Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hurricane Warning Tonite!!

Miami vs Ga Tech

Ga Tech has picked up where they left off last season but I think the rumbling wreck just ran into a severe Hurricane warning tonight. ACC, your finally about to get what you paid for, a Miami team that's revelant. No, not National Championship ready but ready to make a statement for a run at it next year. Why? Jacory Harris ofcourse, he will make a push for the Heisman next year and if he stays 4 years, he'll win it. Miami problems will come trying to stop the ball control offense of GaTech. Also, Ga Tech has a great special teams. They've returned kicks for touchdowns 2 weeks in a row. Ga Tech needs to score slowly to keep Miami's playmakers and speed off the feild. Miami has probably the best 1,2, punch at running backs with James and Cooper. Cooper is also a great return guy and may be able to make a play in the kicking game. I think this game will come down to Miami's defense limiting the big play ability of Tech . And Tech's ability to throw some heat at the coolness of Jacory Harris with creative blitz packaging.

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