Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Clemson Offense, What's left?

Clemson roared back against Georgia Tech and had a chance to win. My question now is, what's left. There is nothing left up to the imagination for Clemson's offense. CJ Spiller lined up at every position none to man. Now every defense that has to play Clemson will prepare for the fade, wheel, and even screens and hitches to Spiller. All these routes that will be ran by Spiller will have corners or fast safties tailing him from now on. Clemson loses the element of suprise. The only way I can see Sweeny changing this is by placing Jacoby Ford in multiple positions as well. Ford is a threat and after the two big catches in two games, they'll always be a couple sets of eye's on him. Ford's speed makes him an x factor and a threat anywhere on the feild, so if I am Sweeny I would mix it up with him. Place Ford in the backfield , motion him out. Run RB screens with him and toss it to him once or twice just for the look. Sweeny can ease Harper into the fold as well by having him on the field with Ford and Spiller. This will have defenses focuseing on Spiller and Ford outside while having Harper work the middle of the running game. There's a lot of talent on Clemson's offense that can be used. It's just really important for the offensive staff to figure out how to take some of the pressure off of CJ Spiller so that he's not run into the ground and can remain helathy for the season.

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