Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Matt Barkley, Crown him!!

The media is making the same mistake again already. We are crowning and professing that an unproven outplayed freshman will be great. During and after the Ohio State, USC game, the media did nothing but praise a QB who managed the football game but never played great. USC was outplayed and should have lost. The last drive that was titled, Matt Barkley's coming out party, was a great drive. The drive was probably the best drive USC has had in years. The last drive was a signature drive. With the last drive, Matt Barkley was crowned a college football great. The only problem is , the last drive was a true coming out party for Joe Mcknight. He dominated the drive with play after play and should really be the one receiving all of the adulation from the media. Matt Barkley has yet to show that he is going to be a great or even good QB. He's the reason that I chose Ohio State to beat USC which was absurd to many. I felt that Pete Carroll hasn't been able to open up his complete offensive package because of Barkley's deficiencies. USC has great athletes and are a really good team. I just think that the one guy who everyone's giving the credit of USC's success, is actually the guy that's holding them back from being a great team. I just hope that they don't meet the Gator's in the Championship game because it won't be close.

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