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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Want Some !! Get Some !! College Football Saturday 11/07

******UPSET ALERT******
Bama has been dominant all season. They have a ground and pound type of offense. They don't give up anything on defense. They are the quintessential Nick Sabinized football team. All the way down to the lack of QB play. Saban doesn't dwell on QB's and in most games he doesn’t have to. Only, this game is different. LSU has the identical team that BAMA has a ground and pound offensive style with a stingy defense. Bama hasn't shown the ability to consistently put up points in SEC play. After the dust settles, this game will come down to McElroy vs. Jefferson. Jefferson has the edge because of his group of dynamic receivers. McElroy still hasn't figured a way to get Julio Jones the ball, because of this, they lose. 13-10 LSU

*****UPSET ALERT*******
Navy at Notre Dame

Navy has played well all season and is already bowl legible. Notre Dame has been inconsistent and has not shown that they can consistently stop anyone. Navy almost upset Ohio State in the beginning of the season with the option attack. This attack will give Notre Dame grief and will be the reason they lose. 21-20 Navy

Vandy at Florida

The Gators lose Spikes but it won't matter for this game. Florida needs to continue to work on their passing attack in this practice game leading up to the SEC championship. 52-9 UF

UCF at Texas

Colt McCoy is ready to put on a Heisman show this game. Texas needs to continue to play well every game so they can control their own destiny. They will out match and over power a mediocre Knight team. 48-3

Cincy at Uconn

Tony Pike won't play but backup QB Collaros has shown that he can easily pick up the slack. UCONN's tragedy has made them America's team. They have shown great courage and resilience while playing better every game. Defensively, the Huskies won't be able to keep up with a very explosive Bearcat Offense. 37-23 Cincy

VTech at East Carolina
Dowdy-Fecklyn Stadium is one of the loudest, rowdiest and energetic places to play in the country. The Pirates are lead by a very talented and very savvy QB Pinkney. He can make all the throws and extend plays. This will allow the Pirates to keep the game close. VTech coming off a heart breaking lost to UNC can't wait to get back on the field. Ryan Williams will look like he's been shot out of cannon all game after losing the fumble that cost them the game last week. The problem for the Pirates is that VTech is as fast on offense as WVU. The 2nd problem is VTech can be as stingy on defense as UNC. Well, the Pirates lost to both of these teams and that's why they'll lose to VTech. 28-13 VTech

S.Carolina at Arkansas

Ryan Mallet is the best QB in the SEC. He has a pro arm and should definitely leave after this season. Arkansas is missing a playmaker on offense but make up for it with gritty play on defense. The Gamecocks will have to protect Garcia from an athletic bunch of pass rushers. Gamecocks have also given up over 200 yards a game in rushing. Offensively S.Carolina hasn't been able to put up a lot of points. These things will hurt them and cause them to lose the game.

Oregon at Stanford

Oregon has the hottest team in the country. After defeating USC the way they did, the Ducks are now involved in the BCS picture. Stanford on the other hand is riding Toby Gerheart into this game and hopefully to victory. The Ducks just have too much team speed for the Big 10 looking Stanford team. 45-17 Oregon

Wake at Georgia Tech

The Rumbling wreck have pushed their way in front of the ACC pack. Wake has shown they can play with anyone. This game will be close until the 3rd quarter GTech will pull away by then. 31-20 GTech

Ohio St at Penn St

Both teams have been disappointed by early losses. Ohio State can still win the Big 10 if they can win out the rest of the year. Joe Pa has coached a mediocre team to have only 1 loss. Daryl Clark has shown he can put up big #s consistently. Terrell Pryor has been inconsistent with his arm. For Ohio State to have a chance to win, Pryor must use his legs. 27-17 Penn St

Boise St at LaTech

Boise St has 1 win on the season. Oregon!! There is only one other team on their schedule with a winning record. BCS bound, they should be punished until they play a real schedule. 52-6 Boise ST

Northwestern at Iowa

Yep, we're in for another abysmal undefeated Iowa win. They'll be down at least until the 3rd quarter, and after that they will win in the 4th. 42-23 Iowa

USC at Arizona State
Pete Carroll is in unfamiliar territory. The Trojans will strike out with a vengeance and show that they are a better team than they showed at Oregon. 45-20 USC

Syracuse at Pitt
I can't say enough about bball player turned Cuse starting QB, Greg Paulus. He has definitely done much better than anyone expected. Pitt has a 3 piece with a biscuit, Dion Lewis, Dorin Dickerson, Bill Stull and a stingy defense. After the Cincinnati game, the nation will know their names. 34-13 Pitt

UVA at Miami

Miami's youth has caught up to them. They started out red hot and look like world beaters. Since then, they have been humanized and have to come to play every game or they will lose. UVA under Al Groh has been disappointing. But, in Al Groh fashion they can and will upset your team, just ask UNC. After a loss to Duke at home, they are in desperate need of a win. They won't get it. 27-10 Miami

Oklahoma at Nebraska

Suh of Nebraska has gotten Heisman attention at D-tackle. He's a beast. The problem with Nebraska is there offense. They can't find the consistency they had last year. The Sooners will come into Lincoln and look like a BCS contender because of their stingy D and high-powered offense. It's going to be a long game for Nebraska. Bo Pelini is now officially on the hot seat. 30-17 Oklahoma
Duke at UNC

UNC had been lethargic and inconsistent on offense. That was until they played VTech. Butch Davis opened up the offense and that translated into points for UNC. The problem that teams have against Duke is becoming too conservative. They come out and think they can just be basic and score big against Duke's D. The teams that have beat Duke this year all have been creative and constantly made big plays against Duke. Thad Lewis has been one of the best unknown players in the country this year. You don't know who his receivers are before the game, you won't know them after the game, but you will be sitting in amazement wondering who just scored all these points against us. David Cutcliff has given the Dukies a swagger that hasn't existed there. This game will come down to a nationally ranked defense vs. a nationally ranked offense. Duke will have to find a way to protect Lewis from Robert Quinn. UNC will have to figure out how to cover Duke's wide outs. There's another secret no one's talking about.....If Duke wins out, they'll be playing in Tampa for the ACC championship. UNC will underestimate Duke, and they will lose big because of it. 31-20 Duke

FSU at Clemson

CJ Spiller has his homeboys coming into town for what should be a very high scoring contest. FSU led by Christian Ponder has completely destroyed almost every defense they face while averaging 443 yards a game. Can Kyle Parker put up enough points to keep up with FSU? Parker has played well in spots but hasn't been able to put together a complete game. Clemson had my clear pick to win this game until an abysmal performance against a bad Coastal Carolina ball club. A game in which he went 7-16 with 2 picks. Parker's not getting better!!!! BJ Daniels (USF), Matt Barkley(USC), Shinski (BC), Potts(Texas Tech), and Jones (Oklahoma) are all first year QB's who continue to improve and show promise. Because of the very topsy turvy play of an inconsistent Parker, Clemson loses this matchup. 36-34 FSU

Wisconsin at Indiana

IU has a decent team, but they just haven't been able to win consistently. Wisconsin has a balanced team with a tough running and passing attack. They will win because of them. 30-20 Wisconsin

TCU at San Diego St
TCU needs Marshall Faulk to comeback and suit up in order to win this game. Sorry he's out of shape. TCU will have a dominate performance on both sides of the ball in a blow out. 42-9 TCU

Western Mich at Mich St

Western Mich plays a mini Big 10 schedule so playing at Spartan Stadium won't intimidate them. Even so they'll still lose. 41-16 Mich St

Purdue at Michigan

Purdue is terrible, yes I know they beat Ohio State but soooo what. Michigan should easily win this game because of their talented QB Forcier. 34-24 Mich

Lou at WVU

Noel Devine will insert himself into this unclaimed Heisman race sooner or later. Louisville’s weak defense should allow Devine to have a huge game. 35-17 WVU

Kansas at Kansas State

Huge rivalry game that will go to the wire. KState started out fast and still leads the division with a 3-2 record. They have since sputtered, and are struggling. Todd Reesing and the Kansas pass attack is alive and well and will be the reason for a Jayhawks victory. 24-21 Kansas

Tenn Tech at Georgia

Wheewwww, Georgia finally gets a break from tough SEC play. They should win big now. 38-13 Georgia

Maryland at NC State

NC State and Russell Wilson should get a victory. If they can stay disciplined and not shoot themselves in the foot they should win. Maryland has to play a perfect game in order to win. They can't and they won't. 24-18 NCST

Furman at Auburn

This one won't be pretty. 52-23 Auburn

Texas A&M vs. Colorado

Besides upsetting Kansas, the Buffalo's haven't played well. A&M will be ready to play and excited about putting on a show. This should help them make a run down the stretch. 41-20 A&M

OK ST at Iowa St

After being beat up and embarrassed by Texas. OK ST gets a chance to redeem themselves this week. 32-10 Oklohoma ST

Washington at UCLA

These are 2 good-bad teams going head to head. The Huskies have beat USC and Arizona but are on a 2 game skid since. The Bruins beat Tenn and Kansas St and have lost 4 straight since. These teams are very inconsistent but are really hungry for a win. This should be a very physical ball game that should come down to a play made or missed in the 4th quarter. 34-28 Huskies

New Mexico at Utah

Mike, it was a set up to give you this job. This program is in the gutter and I don't know if any coach can pull this team out of. If Locksley is able to pull them out in year 2 he should be coaching a big time program immediately after. Utah is too strong and talented on offense and will easily win this game. 63-14

Army at Air Force

This rivalry will go to Air Force. Army has been not very good on offense. The 4th ranked ground attack of Air Force will be too much for Army. 33-13 Air Force

Oregon St at Cal

Cal has been on a run winning every game since a 2 game skid. Best will have early problems playing against a tough run stop defense. Cal will stick to it and Best will prevail at the end.

Memphis at Tenn

This one should be over quickly. 38-3 Tenn

Houston at Tulsa
This game should be close......It won't the #1 offense in all of college football will run up the score as usual. 45-17 Houston

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