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Thursday, September 17, 2009

College Football Weekend Previews

Bring it On

Nebraka(19) - Va Tech(13). 2 Games, 6 TD's, 553 pass yds. Welcome to the Big Twelve. Va Tech has another opportunity to make a case for the ACC. If they can't put pressure on Nebraska passing game this one will be over fast. Tyrod Taylor has to put up or shut up. He has to become a playmaker when they need him. It doesn't matter whether its done with his arm or his legs. He just needs to GETR DONE. 28-24 Va Tech Special Teams win

Warning:Unless you dislike UT don't watch this game.
Lane, Lane, Lane, you said you wanted to sing Ol Rocky Top after you beat Florida(1). Well, theerre heeerrrree!! After this old fashioned butt whuppin, Kiffin will realize what Florida fans really mean when they say. IF U AINT A GATOR UR GATOR BAIT!! 52-14 p.s. I really like all 3 UT RB's but Crompton is far from the answer at QB.

***Upset Alert***
Oklohoma just ain't that good. Because of Bradford, maybe, because of Greshman, maybe. I really think Oklohoma isn't that good. Their o-line is very inexperienced and their defense is even worst than last year. I don't really think this is an upset because Tulsa is a better team. There about twice as good as Oklohoma in every catorgory. 28-17 Tulsa
***Upset Alert***
Many, like Kirk Herbstreit believe that BYU should and will be in the BCS championship. I will borrow a phrase from his co-host and say, "not so fast my freind." FSU just came in town and BYU BCS hopes will be cut off. Ponder, Easterling and Reid from FSU will make enough plays to beat BYU convincingly. BYU struggled and barely beat a weak Oklohoma. they won't have enough for Bowden and the Seminoles.28-14 FSU Waaaay to many athletes to lose.

Georgia -Arkansas
Georgia has too much defense for Arkansas and wins a tough contest. 20-13

Clemson - BC - Clemson struggled against GaTech. Keeping with what has happened in the pass, Clemson will lose a very close game 28-24.

South Carolina tries to find mmore offensive weapons as they gain much needed confidence in a victory of FL Atlantic. 31-20

Boise State blows past Fresno State to try to better there top 10 ranking. 45-10

Minnesota barely beat Syracuse in overtime. Syracuse didn't have a running game, Cal's "BEST" player is their RB. This one will be over early in a Cal blowout. 35-13

Kansas ready to blow past Duke... Kansas ranked 22 should easily beat Duke who lost to FCS Richmond. But that's why they play the game Duke steam rolled Army and the tail of the tape says that Duke's QB Lewis and Kansa's QB reesing have almost exact stats. Neither defenses will be able to stop the others offense. So, defensive pressure will be the key in trying to create turnovers to get off the feild. 38-35 Kansas

TX Tech - Texas
861 yards in 2 games. I guess it wasn't Graham Harrell. Crabtree, hurry and sign before they figure out your not better than Hakeem Nix. Colt McCoy has some unfinished business to settle with Tech. This will be an old fashioned shootout at the OK Corral. 42-28 TX
Rich Rod shakes off all the haters as Michigan continues on its rise against Eastern Mich. 41-20

ACC bad, not if Butch Davis has anything to say about it. Powder view pounds ECU in a close one. 26-20 p.s whatever happened to all that Skip Hotlz hipe????

Ohio St took a huge hit for the Big Ten. Tyrell Pryor shows he is the pride of the the Big Ten as Ohio State runs over, through, and around Toledo. 42-9

Joe Pa where have you been? No one's talking about Penn St and that's when they've been dangerous. Paterno bashes Temple on his way to his 4th Big Ten title. 48-3

Alabama beats Noth TX.

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