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Friday, September 4, 2009

Once Again it's On!!

Yep, college football is back and South Carolina and Boise State strike 1st. Firstly isn't the blue feild about the worst thing that could've ever happened to college football. Let's face it, there's only 1 play everyone is talking about today that happened in this game. The knockout blow delivered by Oregon's RB Blount to Boise's LB Hout. This came during the traditional shaking of hands after the game. Clearly seen on youtube's version of events, Hout started the confrontation. He said something that he knew would offend Blount, you can tell it's offensive because you can see his coach trying to pull him away after he's already said it while laughing. No sooner than this occured, Blount delivered a one hitter quitter. This was a lack of class shown by both players, so I think both coaches should be dissapointed. There's know question Blount should be suspended at least 4 games, while the head coach should punish Hout as well. Why? Any athelete knows that eveyone doesn't take losing well. Your adreniline is pumping and your anger is boiling, and wise cracks at that point isn't a smart thing to do. Obviously keeping your head even though you don't start the confrontation is just as important.
South Carolina and NC State game was sloppy. If this is some the best talent the acc has to offer, then they should worry. State couldn't protect Wilson all night and had trouble at receiver making pplays for him. There running game was suspect and offense was very predictable. South Carolina on the other hand squandered drive after drive and could never seem to keep Garcia upright. Garcia was a bright spot in the game. He made good throws and scrambled to keep drives alive. Feshman RB Giles showed a flash or two that he could be special if Spurrier will committ to the run more. Play calling could've been better for Spurrier as well because NC State's LB's never did drop in the proper zone's so the curl and seam route's were open all day. SC's defense played with a bend but don't break and made plenty of plays that decided a hard fought mistake riddled victory for the Gamecock's.

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