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Monday, September 7, 2009

FSU - UM Best game in Football!!!

Who said the history and drama of a FSU-UM game is over. For all who went to sleep in preperation for work today, you missed the best game of opening week. This game, just like most of the others went down to the wire. Both QB's played great with Jacori Harris slightly edging that battle. Miami came into the season looking like they may well be 0-4 before they looked up to see what happened. But, the Hurricanes came into Doak Walker and proved to the nation that the U is on their way back. Randy Shannon deserves a lot of credit having his young team coming into a very hostile situation and never losing focus.
All of a sudden the canes may easily be 4-0 or at worst 3-1 with clashes against Va Tech, Ga Tech, and Oklahoma coming next. Va Tech showed they aren't very stout on defense. Oklahoma becomes very beatable without Bradford or even an 1st game back Bradford. Ga Tech is the question mark, however Miami is much more athletic in every phase of the game. This game may come down to special team plays made by Miami.
Miami has a lot to improve. The o-line had trouble picking up blitzes. The secondary seemed confused in coverages often. The linbackers coverage skills were suspect at best. Defensively Miami called 4 time outs which is very rare. The positive part about Miami is for now, they're athletic enough to compensate for these inefficiencies.

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