browns are continuing to improve and Colt McCoy continues to make belivers out of his doubters. Miami wins TP
Detroit is still feeling like this is their year, but the Vikes need a win desperately. Megatrone is a little banged up for Detroit, so we will see if Stafford can carry them. MIN wins OR
The Texans have run into a more determined Saints team that has a lot to prove. Arrian Foster is down and the Texans depend on their running game. Saints Wins CS
New York is the most banged up team in the league. This will hurt them and force them into a downward spiral until they can get healthy again. Plus, Vick is playing.Philly wins CS
Tebow..Tebow...just kidding. Kyle Orton is playing well, and the Broncos will play well enough to beat the Titans. Will the real Chris Johnson please stand up? Broncos win OR
This is the perfect game for the NYJ's, their defense was built to stop the run and the Raiders will run the ball. The Raiders will be able to run the ball and show the rest of the league while they"ll be in the playoffs this year.Oak wins OR
The college team impersonating as a NFL squad will get beat down this week. SD wins CS
The Rams hope to rebound from last weeks miserable performance. They can't, Steven Jackson is hurt. Bal Wins CS
GB is on fire on offense. Jay Cutler is ready to quit because of the lack of protection. GB wins CS
Bad teams!!!!SEA Wins OR
The Falcons need to give Michael Turner more carries to take more pressure off of Matt Ryan. ATL wins
Pitt destroys the Colts. CS
Romo plays. Wash Wins OR

TP-take points...CS-covers spread....OR-outright win

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