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Thursday, September 17, 2009

NFL Picks

Carolina Beats Atlanta. I know it's crazy but its the NFL. Delhomme will bounce back and they still have the best 1,2 punch in the backfield. And of course , arguably the best WR in football who can still win a game by himself. Steve Smith is primed and ready to have a big week and the running game will get on track.

Minn beats Det. Poor Matt Stafford he will be pretty beat up after he experiences the pass rush of the Vikings. My bad, there's no way I should've used POOR and Mathew Stafford in the same sentence. Darnit, did it again.

Green Bay beats Cincy. Marvin Lewis will began to feel the heat again after dropping a gimmie last week with Denver. Watch out for Greenbay.

Jacksonville beats Arizona. Cardinals continue to experience the Superbowl slump as the Jaguars bounce back after a tough lost last week.

Oakland beats KC. Raiders put it together against KC in a win. Well, lets just say they're playing KC so they will win.

NE beats NYJ. Old school AFC east match up. Sanchez will be welcomed into the NFL as Belichick dials up blitzes he thought didn't exist. Brady clicks on all cylinders and scorches the good Jets D.

Philly beats NO. NO has Brees but Philly's D will be top 5 in the league before its said and done. Too much D and a strong Philly running game will lead them to a very close victory. Oh, did you forget that Brian Westbrook plays on this team?

Hou beats Tenn. 0-2 will the Vince Young chants start? Matt Schaub and Houstons D wins a ground and pound defensive game.

Wash beats St. Louis. I guess in college you would call this a rebuilding year. But, how many years do you get to rebuild in St.Louis? NFC east team to tough.

Buff beats Tampa. T.O will have a huge game and Buff will learn how to finish a game this week.

Seattle beats SF. Why not? Really who cares. I think both teams are bad and a win against St.Louis won't put you on my team.

Bears Beat Steelers. 2 teams same philosophy. One QB has a lot to prove. After a dismal week Jay Cutler will be looking to beat the Champs to get a buzz going in Chitown. Steelers are better but they won't win them all. Especially with no Palumua and Ward and Smith questionable.

Clev beats Den. Flip a coin , both teams are bad except Cleveland will be able to depend on there running game to win this one.

SD beats Baltimore. No Ed Reed + No Terrell Suggs= Ravens lost. this is a defensive lead team who needs plays made on defense to win. There best 2 play makers are out.

Dallas beats NYG. Dallas playing well on O and D. Giants still trying to figure out who's there play makers on O. that spells trouble for big Blue.

Colts beat Mia too much O for the Colts. Not enough D by the Dolphins. Maybe part owner Serena Williams may hype the team up with her physicality shown in the U.S Open.

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flemo said...

Hey klew,
hope this comment will attach. love your article on nfl games/esp wash over st louis(s) enjoy your wit.
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