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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Best of College Football Rivalry week!!!!!!

Texas at A&M

The Texas showdown will be a huge let down. This will be a warmup for the Bug 12 Championship for the Longhorns. A&M just doesn't have enough firepower on defense. Thus will definately be a blowout. 51-10 Texas


Brother against brother, sister against sister, grandma against granpa. Yep, Auburn's playing Bama in football. No game in the country has a rivalry as fierce as this one.The Civil War of Alabama has erupted again........It will be close, but Bama will win. 28-20 Bama

Pitt at WVU

The most dominate under-estimated team in the FBS will showcase their dominance the day after Thanksgiving. They are solid on both sides of the ball and boast the one of the best RB's in the country. WVU has the same old problem.......Explosive offense led by Brown and Devine and a terrible defense. Pitt wins. 38-24 Pitt


The once storied rivalry with national implications has been reduced because of a terrible Florida St defense. Tim Tebow will play his last game in the Swamp and will put on a Heisman winning performance....Yep he'll win it. Tim Tebow, college's greatest player needs to take it all in because the draft is coming and he won't be a QB in it.

Clemson at South Carolina

A storied South Carolina rivalry that has a profound affect in the bragging rights of the state. It has developed little if any national prominance because it has never held any national implications. Recruitting doesn't even seem to be affected by this game because Clemson has dominated the series but still doesn't have a lock on the state's best athelete's. Clemson has the best team this year and is on a winning streak. South Carolina is on the usual november slide. Tigers win a very close one. 34-31 Tigers


UNC's defense is much to dominate and agressive. NCST may have the worst defense in the ACC. UNC wins. 28-6 UNC

Wake at Duke

This match-up boast 2 out of the 3 best QB's in the ACC. Lewis of Duke and Skinner of Wake. This should be a very exciting high scoring contest that will come down to the last play of the game. But the Dukies need a win more the Wake. Duke wins. 28-24 Duke

*****UPSET ALERT*****

The Cowboys have had a good year that could have been great if they had Dez Bryant. They should be able to cap off the season with a win against their storied rival, Oklahoma..... They won't Oklohoma will win this game convincingly becaus ethey want it more and their dominance on the rcruiting trail shall continue.42-24 OK

*****UPSET ALERT******
Miami at USF

The little brother of the Florida schools is ready for a huge win. They will be fired up and ready to play against a Miami team that still don't realize they play for the U. Next year Randy Shannon will get his message across...This year they will lose a very close game to USF.Watch out for next year Heisman crasher....BJ Daniels
Bulls win. 38-33 USF

Georgia at GTech

Mark Riicht's in trouble. 2 loses in a row to a GTech team that you have better athelete's than. Mark Richt you are the weakest link...goodbye. 27-13 GTech

Illinois at Cincy

The Fighting Illini have been but a shelll of their former self since their Rose Bowl birth 2 years ago. Roon Zook is still on the Hot Seat and Juice Williams has went from definate draft pick to maybe not even getting a free agent invite. Cincy is rolling and QB play has been some of the best in the country. This will certainly be a rout. 48-13 Cincy

Temple at Ohio

Temple wins again. Go Owls!!!! 31-17 Owls

Nevada at Boise St

Why are you rewarded for weak scheduling? Boise is not the # 6 team in the country.But, they'll definately look like it against Nevada. 56-17 Boise

Rutgers at Louisville

Besides Rutgers slip up last week, they have had a great year. Louisville on the other hand has 3 wins and none of them against teams who have a winning record. They are just a BAD team. Rytgers will win easily. 27-3 Rutgers

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